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Best Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs 2024 & 2025


Best Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs with IVHQ

Do you have a passion for marine conservation? You can become an ocean cleanup volunteer in 2024 or 2025 and provide vital support to the preservation and rehabilitation of fragile marine ecosystems and by protecting threatened marine species.

Our oceans are crucial to life on Earth. They store carbon, regulate the earth’s temperature, shape coastlines, are an invaluable source of food for humans and other land animals and consistently leave us in wonder.

As a marine conservation volunteer you can help to maintain and protect the ocean, whilst regenerating populations of the fragile ecosystems that call it home. You’ll contribute your time and skills to help collect vital data and help support critical marine conservation work. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to explore some of the world’s most incredible and undiscovered natural landscapes, from the reefs of Madagascar and Australia to the shores of Costa Rica and Portugal.

Looking for marine conservation volunteer opportunities? Whether you’re at home in the sea, passionate about marine conservation, or want to experience island life, there’s a marine conservation or sea turtle volunteer project that’s perfect for you!

What Are The Best Marine Conservation Volunteer Programs For 2024 & 2025?

As a marine conservation volunteer, you can work below the waves, giving back on unique scuba diving volunteer opportunities in Madagascar, Portugal, Croatia and Belize. If you’re more suited to life above the water, or you’re an animal lover, think about volunteering to support sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica or Zanzibar. You might consider a project with a more coastal conservation focus in the Philippines or New Zealand, or, for a program with a mix of all of the above, Marine Conservation in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia might be right for you.

If you know what kind of ocean conservation project you’re looking for, jump straight to it:

Marine Conservation Volunteer

Scuba Diving Volunteer Opportunities 2024 & 2025

Volunteer scuba diving opportunities give you the chance to contribute to the protection of the marine ecosystem and help provide vital support to local staff and experts, while exploring a new culture and being immersed in the local community.

Diving volunteer opportunities aren’t just for certified divers, they are also a chance to start your diving career in the best possible way. You can take your scuba diving course and get certified on the program, before using your new skills to benefit the local environment! Learning to dive opens a window into a new and exciting underwater world, awash with vibrant colors and enthralling encounters with unbelievable marine life.

Marine Conservation Volunteering in Madagascar

Marine Conservation Volunteer - Diving in Madagascar with IVHQ

If you love the idea of living and volunteering in a destination where the ocean is always by your side, Madagascar has your name on it! Crystal clear waters, incredible natural marine biodiversity, white sandy beaches and welcoming local communities make this destination immensely special and captivating. Marine Conservation volunteers in Madagascar with IVHQ have the opportunity to join a variety of conservation efforts focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem surrounding the African island.

You’ll work in collaboration with, and on behalf of, a number of oceanographic organisations to gather vital raw data through a number of initiatives, including:

  • Reef Surveying: Monitoring the biodiversity, health and growth of the reef system surrounding Nosy Komba through fish, invertebrate and coral surveys using scuba equipment.
  • Turtle Monitoring: Establishing an estimated inventory and census of Madagascan turtles. To determine the frequency and population strength of the varying species of turtle that visit the area.
  • Nudibranch Research: Through surveys using scuba equipment, volunteers are able to provide data to determine the species density and biodiversity of nudibranchs and other molluscs in the area. The health of these colorful species is considered a good sign of water quality.
  • Beach Cleans: Help prevent marine animals getting caught in and/or eating marine litter as well as removing synthetic, damaging material from the ecosystem.
  • Community Education: Support educational campaigns in the local community, raising awareness about environmental issues, conservation and protection of biodiversity and marine resources such as food.
  • Reef Regeneration: Through reef regeneration by coral propagation and litter removal, volunteers can increase the coral reef size and heath in the area, providing more habitat space for reef fish.

Madagascar Program Highlights

  • This project is perfect for people looking for specific marine biology volunteer opportunities and/or Madagascar diving programs
  • The program is based on the slopes of Nosy Komba, an i​​sland off the northwest coast of Madagascar, just a few kilometers from the larger island of Nosy Be
  • The program is available year-round and starts on the first and third Monday of every month
  • This project has a minimum duration of 4 weeks and volunteers must have Open Water Dive Certification and Advanced Open Water Dive Certification. PADI diving certification can be completed in Madagascar for at an additional cost.
  • Affordable program fees from US$1520 for 4 weeks

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Environmental Scuba Diving in Portugal

Marine Conservation Volunteer - Diving in Portugal with IVHQ

If you’re passionate about ocean cleanup volunteering, tackling ocean pollution and working with a passionate local dive community, then the Portugal Environmental Scuba Diving project is right up your alley!

You’ll have the opportunity to help with ocean cleanups focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem off the coast of Portugal. Volunteer tasks can include removing rubbish on the seafloor, learning more about the marine ecosystem and how to protect it, observing and identifying fish and collecting data on fish numbers.

With the beautiful coast around Cascais on your doorstep, a buzzing cafe culture and plenty of weekend adventures to be had, basing yourself in Lisbon as an Environmental Scuba Diving volunteer is an amazing idea.

The program is open to beginners without any diving experience; however, volunteers will have to learn the fundamentals and safety measures before engaging in any type of conservation activities.

You can complete internationally recognized SSI (Scuba Schools International) diving certifications before starting your volunteer program. The certifications that you complete depends on your diving experience as well as how long you’re volunteering for. The courses range from Open Water Diver through to Advanced Adventurer, and specialties such as Buoyancy, Marine Ecology and Fish Identification are also available for volunteers who have completed the Open Water and Advanced certification courses.

The program fee covers the cost of the required SSI online and in person training, full scuba equipment hire and supervision from an experienced dive instructor.

Portugal Program Highlights:

  • This project is perfect for volunteers that don’t have prior diving experience and want to gain SSI certification and/or want to focus on ocean cleanups and the environmental impact of ocean pollution
  • The program is based in the waters off Cascais, near Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon
  • Flexible program durations from 1 - 4 weeks
  • The program is available from February - November and starts on the first and third Monday of every month
  • Affordable program fees from US$905 for one week

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Marine Conservation Volunteering in Croatia

Marine Conservation Volunteer in Croatia with IVHQ

Croatia has become a popular destination for travellers in Europe, with picturesque harbor cities lapping on the shores of the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. Now, Marine volunteers in Croatia can enjoy the tourist-friendly culture in the iconic city of Split while basking under the sun and in the water, and making a difference as a marine conservation volunteer.

You’ll be based at a local dive school, helping to restore and maintain the Adriatic Sea with beach and ocean beach cleanup volunteer activities, as well as observing and identifying fish and learning all about ecosystem conservation.

This program is available for those without scuba diving experience. You’ll complete your certifications - which are internationally recognized - before taking part in conservation activities. Experienced divers are able to upskill on a wide range of additional certifications, including Fish Identification and Marine Ecology, or start volunteering in earnest straight away.

Your Program Fees will cover the cost of your scuba equipment hire, your online and in-person training and supervision from an experienced local instructor.

Croatia Volunteer Program Highlights:

  • Available for first time scuba divers, or experienced divers. Ideal for any volunteers passionate about marine conservation
  • Based in the stunning Croatian coastal city of Split
  • Flexible program dates from 1 - 12 weeks
  • The program is open year-round, with start dates on the first and third Monday of each month
  • Affordable program fees from US$925 for one week

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Marine Conservation Volunteering in Belize

Marine Conservation Volunteer - Diving in Belize with IVHQ

Want to take part in a marine conservation on an island in the Caribbean? Marine Conservation volunteering in Belize gives you the unique opportunity to live on, and dive in the ocean around, a beautiful and remote island in the Caribbean sea. This small island sits 26 miles off the mainland of Placencia, Belize.

During your weekends, head back to mainland Belize to get your dose of life above the waves - start the day with an amazing coffee, then explore ancient Mayan ruins, wander through one of the many wildlife sanctuaries and finish the weekend off zip-lining through the jungle.

You’ll become a pro at spotting and identifying marine wildlife, including lionfish, corals, whale sharks and queen conch! On a day-to-day basis, you’ll work alongside local marine biologists to gather data, conduct surveys and remove invasive species.

Your role on this project can include:

  • Coral Reef Surveying: Climate change is having a tangible effect on coral reefs, and volunteers play an important role in collecting data about these changes, which is shared with conservation groups.
  • Invasive Species Removal: Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific and were introduced to the Caribbean by humans. They have no natural predators, feed on the native species and reproduce at a fast rate. You’ll help to remove these invasive and damaging species by spearfishing and taking the fish back to the island where they can be eaten or have their spines turned into jewelry.
  • Marine Species Survey: Lobster surveys are conducted regularly to gain insights into why their population has decreased significantly over the last few decades. Queen Conch is a large marine mollusk and is overfished due to the commercial value of its large spiral shell. The purpose of carrying our Queen Conch surveys is to gather data on their breeding patterns.
  • Whale Shark Research: The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea and survives mostly off plankton. Their fins and meat are well sought after, which has led to overfishing and their population declining. While it can’t be guaranteed that you will see a whale shark during your time on the program, if you do, it will certainly be an amazing experience!

Certified divers will be able to start diving and assisting with marine conservation volunteering in earnest on arrival to the island. For volunteers completing their certifications on the island, the first three days consist of completing the written and practical certification modules. Once certified, you will join the conservation efforts alongside the other volunteers.

Those who have already completed their PADI Open Water Certification have the option of taking more advanced courses, such as Dive Master Certification, Rescue Diver, and much more.

It’s important to note that due to the size of the island, there is a maximum capacity of 17 volunteers on the program at any given time. With this in mind, we recommend applying and registering with as much notice as possible, to maximise your chances of securing a spot on this unique marine conservation program.

Belize Volunteer Program Highlights:

  • The program is based on a beautiful and remote island in the Caribbean sea
  • Flexible program durations from 1 - 8 weeks
  • The program is available year-round and starts every Monday
  • Affordable program fees from US$855 for one week
  • You can expect to take part in up to 13 dives per week
  • A range of dive certification options
  • Eat freshly caught seafood and local cuisine - all diets are catered for

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Sea Turtle Conservation Volunteer Work 2024 & 2025

If you’re looking to volunteer with animals abroad, consider the top sea turtle conservation projects in Zanzibar, Bali and Costa Rica. With rising ocean pollution, habitat destruction, commercial fishing and illegal trade, endangered sea turtle species are becoming increasingly threatened. Your work with the local community helps support the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of these incredible marine animals. For further inspiration to help guide your planning, deep dive into IVHQ’s Sea Turtle Conservation opportunities.

Sea Turtle Conservation in Zanzibar

Marine Conservation Volunteering with sea turtles in Zanzibar with IVHQ

Passionate about tackling climate change, preserving endangered turtle species and protecting our oceans? If you want to reconnect with nature whilst making a difference on Zanzibar’s beautiful coastline - look no further than this Turtle Conservation project based on the pristine white sandy beaches of Nungwi.

Go off the beaten track and live like a local in a beachside bungalow whilst immersing yourself in the island’s vibrant culture. Support the conservation of endangered sea turtles by helping nurse, treat and release these beautiful at-risk creatures, as well as collecting food, feeding the turtles and looking after their lagoon and pools.

Zanzibar Volunteer Program Highlights:

  • You can choose to volunteer for 1 - 12 weeks
  • Program fees from US$610 for one week
  • Based on the stunning Nungwi beach on the northern end of the island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is located off the East Coast of Africa, meaning many volunteers choose to combine with one of our Tanzania programs
  • Volunteers can expect to volunteer for up to 6 hours per day, with the opportunity to explore Zanzibar’s historic Stone Town, relax on pristine white sand beaches, or go on a safari in your free time
  • Volunteer activities may include cleaning the turtles, lagoon and pools, collecting seaweed and feeding the turtles, medically treating injured and sick turtles (under supervision of local staff) guiding tourists visiting the lagoon, as well as releasing them back into the wild at certain times of the year!

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Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Marine Conservation Volunteering with sea turtles in Costa Rica with IVHQ

Work alongside a local marine biologist to assist with studies of the four sea turtles species in Costa Rica - Leatherbacks, Greens, Olive Ridley and Hawksbill. Your volunteer time will be heavily centreed around protection work and sustainable egg protection programs.

Costa Rica Volunteer Program Highlights:

  • You can choose to volunteer for 2 - 24 weeks
  • Program fees from US$820 for 2 weeks
  • Based at one of four beach locations around Costa Rica: Ostional, Matapalo, Junquillal (based on the Pacific Coast) and Parismina (based on the Caribbean Coast)
  • Volunteers can expect to work 6 days per week with 4 - 7-hour shifts each day
  • These shifts may include beach patrols, building hatcheries to protect eggs from predators, beach cleaning, counting and tagging sea turtles, locating nesting females, collecting eggs and replanting mangroves

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Sea Turtle Conservation in Bali

Marine Conservation Volunteering with sea turtles in Bali with IVHQ

This is a hugely popular program, allowing you to give back alongside the local team and government authorities at a turtle sanctuary, collecting vital baseline data on the turtle population on the island Nusa Penida.

Bali Volunteer Program Highlights:

  • You can choose to volunteer for 2 - 12 weeks
  • Program fees from US$742 for 2 weeks
  • For your first week of the program, you will participate in a five-day orientation in Ubud
  • Volunteers engage in hands-on work with the turtles for one to two hours each day, which includes feeding and cleaning turtles, caring for turtles who are victims of commercial fishing and cleaning the turtle tanks. Additionally, volunteers are involved in beach cleanups and the collection of live food for turtles. The second half of the day focuses on proactive conservation efforts.

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Ocean Clean Up Volunteering and Coastal Conservation Projects 2024 & 2025

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities on dry land that still support marine conservation efforts, IVHQ has a number of unique volunteer abroad opportunities that focus on supporting marine environment and coastal conservation.

Become a Marine Conservation Volunteer

Coast and Waterway Conservation Volunteering in New Zealand

Ocean Conservation Volunteering in New Zealand with IVHQ

New Zealand is a remarkable place to visit for its natural landscapes, and you’ll see this for yourself as you address the challenge of litter and its impacts on New Zealand’s marine environment. Volunteers will be able to spend time all over Auckland’s picturesque coastline, collecting harmful litter from harbors, inlets and estuaries. This project also focuses on the restoration of land that is important to indigenous Māori communities, with volunteer activities including working in the native plant nursery, removing invasive species, planting native trees, collecting seeds, composting and mulching.

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Environmental Volunteering in the Philippines

Ocean Conservation Volunteering in the Philippines with IVHQ

The island of Palwan is known as home to some of the most stunning beaches anywhere in the world, and as a volunteer you’ll be working to restore and conserve this amazing environment. The main focus of this project is mangrove rehabilitation as these have seen a decline in recent years. Mangroves provide habitats for nursing fish and other marine life as well as many native birds, including the Palawan fruit bat.

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Marine Conservation Volunteering in Australia

Marine Conservation Volunteering in Australia with IVHQ

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most iconic reef systems in the world, but is sadly declining at an alarming rate. By volunteering on this project, you’ll be assisting on vital work to help prevent the decline of the reef, and making an important contribution to the sea life that call the region home. Volunteers can help with reef monitoring, debris collection and sea turtle rehabilitation. This is an exciting project that enables volunteers to work on the coalface of a significant natural asset that needs intervention to overcome the challenges of climate change.

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Island Outreach Volunteering in Madagascar

MArine Island Outreach Volunteering in Madagascar with IVHQ

You won’t find a more unique volunteer opportunity than the Madagascar Island Outreach project. A 50ft research vessel will be your home base for a comprehensive 10-day tour, with nights spent in rustic overnight camps and your days visiting and volunteering on remote islands and villages. A key focus of the trip is scientific research through forest walks and snorkel surveys to identify changes in habitats and species populations.

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Contemporary environmental issues like climate change and overpopulation are creating issues for marine ecosystems like never before, and intervention through these kinds of marine conservation volunteer projects can achieve a lot in offsetting the effect of these challenges. They promise to be rewarding, impactful and fun all at the same time - being a marine conservation volunteer could just be your best decision yet!

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