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Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Fiji - Sigatoka

Construction and Renovation Volunteer Project in Fiji - Sigatoka

Improve infrastructure for the community
Start dates
Programs start every Monday
Choose from 1-12 weeks
Volunteer hours
Up to 5 hours a day
Volunteers aged 17+ and families
Dormitory-style volunteer house
Program fees
From £474 for 1 week
What's included
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Who is going?
Group video calls

Once you have secured your place, join regular video calls to meet your Program Manager and other volunteers before your trip.

This program is ideal for:

Physically active volunteers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty and are willing to help with whatever is needed by the local community at the time. You’ll have the guidance of a project coordinator so no experience is required.

Project details

Keen to help build a better future as a volunteer doing Construction and Renovation in Fiji? International Volunteer HQ’s Construction project enables volunteers to assist with building and maintenance tasks at local schools which can often not afford improvements to their facilities. Volunteers gain experience in construction while lending an extra pair of hands to projects that help make schools safer, healthier and better places to learn and grow.

What to expect and how you'll make an impact

Many schools in Fiji don’t have resources to upgrade or maintain their facilities, and need help to make regular improvements. Building volunteers help to overcome these funding shortages by assisting with building and renovation projects in classrooms, libraries and resource centres.

As a Construction volunteer you’ll be supervised by a local project coordinator and help with tasks including:

  • Building
  • Demolition
  • Painting
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Repairs

The exact nature of your volunteering will depend on the ongoing project at the time, as well as the local priorities.

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Contributes to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

As job losses escalate as a result of Covid-19, it is estimated that nearly half of the global workforce is at risk of losing their livelihoods. We must improve access to jobs, decent work conditions and community services in order to achieve peace, sustainable economic growth and a better quality of life for all.

Why do Construction and Renovation volunteering in Sigatoka with IVHQ?

While volunteering on the Construction project in Fiji you’ll be adding value to the local community, while also developing personally and professionally by:

  • Improving school infrastructure
  • Helping with a range of different tasks
  • Developing your communication skills
  • Gaining building experience
  • Immersing yourself fully in the Fijian way of life
  • Exploring Fiji’s blissful beaches

Volunteer requirements

  • Volunteers under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate in this program
  • Volunteers aged 17 on their program start date are required to provide IVHQ with parental consent in order to participate on the program, and may be asked to provide additional document to the local team.
  • All volunteers aged 13+ are required to provide a criminal background check to IVHQ prior to departure. Those aged 13-17, if unable to obtain a criminal background check, can provide two character reference letters instead
  • All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance
  • To respect the local culture and customs in Fiji, volunteers should be aware that they’re unable to have anything obstructing their face while at their volunteer placement.
  • All volunteers must speak fluent English.
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Who is going?
Group video calls

Once you have secured your place, join regular video calls to meet your Program Manager and other volunteers before your trip.

What recent volunteers said about their IVHQ experience

Angeline Macapili
06 Jun 2024

I felt a deep satisfaction about meeting new people who I have managed to stay friends with, contributing to the local community, and learning a lot about myself in terms of how I immerse in another culture and how I try to relate with them socially. Volunteering with IVHQ is a great opportunity not just for yourself but to everyone you meet throughout the experience as long as you go with an open mind and open heart, even if you can be doubtful of your own goals sometimes.

Adriana Assey
30 Apr 2024

I had the unique honor of being welcomed by the people of Fiji as part of the International Volunteer HQ on their Construction and Renovation project. Located in Sigatoka, the project involved various construction-related activities alongside the local community to build and maintain a local school central to the district whose student body has nearly doubled in the past 2 years. The project and its volunteers were involved in physically demanding tasks to construct walkways, shelters, flooring, drains, and roof rehabilitation.

Participating in the program gave me first-hand insight into local construction practices and unique challenges in a largely rural community without the luxuries of mechanical equipment and regulations to which I am accustomed back home in Sydney on tier-one mega projects. Despite the absence of this, the resilience, enthusiasm, and camaraderie of the team were palpable as we worked to deliver new classrooms for the rapidly growing school. I am grateful to have been welcomed by my team and a special thanks to our supervisor, Tunai who supplied the tools (and food) to keep us working to meet the project's goals. Talking with the children during lunchtime about their lessons and life ambitions was a great motivator throughout the project. The occasional compliment on my workmanship from passing students as we worked contributed to the upkeep of good morale through blisters and sunburn!

In addition to construction, I had the opportunity to participate in the village's children's evening sports sessions alongside other international volunteers participating in an ongoing teaching program that coincided with the project. Interacting with the children and other volunteers from all over the world proved sport to be a universal language. Making friends with the children and other volunteers made the experience all the more worthwhile and memorable.

Thank you to our program manager and other supervisors for tending to all the volunteer's queries throughout the program, keeping us fed with delicious pioneer fuel, and making us feel safe in each of our solo adventures.

Bonnie Rankmore
02 Apr 2024

It was my first time leaving my home country and I did this trip on my own and wasn't sure what to expect. The trip was more than I could imagine, the friends I made and the volunteering it was incredible. I wished I booked longer than 2 weeks but this trip has shown me that I would do it again. I will definitely be volunteering again in the future.

Natalie Beeler
04 May 2023

My favorite moments are hard to pick just one but in general, I loved all the smiles I would see from the locals and every time someone would say Bula! I loved being outside of my comfort zone. I was able to help others and while I was doing that, I was also building my own character. The unknown is always a little scary but if you’re really thinking about it and you’re serious about the volunteering aspect, it’ll be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. The more involved you are, the more life changing it is! Don’t wait!

Emmanuella Bogioglou
06 Jan 2023

There were many great moments on the program such as Waterfalls, Sand dunes, dance class was pretty cool language and cooking. The children where incredible and cute! The biggest impact my volunteering trip had on me was it got me out of my comfort zone. My advice is to just do it. You learn so much and it’s the best way to travel as well. The people you meet and you get to part of the culture more and experience so much more.

Lauryn Eyre-Walker
05 Jan 2023

The best part about joining the Fiji program was being in the community with the locals and playing sport with people my age was beyond amazing. My advice is just do it. A once in a life time opportunity and you will regret it if you don’t.


To read all reviews, visit our reviews page.

Academic course credit

Academic course credit through International Volunteer HQ and Intern Abroad HQ.

Academic course credit

Gain course credit from your college or university and meet your academic requirements when completing a volunteer abroad program with International Volunteer HQ!

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Volunteer Abroad in Fiji with IVHQ


The IVHQ Fiji program is based on the Coral Coast of Fiji, which is on the south-eastern coast of mainland Fiji. Although Fiji is known as an island paradise with a thriving tourist industry, many Fijians face challenges associated with living below the poverty line. Volunteers provide valuable support in helping with the development and improvement of infrastructure in this small island nation, especially as it continues to grow.

Volunteer placements are located in and around Sigatoka which has some of the best beaches on the island. Volunteers travel to their placements from the volunteer accommodation via taxi. The accommodation is a 15-minute taxi ride to Sigatoka town and a mere 2-minute walk to the nearest beach.

Arrival and orientation

After you have registered for the program, please book your flights to arrive at Nadi International Airport (NAN) in Nadi. An airport pick up is provided here on Saturdays and Sundays between 6:00 AM and 4:30 PM only. If you arrive between this time, you will be met at the airport by a member of the local team who will provide assistance with your bus transfer to Sigatoka. You will then be picked up by a member of our local team at the Sigatoka bus station.

If you arrive outside of these times you can arrange a late airport pick up as an add on option. Alternatively you can arrange your own accommodation in Nadi and then make your way to Sigatoka via bus the following morning.

If you arrive prior to 6am, you may wait in the arrivals terminal until the local team can meet and assist you with your bus transfer.

Your accommodation is covered by your Program Fee and includes the night before your program orientation.

If you are traveling in Fiji prior to your volunteer program, you will need to make your own way to the volunteer accommodation and the local team will provide guidance on this.

There are two options for orientation for the Fiji Program.

One-day orientation:

This begins on the morning of your chosen start date and runs for a full day. Orientation covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Fiji, including an introduction to Fiji, culture and customs, rules and expectations, safety, travel opportunities, city tour and an introduction to your project and placement. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socialising.

Introduction Week:

The Introduction Week begins on the morning of your chosen start date and runs for the first five days of your stay. It is an awesome way to kickstart your volunteer abroad experience and it covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Fiji, plus you’ll learn more about the culture and get to tick off must-do Fiji experiences! This includes a Kava welcome ceremony; weaving class, hike to a waterfall, language class, cooking class; and trip to Maui Bay!

Please note, the Introduction week is included in your total duration on the program. If you would like to take part in this week, please let your Program Manager know.

Volunteer schedule example

First day

On your first day of volunteering, you will be taken to your placement by a local coordinator and introduced to the placement staff you will be working with.


Please note that start times and daily workloads depend on the project that you are participating on. Some placements run in the afternoon and volunteers on these placements will have the morning to create their lesson plans, or can join another project.

A typical volunteer day might be:

7:30 - 8:30 AM Breakfast at the volunteer house and then travel to your placement to join local placement staff.
9:00 AM Start at your placement.
12:00 PM Volunteers break for lunch. Most volunteers travel back to the volunteer house for lunch, while some volunteers may be provided lunch at their placement.
2:00 PM Work at your placement usually ends. You are free to use this time to lesson plan for tomorrow or spend the afternoon exploring
5:30 PM Dinner at the volunteer house. After dinner, you will have the remainder of the evening free to relax and use as you wish.

To ensure the safety of our volunteers and respect of others in the volunteer accommodation, a curfew of 11:30 PM has been put in place for every evening, including the weekend. If you wish to stay out longer, you must discuss this first with our local team and arrange alternative accommodation.


Volunteers can spend the weekends exploring Sigatoka, visiting the beautiful pristine coastlines, beaches or rainforests. Volunteers can spend the weekends exploring the Coral Coast which is a stretch of beaches and bays between Nadi and Suva. Along this coastline is the Pacific Harbour (approximately 1.5 hours from Sigatoka), which is the self-proclaimed ‘Adventure Capital’ of Fiji. From Pacific Harbour you can organize activities, such as kayaking, white-water rafting, shark feeding, jet ski tours, zip lining and diving. It is recommended you budget for these additional weekend trips.

Accommodation and WiFi

You’ll stay in dormitory-style volunteer houses located in the Sigatoka area near the community where volunteers work. It is approximately 15 minutes by taxi from Sigatoka town and 2 minutes from the beach. The area has a very strong friendly Fijian culture. A curfew of 11:30 PM is in effect every evening, including weekends, to ensure the safety and respect of others in the volunteer accommodation.

The volunteer house is very basic but comfortable, with electricity, fans, and running water. Bathrooms in the volunteer houses are all western style with a shower, toilet and basin. Bedding is provided which includes a pillow, pillowcase and sheets (Washed Weekly). You will need to bring a towel and toiletries.

You can expect to share a room with up to 5 other volunteers of the same gender. Couples or individuals who want more privacy have an option to upgrade to private accommodation. Private rooms are subject to availability and therefore you must arrange this well in advance of your program. The local team will do their best to keep families together.

While basic WiFi is available for communication use at the accommodation internet access, it is not always reliable. Therefore we recommend purchasing a local SIM card with data for an unlocked mobile phone. The local team can assist you with purchasing this during your program orientation in Sigatoka and is relatively cheap 30FJD for 60GB a month). WiFi is also available at cafes and restaurants around Sigatoka.

Please note that during busy times, some volunteers maybe accommodated in a nearby hotel. Volunteers who are placed in the hotel will still have all their meals at the volunteer house.


Fijian food is tasty and diverse, with a strong influence of Indian and Chinese cuisine. Three meals a day are served at the volunteer house on weekdays, but on weekends only breakfast and dinner are served, leaving volunteers responsible for their own lunches. Typical dishes include chow mein (Fiji style stir-fried noodles and vegetables), starches such as cassava, taro, sweet potato, bread, fruit, rice, stews, soups and curries.

Breakfast is typically cereal, tea, coffee, fruit, eggs and toast.

Bottled water is readily available in Fiji and there are water filters available in the volunteer accommodation for volunteers.

If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know when you apply for the program so we can discuss this with you. The local team will do their best to see that you are well taken care of but you should not expect to eat as you do at home. If you wish to supplement some of your meals with home comforts, there are basic kitchen facilities available to use and the local team will show you where to buy food during orientation.


  • USD

Spots are limited. For a Registration Fee of just US$329 (approximately £271) you secure your spot and unlock all our preparation and training tools.

You don't need to worry about paying your Program Fee until you get closer to your start date.

Program Fee
Due 30 days before you start, or within 48 hours if you register inside of 30 days. Covers the cost of hosting you.
  • USD
1 week $575 Equivalent to $82/day
2 weeks $870 Equivalent to $62/day
3 weeks $1,170 Equivalent to $56/day
4 weeks $1,465 Equivalent to $52/day
5 weeks $1,740 Equivalent to $50/day
6 weeks $2,020 Equivalent to $48/day
8 weeks $2,580 Equivalent to $46/day
10 weeks $3,160 Equivalent to $45/day
12 weeks $3,720 Equivalent to $44/day
  • All programs attract a Registration Fee of US$329 (approximately £271) in addition to the Program Fee. This covers all pre-departure support services.
  • A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment.
  • Recommended spending money: Volunteers in Fiji generally find US$100 per week to be sufficient for expenses.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Airport pick-up
  • Transport to and from your volunteer placement each day
  • Accommodation
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • In-country program orientation
  • Pre-departure support from your Program Manager
  • Personalised preparation tools, guides and check lists
  • Access to IVHQ’s preferred insurance and flights partners
  • Certificate of International Volunteer Service

Learn more about what's included in your IVHQ Registration Fee and Program Fee.

  • Return to the airport when your program finishes
  • Flights
  • Visa (if required), travel insurance (mandatory), vaccinations, criminal background check.
  • Personal spending money for snacks, laundry, public transportation, drinks and leisure activities during your free time.

Free-time experiences & tours in Sigatoka

Take your volunteer experience to the next level with IVHQ's affordable activity and tour add-ons in Sigatoka! Explore your options below and learn how to book them once you've been accepted onto the IVHQ Sigatoka program.

Fiji Introduction Week
Fiji Introduction Week

The Introduction Week is an awesome way to kickstart your volunteer abroad experience and it covers everything you need to know for your volunteer program in Fiji.


Check what's required to visit Fiji

Safety and support

Safety and support with IVHQ

Safety and support

IVHQ follows best practice and industry-leading health and safety procedures, which are regularly reviewed and optimized as part of the B Corporation recertification.

  • All volunteers encouraged to complete our interactive pre-departure training.
  • All local teams trained on best practice volunteer management & First Aid.
  • All IVHQ programs are required to adhere to IVHQ's Risk Management Policy.
  • All volunteers have access to 24/7 in-country support from our local team.
Learn more about IVHQ's safety

Essential country information

Essential country information

Capital Suva
Population 909,943
Languages English, Fijian and Fijian Hindi
Currency Fijian Dollar (FJD)
Time zone UTC+12:00

Weather and climate

Fiji has a hot climate all year round with maximum temperatures averaging between 26°C and 31°C (79°F - 88°F). The wet season runs from November to April and the dry season runs from May through October. The wet season is characterised by high humidity with heavy downpours followed by sunshine. The dry season is when temperatures are typically cooler with little rainfall.

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