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Medical and Healthcare Volunteer Program in Peru - Cusco

Medical and Healthcare Volunteer Program in Peru - Cusco

Improve access to quality healthcare
Start dates
Programs start every Monday
Choose from 1-24 weeks
Volunteer hours
Up to 5 hours a day
Eligible volunteers aged 18+
Program fees
From £378 for 1 week
What's included
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Group video calls

Once you have secured your place, join regular video calls to meet your Program Manager and other volunteers before your trip.

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This program is ideal for:

Qualified professionals and medical and nursing students at all levels of training, with some experience in a clinical setting. Your duties will depend on your training, experience and Spanish language ability. Qualified professionals are more likely to be able to have a higher level of hands-on involvement.

Project details

Interested in being a Medical and Healthcare volunteer in Peru - Cusco? International Volunteer HQ’s Medical and Healthcare project is an exciting opportunity for volunteers to learn about the Peruvian healthcare system and gain hands-on experience in hospitals and clinics for low-income communities, as well as assisted living facilities. These facilities are often underfunded and understaffed so medical and healthcare volunteers are an important source of assistance for local doctors and nurses and help to improve access to these vital health services for local people.

What to expect and how you'll make an impact

Clinics, hospitals and assisted living facilities for low-income communities in Cusco tend to be underfunded and understaffed. As a result, medical and healthcare volunteers have an important role in assisting local nurses and doctors in a range of specialist departments, while also learning about the healthcare system in Cusco.

As a Medical and Healthcare volunteer you can assist in a range of tasks depending on your prior experience, as well as your Spanish language level. Students enrolled in pre-medical and nursing programs, first and second year medical students, Health Science professionals, and medical professionals such as EMTs, CNAs or Medical Assistants can expect to help in under-resourced special needs care and elderly care healthcare facilities. In line with healthcare regulations in Peru based, you will be working alongside medical professionals to complete routine jobs like:

  • General care (e.g. Weighing and measuring patients, taking blood pressure, heart rate and temperature)
  • Distributing medications
  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Companionship
  • Conversation-talk therapy
  • Workshops (e.g. exercise, dental care)
  • Arts and crafts

Fully licensed medical professionals and students in their third year of study or above may be placed in small hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities where they are able to help with more hands-on tasks including:

  • Shadowing and assisting a local doctor/nurse
  • Assist with general check-ups, triage, and taking vitals
  • Cleaning wounds and suturing
  • Giving injections and drawing blood
  • Preparing medical equipment and medication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Organizing patient records
  • Assisting during mealtimes
  • Workshops (e.g. exercise, dental care)
  • Providing patients much needed companionship

Please understand that volunteers are assigned tasks based on the needs of the placement at the time you are volunteering, but all tasks you are assigned will be critical to the overall goals of the project.

You’ll also need to bring your own scrubs, 1-2 boxes of disposable latex gloves, and surgical masks for personal use on this project.

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #3: Good Health and Well-Being

Good mental and physical health is key to sustainable development and building healthy and happy communities. Now more than ever, we must increase access to free healthcare and health education across the globe to achieve an acceptable standard of living and wellbeing for all.

Why do Medical and Healthcare volunteering in Cusco with IVHQ?

As a medical and healthcare volunteer in Peru - Cusco you’ll be adding value to the local community, while also developing personally and professionally by:

  • Helping low-income communities access healthcare
  • Assisting local doctors and nurses at understaffed facilities
  • Observing clinical practice in a different cultural setting
  • Developing your communication skills
  • Gaining hands-on medical experience
  • Immersing yourself in Peruvian culture
  • Exploring the stunning mountains and ancient ruins of Peru

Volunteer requirements

  • To join the Medical and Healthcare project in Cusco you’ll need to be qualified medical professional or a medical and nursing students at any level of training, with some experience in a clinical setting.
  • You’ll need to provide evidence of your education and qualifications to our local team in Cusco once you have registered for the program, as per Peruvian Ministry of Health requirements.
  • It is strongly recommended that volunteers on this project know how to speak Spanish or learn as much as they can before the program.
  • Volunteers need to be 18 years or over to participate in this program. If you are under the age of 18, IVHQ offers alternative volunteer opportunities for teens. Visit our High School Volunteer Abroad page to learn more.
  • All volunteers are required to speak fluent English, have adequate volunteer travel insurance and provide a criminal background check to IVHQ before departure.
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Group video calls

Once you have secured your place, join regular video calls to meet your Program Manager and other volunteers before your trip.

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What recent volunteers said about their IVHQ experience

Ralph Villamin
02 Apr 2024

It is an eye opening experience to see the difference in healthcare and the patient population. They may not have a lot especially when it comes to resources, but the simplicity of life makes them content. Work on this project was such a special learning experience for me. For those that really wanted to do, just go for it. It will be challenging at times during your stay but it will be fulfilling.

Glynn Case
18 Mar 2024

When I arrived I was very overwhelmed and was not sure what I had gotten myself into. But I stepped out of my comfort zone and as time went on I made friends, got more comfortable with my assignments, and the culture there. By the third day I was so thankful to be there and very comfortable in my own skin with many new friends. I was able to learn and adapt to the Peruvian healthcare ways and actually ended up learning many new skills that are helpful back home. Overall I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to volunteer in Peru. It taught me many new things, one of the most important is being able to adapt to a situation based off of the circumstances culturally and physically.

Jacob Barsness
05 Feb 2024

I went to Peru with a mindset of learning Spanish, exploring a new country, and contributing in a positive way with the skill-set I have. IVHQ gave me this opportunity to explore and expand my personal goals in a way that benefited myself and those around me.

Rabail Ashar
11 Jan 2024

This was the best experience of my life! IVHQ's team, especially my Program Manager, were so helpful in getting me prepared and gave me a feeling of safety throughout my journey.

Through this experience I have learned how the things I take for granted here are worth so much to others. Working at the clinics was eye-opening, the waiting room was just a field of dirt and rocks that people sat on. It was extremely humbling and the people were so generous. I worked with a local Physiotherapist and a Doctor who specialized in OBGYN. They really believed in my success which encouraged me to continue to take initiative and take what I know and run with it.

Jurairat Molina
29 Aug 2023

This was an experience of a lifetime! The support we received from IVHQ was great, and the local team ran a great orientation when we arrived, with lots of detail. I learned a lot in a short period of time, and wished I had more time on the program. The family we stayed with was awesome. We enjoyed our stay and were very grateful for their hospitality. It was such a cool thing to do with my family. My son and I love it and would do it again.

Mia Soricelli
24 Jan 2023

IVHQ is very organized - my Program Manager was so awesome and she responded to all my questions (and trust me I had many) in not only a timely, but also thorough manner. I felt at ease with all the steps before traveling. As a Medical volunteer, I never thought something could change my life as much as this volunteer project did…but every day I was grateful and blessed to be able to help. The best thing you can do for yourself (and for others) is to step out of your comfort zone and grow. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, and others, and you will not regret it. No matter what reason you want to volunteer abroad…if you’re passionate and open-minded you can’t fail. Go for it!!!!


To read all reviews, visit our reviews page.

Academic course credit

Academic course credit through International Volunteer HQ and Intern Abroad HQ.

Academic course credit

Gain course credit from your college or university and meet your academic requirements when completing a volunteer abroad program with International Volunteer HQ!

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Volunteer Abroad in Peru, Cusco with IVHQ


Cusco is one of the oldest cities in South America and situated in the stunning Peruvian Andes. The city is close to famous Inca trails, ruins and temples, such as Machu Picchu. It’s a hive of culture, adventure and culinary delights - all of which makes it a prime destination for visitors to Peru.

The IVHQ Peru - Cusco volunteer program has volunteer placements located in Cusco and surrounding valleys. Volunteers are important to Cusco because despite the thriving tourism industry and government investment in the region, many local people make little money and struggle to access food, water, shelter, healthcare and education. Volunteers can make a difference by supporting local initiatives that aim to help people improve their quality of life by making sure they have the basic necessities and opportunities to help them improve their futures.

Arrival and orientation

The program orientation begins every Monday and volunteers need to arrive in Cusco on the Sunday before orientation. Orientation will be held within 24 hours of your arrival.

After you have registered for the program, please book your flights to arrive at the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ) in Cusco. Your airport pick-up is included in your Program Fee. We recommend that volunteers under the age of 18 travel internationally with a notarized letter from their parents to support their documentation.

When you arrive, you will be greeted at the airport by a member of the local team and transported to the local team’s main office and then to your homestay. Your accommodation is covered by your Program Fee and includes the night before your program orientation. If you are travelling in Peru prior to your volunteer program, we can arrange for you to be picked up in Cusco on the day before your program orientation.

Orientation is hosted by our local team at their offices in Cusco. Orientation begins on Monday morning and covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Cusco – introduction to Peru, Peruvian customs, language lesson details, rules and expectations, safety, travel opportunities in Cusco, introduction to your project and placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socialising.

Volunteer schedule example

First Day

On your first day of volunteering, typically Tuesday, you will be escorted to your placement by a local coordinator and introduced to the placement staff you will be working with.


Volunteers will have a morning, afternoon or evening shift which will last about 3 to 5 hours. Volunteer roles and hours are dependent on your project and placement. A typical morning schedule might be as follows:

8:00 AM Breakfast with your host family.
9:00 AM Leave the homestay and travel to your placement, where you will be given a structure sheet and a plan for your work.
12:00 PM Lunch at a local restaurant.
1:00 - 6:00 PM Work at the placement usually ends. You are free to travel back to your accommodation, go sightseeing or take Spanish lessons.
7:00 PM Dinner with your host family.


On weekends volunteers have spare time to relax or take the opportunity to explore other parts of Cusco and Peru. Sunday is a religious day of rest and most stores and restaurants are closed on Sundays, as most Peruvians devote the day to spending time with their families. If you like, you can accompany your host family to their local church, as a Latin American church service is a unique and special experience for many volunteers.

Cusco is a lively metropolitan city with a fascinating history and lots to see and do. There are places where you can learn about the Mayan and Incan culture and traditions, see ancient ruins, a beautiful central square bordered by restaurants and cafes, cooking classes, a chocolate museum offering all kinds of tasty delights or dance the night away in some of Peru’s best nightclubs. It is also an outdoor-lovers paradise with plenty of horseback riding, ziplining and hiking opportunities, including Rainbow Mountain.

Long weekends can be taken to travel further afield to visit other parts of Peru, such as Lima.

Accommodation and WiFi

Volunteers on Cusco based projects will be accommodated in either a dorm-style volunteer house or a homestay with a local host family, depending on their age. Volunteers who are between the ages of 18 and 27 are accommodated in a larger, dorm-style volunteer house. Whereas, those over the age of 27 are accommodated in a local home-stay, hosted by a local family. If you are travelling as a family, or a solo volunteer under the age of 18, the local team will place you in a separate home-stay.

You will find living conditions are comfortable in both types of accommodation, and all host families have been approved by our local staff. Bedrooms have single and bunk beds with bedding provided. In the volunteer house you can expect to share a room with up to 8 other volunteers, whereas in a homestay you may share a room with up to four other volunteers. All bedrooms are separated by gender. The volunteer house can accommodate up to 30 volunteers, whereas the homestays can host up to 6 volunteers at one time.

If you prefer a private room, these are available in our homestays and you will need to arrange this through your Program Manager once you’ve secured your spot on the program. Private room upgrades cost £50 per week.

All accommodations have electricity, filtered water for drinking, running water and western bathrooms. Low pressure showers are common and the water is not always heated. Please note, homes in Peru are not typically heated but your hosts can provide you with additional blankets upon request. We also advise wearing layered clothing as the temperature tends to drop at night, due to the altitude.

WiFi is available in the majority of homestays and you will have access to computers and WiFi at the local team’s office in Cusco.

Please note, volunteers under the age of 18 who are travelling solo will be accommodated separately from those over the age of 18, in a homestay. If there are other volunteers under the age of 18 participating at the same time, the local team will do their best to ensure they are accommodated together.


In Cusco, volunteers are provided breakfast and dinner at their accommodation.

A typical Peruvian breakfast consists of bread, spreads, fruit and eggs accompanied by tea or coffee. Dinner commonly consists of meat (often chicken), soups, pastas, starches and vegetables. We recommend budgeting between US$3 (approximately £2) and US$10 (approximately £8) per day to purchase lunch. Local staff will give recommendations on economical places to eat in Cusco.

Please let us know of any dietary requirements you have so we can make special arrangements for you.


  • USD

Spots are limited. For a Registration Fee of just US$329 (approximately £267) you secure your spot and unlock all our preparation and training tools.

You don't need to worry about paying your Program Fee until you get closer to your start date.

Program Fee
Due 30 days before you start, or within 48 hours if you register inside of 30 days. Covers the cost of hosting you.
  • USD
1 week $465 Equivalent to $66/day
2 weeks $820 Equivalent to $59/day
3 weeks $1,107 Equivalent to $53/day
4 weeks $1,378 Equivalent to $49/day
5 weeks $1,668 Equivalent to $48/day
6 weeks $1,958 Equivalent to $47/day
8 weeks $2,538 Equivalent to $45/day
10 weeks $3,118 Equivalent to $45/day
12 weeks $3,698 Equivalent to $44/day
16 weeks $4,858 Equivalent to $43/day
20 weeks $6,018 Equivalent to $43/day
24 weeks $7,178 Equivalent to $43/day
  • All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$329 (approximately £267) in addition to the Program Fee. This covers all pre-departure support services.
  • A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.
  • Recommended spending money: Volunteers in Cusco generally find US$100 - $150 per week to be sufficient for expenses, such lunches, public transportation, personal spending money, etc..
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • In-country program orientation
  • Pre-departure support from your Program Manager
  • Personalised preparation tools, guides and check lists
  • Access to IVHQ’s preferred insurance and flights partners
  • Discounts on language lessons
  • Discounts on travel and tour add-ons
  • Certificate of International Volunteer Service

Learn more about what's included in your IVHQ Registration Fee and Program Fee.

  • Lunch
  • Transport to and from your placement each day
  • Return to the airport when your program finishes
  • Flights
  • Visa (if required), travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check.
  • Personal spending money for snacks, laundry, public transportation, drinks and leisure activities during your free time.

Free-time experiences & tours in Cusco

Take your volunteer experience to the next level with IVHQ's affordable activity and tour add-ons in Cusco! Explore your options below and learn how to book them once you've been accepted onto the IVHQ Cusco program.

Lake Titicaca Tour (2 nights/1 day)
Lake Titicaca Tour (2 nights/1 day)

Prepare to be in awe of this unique landscape and surroundings on this overnight tour!

Machu Picchu Overnight Tour  - Upgrade (2 days, 1 night)
Machu Picchu Overnight Tour - Upgrade (2 days, 1 night)

Explore Machu Picchu on an exhilarating 2-day & 1-night tour.

Machu Picchu Tour (Full Day)
Machu Picchu Tour (Full Day)

Experience the awe-inspiring wonders of Machu Picchu in just one day without stretching your budget!


Affordable Spanish language lessons

Fluency in Spanish is not a prerequisite for the IVHQ Peru - Cusco program, however on certain projects volunteer work will be restricted with limited language ability. We recommend that volunteers take advantage of the very affordable language lessons offered exclusively to IVHQ volunteers by our local team in Cusco. Past volunteers feel that taking these lessons help immensely with day-to-day volunteer work and communicating with local people. The language lessons are tailored to each volunteer’s current level of Spanish and classes run from Monday through to Friday. The cost is very affordable and offered exclusively to IVHQ volunteers.

  • Group Class: 2 hours a day - starting at £72 per week
  • Private Class: 1 hour a day - starting at £77 per week
  • Private Class: 2 hours a day - starting at £154 per week

How to book IVHQ’s language lessons: Once you’ve paid your registration fee, you will be able to select language lessons as an “Add-on” via your MyIVHQ profile.

Spanish language lessons are not available on the Andean Immersion, Eco-Agriculture or Amazon Jungle Conservation projects due to their remote nature. However volunteers will have plenty of opportunity to practice with locals.

Check what's required to visit Peru

Safety and support

Safety and support with IVHQ

Safety and support

IVHQ follows best practice and industry-leading health and safety procedures, which are regularly reviewed and optimized as part of the B Corporation recertification.

  • All volunteers encouraged to complete our interactive pre-departure training.
  • All local teams trained on best practice volunteer management & First Aid.
  • All IVHQ programs are required to adhere to IVHQ's Risk Management Policy.
  • All volunteers have access to 24/7 in-country support from our local team.
Learn more about IVHQ's safety

Essential country information

Essential country information

Capital Lima
Population 32 million
Languages Spanish
Currency Peruvian Nuevo Sol (PEN)
Time zone UTC-05:00

Weather and climate: Peru, unlike other equatorial countries, does not have an exclusively tropical climate; the influence of the Andes and the Humboldt Current causes great climatic diversity within the country. In the mountains, rain is frequent during summer and temperatures and humidity diminish with altitude up to the frozen peaks of the Andes. The jungle has heavy rainfal​l​ and high temperatures, with the exception of its southernmost part, which has cold winters and seasonal rainfall.

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