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Volunteer Travel Insurance

IVHQ Volunteer Travel Insurance with World Nomads

Travel insurance is compulsory for all volunteers participating on IVHQ programs abroad. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your trip abroad goes smoothly and is a fantastic, memorable experience, but having the right level of travel insurance in place is important in case something unexpected happens. The cover you choose should account for things like medical emergencies, lost or damaged luggage, travel disruptions and the loss of valuable items such as laptops and cameras.

To help IVHQ volunteers source the right kind of insurance, we’ve partnered with World Nomads, the leaders in insurance for independent travelers. World Nomads offers a range of policies that are suitable for volunteering abroad and can be easily extended to cover travel before or after a volunteering experience. They are also very competitively priced, recommended by the good folks at Lonely Planet, and underwritten by the likes of Bupa, Lloyd’s and Millstream.

Best of all, every IVHQ volunteer who chooses to take an insurance policy with World Nomads has free access to their exclusive Worldwide 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team. This service can be used to gain advice and support in the event of any kind of emergency or incident. IVHQ’s local teams in each country are always your best first contact if something happens while you’re on your program, but World Nomads policyholders also have access to this service and can use it regardless of how serious the incident is. Our priority is ensuring volunteers are supported to get the help they need, quickly.

The insurance with World Nomads saved us. Seriously. Jen had to have her appendix taken out and we had no money and she doesn't have health insurance in the USA. Not only did we not have the $9000 for the surgery, we didn't have money to cover it until we were reimbursed and no one in Jen's family was in a position to just wire $9000. First of all, the hospital was immaculate and the people working there were extremely accommodating. I spent a good amount of time working with someone at the hospital about Jen's insurance and I don't know if he pulled some strings or the insurance company pulled some strings but somehow they covered the whole thing and we walked out of the hospital without paying a dime. The deposits that Jen had put on her credit card were reimbursed in cash. I will use World Nomad insurance from now on when I travel...every time I travel." Lindsay Sparagana, IVHQ volunteer in Costa Rica

Learn more about the different Travel Insurance options from World Nomads by clicking here

Please note, World Nomads does not provide travel insurance for those volunteers over the age of 65. If you are 65 or older, please click here to purchase travel insurance.


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