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10 Unforgettable Sights To See In Mexico

10 Unforgettable sights to see in Mexico as a volunteer traveler

Few destinations offer as much to travelers as the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico! It’s a region packed full to the brim with stunning weather, impressive historical sights and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

We know that to truly experience a country and its culture you need to be more than a tourist, and that there is more to an awesome volunteer travel experience than simply volunteering. As a volunteer traveler in Mexico you get to experience it all. You’ll see all the sights, tick off the hidden spots and get to know the ins and outs of Merida, all while being supported by a knowledgeable local team and becoming part of the community as you give back on meaningful projects. So here’s our top things to see and do, in and around Merida, Mexico!

What is there to do in Mexico during your weekends?

Experience the best of travel by volunteering in Mexico

1) Soak up the beautiful beaches

Mexico’s Caribbean waters hold immense pulling power, with white sand beaches and clear blue waters but if dive under you’ll find the real magic! Learning to dive opens up a whole new world to you and you’re sure to meet some incredible, like-minded adventure seekers on the journey! So wetsuit up and dive in. Cozumel, is a great spot that a number of volunteers head to. Even if diving is not your thing, you can snorkel with turtles or just head out and explore the vast swathes of sand. Try Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, or Isla Mujeres.

Make the most of the beaches when you volunteer in Mexico

2) Explore the Ruins

There is no shortage of incredible ruins to keep you busy on your weekends! You can make a real day of it and head out to Chichen Itza and then explore the nearby Ik Kil cenote. The complex at Chichen Itza is vast and and the history of the Maya people will leave you in awe. A trip to Uxmal and it’s sweeping views can’t be missed! You can even climb to the top of one of the ruins - it’s literally breathtaking!

Explore the ruins when you volunteer in Mexico

3) Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

At the wildlife sanctuary at Celestun these gorgeous pink birds are the star attraction and are framed by white sand beaches and lush green mangroves!

Check out the flamingos in Mexico

4) Enjoy a chill Sunday

If you are chasing a chill Sunday activity then head into the center of Merida, hire a bike and casually ride down the main boulevard which they close off from cars and open up to cyclists. It’s a big day for Mexican families and will have you feeling like a real local! Not to mention the traditional markets, food stalls and impromptu dancing adds to the atmosphere!

Volunteers check out Merida on a Sunday

5) Swim with whale sharks

The rather odd looking and yet majestic Whale Shark is the biggest fish in the sea! Swimming with them will be one of those ‘is this a dream’ kind of moments in your life. You can do this when you visit Isla Holbox, an authentic and tranquil Caribbean island, with crystal blue waters and swaying palm trees. The best time to see Whale Sharks (which is not actually a whale at all) is between June and September!

Volunteer in Mexico and swim with whale sharks

6) Freshen up at Lake Bacalar

It may be another expanse of water but this freshwater lake is like nothing else in Mexico! The water is so clear that the bottom of this 60km long lagoon never seems further than arm’s distance away. And the water appears to be so many different shades of blue that you’ll run out of colors to describe them all! There is not much more to do in Bacalar than laze around, kayak and swim - but in a setting as stunning and tranquil as this you could do that for a lifetime and be content.

Volunteer in Mexico and explore Lake Bacalar

What can you do in Merida in your afternoons?

Typically, as a volunteer traveler you will spend your weekday mornings giving back on your chosen project. Projects include Teaching English, Childcare, Special Needs Care, Animal Care/Animal Rights and Maya Agriculture. All projects except Maya Agriculture are based in Merida and you will be accommodated at the volunteer house, which has a swimming pool so you can even cool off and have some fun all within a few paces of where you rest your head at night! Below you can find some exceptional ways to spend your afternoons…

The pool at the volunteer house in Mexico

If you do choose the Maya Agriculture project you will be approximately 40mins from Merida by car, but don’t worry this project is an adventure of it’s own! It’ll change how you live, think and act. If your life is in need of a recalibration - this is it. The unique volunteer opportunity will have you rolling up your sleeves and working on sustainable farming with focus to traditional Mayan methodology.

1) Cool off at Progresso Beach

Progreso makes for the perfect afternoon seaside escape. It’s a casual beach town that boasts the longest pier in Mexico and a subsequent number of cruise ships. If you are in Merida during the hottest months then you will quickly fall in love with Progresso’s cool sea breeze, just don’t let your hat blow away! Being so close to Merida, about 40 minutes by car, it’s the perfect afternoon trip. So pull up, grab a Marquesita off a street vendor, stroll down the esplanade and watch the sunset.

As a volunteer in Mexico you can explore Progresso Beach in your afternoons

2) Dive into the dreamy cenotes

Word on the street is that the cenotes (crystal blue swimming holes) in Homun are some of the best in the region! There are four to five different cenotes within the same area so pack your bathers and GoPro, but be warned no camera can capture the beauty of these natural pools. You can try your Tarzan impersonation on the rope swings or just jump straight in - either way these will leave you in awe!

As a volunteer in Mexico you can explore the cenotes in your afternoons

3) Experience color on a city level

Even if you’re not a fan of yellow, Izamal is a sight not to be missed. The entire town is painted yellow!

Explore the yellow city of Izamal

4) Put your dancing shoes on

Enjoy a Wednesday night out at La Mezcaleria and make the most of the free salsa classes. Mercado 60 is also an awesome place to experience a Mexican evening of live music paired with a variety of mouthwatering foods and good vibes.

Experience the culture and learn to salsa as a volunteer in Mexico

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags and pair these incredible sights with volunteering for a truly meaningful travel experience! Don’t forget, we’re here to help you every step of the way on your volunteer journey!

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