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Construction and Renovation Volunteer Projects

Affordable Construction & Renovation Volunteer Projects

Are you interested in construction volunteer work abroad where you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the long-term development goals of deserving local communities?

IVHQ’s affordable Construction and Renovation volunteer abroad projects enable international volunteers to work alongside local people to support building new structures for community use, renovating existing community buildings, and improving local infrastructure.

Our construction and building volunteer projects are often undertaken to support the developmental goals of schools,​​ community centres and recreational facilities where IVHQ volunteers work. The renovation or construction volunteer work will vary depending on your location, the unique community needs, and the different stages of construction work.

You can choose to volunteer for durations ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks and if you are supporting longer-term building projects, you will have the opportunity to continue the construction work of previous volunteers.

You do not require any previous experience or qualifications to participate on one of IVHQ’s Construction and Renovation projects, as you will be supported and led by a skilled member of the local team. A strong work ethic and an enthusiasm for a challenge are the key requirements for these projects, which offer a rewarding opportunity for volunteers who like to see the physical results of their hard work.

Learn more about our construction and renovation volunteer opportunities in the destinations below.

Volunteer Project Review by Nora Nagy

The IVHQ Head Office service was great and the local staff were outstanding. I liked that a staff member took me to my work site, showing me the bus routes and helping me find my way around. I felt that my project was 100% suitable for me - I wanted to do construction and that's exactly what I have done. I plastered, painted walls, mixed cement, poured concrete and made a mural for an orphanage. Before, the little daycare only had a hole in the ground as bathroom for the kids, no hand washing, just a bucket of water. Now, it has two very nearly finished toilets and sinks for hand washing. As a result of volunteering through IVHQ, I keep appreciating what I have more and more.

Nationality: Hungarian
Age: 29
Destination: Peru - Cusco

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