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How To Get Volunteer Experience On Your Resume And Earn Course Credit

You can now earn course credit while volunteering in Guatemala, Peru Cusco, and Costa Rica with International Volunteer HQ! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN! - volunteer abroad affordably, learn a new language, add volunteer experience on your resume and gain university credit! IVHQ is excited to announce that our volunteer abroad programs located in Guatemala, Peru - Cusco, and Costa Rica now offer course credit to volunteers who are seeking to fulfil a language requirement for their educational institution.

Spanish Service Learning Course (SPAN203SL) is a cutting edge course accredited by California State University, Monterey Bay, and other university groups, so students from around the world seeking to fulfil their language course requirements should read on…

Learn A New Langauge - IVHQ(IVHQ Volunteer in Latin America) @meganeglavin via Instagram

Here’s the skinny…

The course syllabus for the Spanish Service Learning Course (SPAN203SL) requires that volunteers commit to at least 4 weeks on our Costa Rica, Guatemala or Peru - Cusco volunteer program. Students can also take advantage of the option discounted language classes offered by our local partner organization in these countries. The Spanish Service Learning Course and optional language lessons are offered in conjunction with the volunteer work and can all be included in your daily schedule. The workshops and written assignments are conducted in English, but the rest of the course and the entire volunteer experience offer total Spanish immersion. All Spanish Service Learning students will complete field journaling, a final reflection paper and attend five guided reflection workshops.

What’s included?

  • A weekly guided Reflection Workshop
  • Tutoring and in-country support
  • Tandem Conversation Program
  • Accreditation by California State University, Monterey Bay

[Learn Spanish with IVHQ in Guatemala]

It’s an incredible step bringing our volunteer program into a level of academic integrity and transferable university credit from a well-recognized, accredited university!

While 4 weeks may seem like a long time, language courses at most universities last an entire semester! Just think “summer course,” save some money and get that language requirement out of the way by spending a month of your summer vacation volunteering and taking Spanish lessons in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. Get out of the classroom, go right to the source and experience the real deal. Add volunteer experience to your resume and use those tuition dollars towards making memories that will last a life time!

Volunteer in Guatemala with IVHQ(Childcare Placement, Guatemala) @sbb1393 via Instagram

Don’t waste a minute!

Our Latin America volunteer programs are most popular during the summer months, May through August, and it’s best to get the ball rolling as soon as you’re ready. Find out everything you need to know by checking out the projects offered in Guatemala, Peru Cusco, and Costa Rica.

If you would like more information on how to earn course credit, please email our Universities Manager, Katie@volunteerhq.org!

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