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The Top 10 Questions Asked By IVHQ Volunteers Heading To Mexico

Question 1 : Which airport should volunteers fly into?

There are start dates on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, so it’s ideal to arrive the Sunday before your start date. You can arrive into the airport in Merida, which is only about a 30 minute drive from the volunteer house, or you can arrive into the airport in Cancun, that will then require you to take an onward bus, which takes about 4 hours.

Question 2 : What VISA’s are required to volunteer in Mexico?

Most nationalities don’t need to prearrange a visa, so you can easily get a 90 to 180 day tourism stamp upon arrival. All you need to do is make sure that you’ve got 6 months left on on your passport before it’s going to expire.

Question 3 - What’s the volunteer accommodation like in Mexico?

Most volunteers are accommodated in a big volunteer house, if you would prefer a homestay experience you can do that as well. That is considered an accommodation upgrade, so there is an additional fee.

Explore Merida as an IVHQ volunteer in Mexico

Question 4 - What’s the Maya Agriculture project like?

That’s a different project to the others one that we’ve got in Merida. It’s based about 2 ½ hours away, so you’ll still come and have a couple of nights in the main volunteer house and then take the bus out to the site. It’s quite remote and the accommodation is a lot more basic, so you can expect expect really limited access to WIFI, bucket showers and sleeping in a hammock.

Question 5 - Is it safe to volunteer in Mexico?

It’s really safe, Merida is a really really safe location in Mexico. You’ll be picked up from the airport when you arrive, by the local team. They’ll then take you back to the volunteer house where you’ll have your orientation. This is quite an extensive orientation and covers everything you need to know about transport, staying safe, house rules, and your project placement. The local team will also be there to give you support throughout your whole time on the program.

Question 6 - Are there Spanish lessons available?

Yes, the Spanish lessons run 3 hours a day, Monday through Friday. They will tailor the lessons depending on the Spanish knowledge that you’ve got.

Mexico teaching volunteers in Mexico

Question 7 - How do volunteers get to their placement each day?

Volunteers often Uber to their placement, they’ll share an Uber, maybe a Taxi or they could take the bus.

Question 8 - How do you deal with the heat in Mexico?

The volunteer house has a pool. Volunteers will often do their placement in the morning, they’ll come back to the house and have lunch, then they’ll jump in the pool to cool off. They may even head out to the beach afterwards, it’s about a 40 minute drive and spend the afternoon out there.

Question 9 - Will volunteers experience culture shock in Mexico?

With any traveling there’s going to be a little bit of a culture shock. Merida is a really developed area and you’re going to still find things that you’re used to, things like Uber, your favorite food and shops that you already know. It’s not a massive culture shock.

IVHQ volunteers in a market in Mexico

Question 10 - What do volunteers do in Mexico do in their spare time?

There’s a wide range of beaches, because Merida is located near the Caribbean Coast. Volunteers often take a day trip out to some really nice beaches, they go snorkeling and diving. There is Mayan Ruins that they can visit, which is also really cool. If you’re looking for a more relaxed Sunday, then head down to the local markets and get some authentic food. There’s some really great options.

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