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India - Kerala Travel and Tours

Discover the travel options for IVHQ volunteers in Kerala, India

The city of Kochi in Kerala is unlike anywhere else in India. It has a laid-back tropical feel where you don’t have the intensity of the bigger cities, and this extends to leisure activities as well. The IVHQ India - Kerala program is perfect for those wanting a slice India, without the hustle and bustle that goes with it.

In and Around Kerala


One of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 cities to visit in 2020, Kochi is an eclectic old town that holds plenty of hidden secrets for visitors to discover. This is where the IVHQ Kerala volunteer program is based. It’s a very tropical and green area surrounded by water, with influences from all over India and even Europe.

Stroll the tree-covered markets by the shoreline, check out the authentic linen, spice and antique outlets in Jewtown or embrace the burgeoning art and graffiti scene around town. This is an ideal town to enjoy at your own pace - and as an IVHQ volunteer, your accommodation is handily placed in between the popular tourist area and authentic local neighbourhoods.

Kerala travel and tour options - Kochi street art

Alleppey backwaters

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more relaxing day out than on a guided boat trip on the Alleppey backwaters. Soak in the serenity as you punt your way along the peaceful inlets, with a gentle breeze and lapping water the only noise for miles around.

Houseboats are able to host trips over a weekend, or you can opt for a day trip. Your knowledgeable English speaking guide can provide great insight into local life in this peaceful, tropical part of India.

Athirappilly waterfalls

For something a little more dramatic, the Athirappilly waterfalls are found on a stunning vista overlooking dense green bush and rolling hills. One of the best photo spots in Kerala, the waterfalls are as impressive as they are beautiful. Get your fill of monkey shots on the way to see them too!

Kerala travel and tour options - Athirapally waterfalls

Further Afield

While you’re in India, there are some classic must-dos that you just can’t miss. Our local team is more than happy to help with any excursions you’d like and can also recommend plenty more!

India’s Golden Triangle

Trips to India are not complete until you’ve visited the Taj Mahal - and if you’re venturing north from Kerala, you can enjoy all the best bits around this iconic attraction. The Golden Triangle encompasses Delhi, Agra (where the Taj Mahal is) and the rainbow city of Jaipur.

You can see it all over a long weekend, or extend your trip to last as long as you like. This is an eye-opening trip to see all that makes India popular with travellers from all over the world.

Kerala travel and tour options - Taj Mahal

The Maldives

The Maldives is a blissful island nation just a 90-minute plane ride from Kochi airport. Long considered one of the best holiday getaways anywhere in the world, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to get there from your base in Kerala.

Relax on a white sand beach, soak in the crystal clear water and stay in idyllic huts built on the sea itself. What better way to reward yourself at the weekend?!

India is home to an incredible array of weekend adventures and attractions to suit every kind of traveller. Not only that, but with six top-rated volunteer programs available in Kerala, this truly is a program with a lot to offer.

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