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Offset Your Flight’s Carbon Emissions

IVHQ Carbon Footprint Calculator

If you care about the planet, please join International Volunteer HQ in going carbon neutral when you volunteer abroad with us. By offsetting your flights to your volunteer program, you will help fight climate change and protect at-risk wildlife and communities around the world.

Why offset your flight’s carbon emissions? If you want your whole volunteering trip to have a positive impact, we encourage you to offset your flight’s carbon emissions.

It’s easier and cheaper than you think. We’ve partnered with CarbonClick to enable you to go carbon neutral from as little as $7 USD for a 5-hour flight. We do not receive any commission – we just want you to do the right thing for the planet!

IVHQ is certified Zero Carbon Business Operations, and a key goal in our Climate Emergency Action Plan is to encourage 100% of our volunteers to offset their flights. So please join us by going carbon neutral!

Why offset your flights through CarbonClick?

  • Ensure your whole trip leaves a positive impact on the planet
  • Fully transparent offsets that can be traced directly to the projects you’re supporting
  • Every offset project is independently certified
  • Supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Easy to use and affordable

How to offset your flights through CarbonClick: Once you’ve registered for your chosen IVHQ volunteer program, you will see a task to offset your flight’s carbon emissions in your MyIVHQ preparation checklist. You can log in to your MyIVHQ account here.

How to get started

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