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Why I'm Addicted To Volunteering Abroad

From Madagascar to Bali… Find out what inspires IVHQ’s Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship recipient, Taylor Franks, to keep volunteering abroad.

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Worried About Language Barriers In Latin America? Read This!

Spanish phrases every volunteer heading to Latin America needs to know….

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My Life As A Traveling Videographer

IVHQ videographer Andrew Ahmed has visited the Fiji Program as part of the next installment of the video tour. Check out his thoughts on the island nation…

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Where Should You Volunteer In Morocco?

Morocco is a captivating country of culture, color and mouthwatering cuisine and with two IVHQ volunteer programs to choose from there really is something to suit everyone. Read on to find the perfect program for you…

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7 Reasons Volunteer Travel In Romania Is Best For You

If you’re looking for a safe and affordable volunteer travel destination that’s relatively undiscovered by tourists, but bursting with spectacular natural beauty and medieval charm, Romania has a range of meaningful volunteer work opportunities for you to support…

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7 Ironies That Will Make You Want To Travel To Madrid

Find out the fascinating contrasts that make Madrid, Spain, the unique destination it is.

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The Top Cultural Immersion Programs For Volunteers

Discover the true meaning of cultural immersion on one of IVHQ’s best cultural immersion programs. Find out more here…

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IVHQ Video Tour: New Zealand

IVHQ’s next installment of the IVHQ Video Tour is filming now! Our videographer (and two-time IVHQ volunteer), Andrew Ahmed has just visited our program in New Zealand. Next stop, Fiji!

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This Is What A Family Voliday Looks Like

The Richardson family spent 6 weeks volunteering in Argentina. The experience had a profound impact on both them and the local community. See what they did….

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This Magical Country, Known as Zimbabwe

_IVHQ volunteer Melanie Bernstein reflects on the labour intensive work, exciting weekend adventures and what she’ll miss the most as a volunteer in Victoria Falls… _

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