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Have you ever wanted to volunteer to help refugees abroad? By supporting refugee volunteer projects with International Volunteer HQ, you can make a difference by volunteering with refugees to rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency and social integration.

There are various ways you can support refugee resettlement while volunteering abroad, and you don’t necessarily need to work in a refugee camp to have an impact. Today, nearly 25 million people are living as refugees worldwide, and there are a growing number of opportunities to provide support by volunteering with refugees in Europe.

International Volunteer HQ offers a range of refugee volunteer opportunities for people wanting to help the refugee crisis in . As an IVHQ volunteer, you will play an important role in supporting refugees to rebuild their lives by increasing access to education opportunities, food, and other support services. Refugee relief volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside local NGOs and volunteers at the frontline of promoting better health and wellbeing outcomes for refugee communities abroad.

How To Volunteer With Refugees In Europe

Refugee volunteer opportunities are available in Belgium with International Volunteer HQ, helping out with Food Outreach, and Educational Support projects. These projects have been established to demonstrate kindness in practical ways to asylum-seekers in Brussels. The purpose of these initiatives is to bring hope and comfort to migrants who are hoping to call Belgium home. On the Food Outreach project, you can help out with the preparation and distribution of meals for the refugee community, as well as those living in poverty in Brussels. Volunteers on the Educational Support project work in community centers, teaching English, French, and Math to youth within community centers providing shelter to refugees.

With International Volunteer HQ, you can also volunteer to help refugees in Italy on our NGO Support project in Rome. On this projects, you can support the local refugee communities in Rome by teaching English, providing companionship and assistance in adjusting to a new environment. There are also opportunities to keep the children entertained through organising sports and other recreational activities. Or if you have the relevant qualifications, you can offer assistance with counseling services. Please note that are limited positions available to work with refugees in Italy, so please make a note in your application form if you would like to volunteer on a refugee support placement.

These refugee volunteer projects are open to people of all abilities who are looking to provide companionship and practical support to help refugees to rebuild their lives in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more about our refugee volunteer opportunities available in the destinations below.

Refugee Volunteer Opportunities in Europe

Volunteer Project Review by Elyse Beauchamp

Volunteering with IVHQ is a fantastic experience. The people at the incredible NGO I worked are truly remarkable and the tasks you get to do are diverse and humbling. I extremely encourage you if you are even slightly tempted to do this - go for it! Working within a refugee center and listening to some of the most beautiful and raw stories was truly heartwarming. For all the life lessons they have taught me - I am forever grateful and blessed.

Nationality: Australian
Age: 19
Destination: Belgium

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