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This Is What A Family Voliday Looks Like

The Richardson family spent 6 weeks volunteering in Argentina. The experience had a profound impact on both them and the local community. See what they did….

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This Magical Country, Known as Zimbabwe

_IVHQ volunteer Melanie Bernstein reflects on the labour intensive work, exciting weekend adventures and what she’ll miss the most as a volunteer in Victoria Falls… _

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Top 5 Highlights of IVHQ Accommodation

We tuned into our IVHQ Alumni on Facebook and Twitter to find the top 5 highlights of living within a local community while volunteering abroad!

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13 Mouthwatering Meals Worth Traveling For

We’ve collected some of our IVHQers food pics to inspire you to not only eat, but travel, explore and make memories that will be with you for life. Find out more….

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How To Make A Big Impact With A Small Budget While Volunteering Abroad

These IVHQers have proved that you don’t need a big budget to make an impact when you volunteer abroad. Find out more…

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The Ultimate Adventure: Volunteering In The Jungle

The Peruvian jungle is waiting for adventure seeking volunteers - are you game?

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Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Australians

IVHQ offers affordable programs in more than 50 destinations and is joined by thousands of Australians every year…

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Tips For Being A Valuable Volunteer

Everyone who volunteers abroad with IVHQ wants to make a difference and do some good - here are a few tips that will help you on your way …

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How Volunteering In Africa Led To A Career Abroad

Megan Sloter embarked on a journey to volunteer in Tanzania and shares why she now can’t go home …

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Indonesia Itinerary Recommendations

Two breathtaking itinerary suggestions on where you can spend a week departing from our volunteer programs in Bali.

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