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Join 122,155 volunteers & make a difference on the adventure of a lifetime

At International Volunteer HQ, we've been enabling people from all walks of life to give back abroad through volunteering vacations since 2007. Our volunteer programs are the most affordable and regenerative way to immerse yourself in new cultures, connect with like-minded international volunteers and make a difference through travel.

With over 300 projects in 50+ destinations to choose from, we offer the world’s largest range of fully-hosted volunteering abroad programs.

If you ever want to make a real impact in a time of need, this is your time. Volunteer abroad from just $20 per day, including accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support. Join 122,000+ international volunteers and make your next vacation matter.

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Recent Awards

”Don't let COVID-19 stop you. It's been an incredible and safe experience. IVHQ offers so many projects in so many countries that it's difficult not to find one that suits the requirements of this challenging time. And also, with challenging times, comes more need for help. So if you ever want to make a real impact in a time of need, this is your time. My favourite experiences include helping the organization with a marketing plan for a donations campaign, travelling to Brasov and generally hanging out with my fellow volunteers and locals!”

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We bring people from more than 150 countries together to create positive transformation through impact led travel. In turn, our volunteers grow as individuals - departing with a global awareness, deeper cultural understanding and pride in the impact they leave behind.

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