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Online TEFL Course

Join an online TEFL course with TEFL HQ and International Volunteer HQ

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) has partnered with TEFL HQ to offer a specialised online TEFL certification course for the discounted rate of just US$399.

The 100-hour online TEFL course is available to past and future IVHQ volunteers, or anyone who wishes to upskill before teaching English abroad. TEFL HQ is a leader in teacher TEFL training and this online course has been developed by experienced second language acquisition specialists to create a quality learning experience, leading to successful teaching abroad.

The course is a wonderful introduction for aspiring teachers. It’s enjoyable because you get to see slides with well-presented information while listening to a knowledgeable tutor explaining what you see on the screen. That’s what I have enjoyed the most. I know other TEFL courses only provide PDFs to read and then ask questions but that doesn’t make you feel like a teacher explains to you what you need to know.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language can be a challenge and IVHQ is focused on ensuring our volunteers feel confident in their roles as teachers and in turn, offer a valuable learning experience for their students.

The TEFL HQ course equips both experienced teachers and those with no previous teaching experience with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in teaching English in classrooms abroad. The 100-hour TEFL course can be started at any time and is completed entirely online at your own pace.

Getting my TEFL certificate made the adjustment period much easier because my instructors gave me a realistic vision of my time teaching abroad. I certainly felt that I came prepared from day one knowing what to expect in an English classroom setting.

Visit the TEFL HQ online course page to get TEFL certified now and upskill before departing on your volunteer trip abroad.

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Specialized online TEFL course for volunteers through International Volunteer HQ


Can I enroll in the TEFL online course if I am not registered on an IVHQ program?

Yes! While IVHQ has partnered with TEFL HQ to provide the opportunity for IVHQ Teaching volunteers to upskill before departing to volunteer abroad, the discounted IVHQ TEFL HQ course is also open to previous IVHQ volunteers, or anyone interested in maximising their chances of securing teaching jobs abroad.

How do I get the discounted course for $399?

All you need to do is to visit the TEFL HQ page to enroll in the course for a discounted cost of US$399.

Can I enroll in the course if I am already enrolled in full time study or employment?

Sure! As the majority of IVHQ volunteers are enrolled in full time study or employment, IVHQ has partnered with TEFL HQ to offer an affordable and flexible TEFL online course, which can be completed around any schedule and at your own pace.

What does the course offer?

TEFL HQ offers an online TEFL training course to prepare teachers to teach in classrooms abroad. Graduates will find themselves with a certificate in English language teaching, a competitive 100-hour TEFL certification accepted by international schools. The TEFL HQ course is completed entirely online at your own pace. The online structure is set in an interactive format with additional thinking points, handout instructions, and case studies.

What sets TEFL HQ Online apart from other TEFL providers?

TEFL HQ provides fully interactive learning platform built by educators with extensive experience in teaching English overseas. As you progress through the course, you will be asked to interact with and manipulate content on your screen, as well as view course videos and work through interactive assessments.

What is the course schedule?

The TEFL HQ online course is 100 hours and can be started at any time. The course is entirely self-paced. Prospective teachers who choose TEFL HQ have the advantage of designing their own schedule and completing the course from anywhere in the world!

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

In order to enroll in the course, applicants must have a completed high school diploma, and have native-level English speaking fluency.

Can non-native English speakers enroll in the course?

Individuals with native-level speaking ability are eligible to enroll in the online TEFL course, even if they are not technically native speakers.

Is there a practical component to the course?

The TEFL HQ online course does not include a practical teaching component. Given the variety of teaching jobs abroad, the course focuses on training teachers to build skill sets that will allow them to adapt to different environments. Upon completion of the course, teachers will have experience in planning, designing, and adapting a wide variety of language activities and materials, which they can apply to their new teaching jobs abroad.

How will I be assessed?

Teachers are officially assessed through homework assignments and test performance. Teachers are also encouraged to do self-assessment by completing written “thinking points” and case studies, which they can then compare to TEFL HQ’s provided explanations and demonstrations.

Does the course include tests?

The TEFL HQ online course contains a multiple-choice test at the end of each unit, as well as a comprehensive final exam.

What happens if I fail a test?

If you fail a test on the first try, you are permitted to take the test again. If you fail on the second try, your test is locked until you have gone back to the unit and reviewed the material.

Visit the TEFL HQ online course page to enroll in the TEFL online course today and gain an internationally recognised TEFL certification for the discounted rate of just US$399.

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