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Senior Volunteering Abroad Programs


Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors

Whether you’re seeking meaningful retirement opportunities, or wanting to explore a new form of travel, volunteering overseas as a senior provides the perfect opportunity to experience a new country and culture, while supporting volunteer projects in a community that values your support. This could see you teaching English in Bali, supporting an NGO in Cambodia, or even joining wildlife conservation efforts in Victoria Falls.

International Volunteer HQ makes it easy and affordable to organize an international volunteer trip in over 50 destinations around the world, connecting you with a dedicated Program Manager to support you every step of the way. You can choose to volunteer at any time of the year, for anywhere between 1 week and 24 weeks, and program fees start from just $180 for 1 week. Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted at the airport, transported to your accommodation and joined with a group of other international volunteers for your program orientation. Your weekdays will be spent supporting the project of your choice, while your weekends will be free to explore your host country.

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While the opportunity to volunteer abroad is becoming popular among young travelers, hundreds of seniors are choosing to volunteer with IVHQ each year, delivering a great deal of value to the communities in which we work. The mix of life experience, skills and patience that senior volunteers bring is invaluable to their volunteer work. Whether you have experience working in a classroom, hospital, office, building site, or in the great outdoors, IVHQ has opportunities for all backgrounds. Those with Medical qualifications have the opportunity to contribute to a range of Healthcare-focused projects in a diverse range of destinations, whereas those who are looking to support education, sports development, childcare, renovation or conservation projects, are welcomed to join IVHQ.

Many of our senior volunteers tell us that they enjoy the opportunity to be accommodated in a local homestay, as they enjoy experience the local way of life and the chance to be immersed in a unique family setting, while sampling local cuisine, exchanging stories and learning about a new culture in an intimate setting. Keep reading to learn more about our most popular volunteer programs for senior volunteers…

Volunteer in Cambodia

Come to Cambodia prepared to be swept up by the Khmer charm while supporting Teaching English, Special Needs Care, Childcare, Computer Support or NGO Support projects. You’ll be based in the intriguing cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, or the provinces of Pursat and Kampong Speu with the unique opportunity to experience living in a traditional family setting with a local homestay. This is an incredibly affordable way to engage in meaningful travel in Asia - volunteering in Cambodia with IVHQ means you’ll pay as little as US$350 for a 2-week program. Plus you will have your weekends free to explore the expansive opportunities which Cambodia has to offer travelers - whether you’re sampling the Khmer cuisine, exploring the local markets, or touring the city center by tuk tuk. The Teaching English project in Cambodia is well suited to retired teachers, as it provides volunteers with structured curriculum-based classes and progress logs to follow, while encouraging the use initiative to develop lessons based on a topic relevant to the students’ learning.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors - Cambodia

Volunteer in India

Captivated by the history, culture, architecture and cuisine, our senior volunteers are often drawn to India as a volunteering destination. When volunteering with IVHQ Delhi, you can provide support to children without access to education on the Slum Teaching project, or assist local caregivers at a Childcare placement. Healthcare opportunities are also available to those with relevant experience and qualifications. Delhi is an inspiringly chaotic city and optional orientation week provides first-time visitors to Delhi the chance to learn more about the Indian culture, undertake language lessons, watch a Bollywood movie in a local theatre, and visit the phenomenal Taj Mahal! Your weekends in India will never be dull and the local team will be happy to help you in planning trips to Rajasthan, trekking journeys, and visits to nearby temples and waterfalls.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors - India

Volunteer in Romania

Set against alluring castles and breath-taking natural beauty, Romania offers a special destination for volunteer travelers. Be immersed in one of the historical epicenters of Eastern Europe, living with a local family and contributing to empowerment projects within the community. The IVHQ program is based in the renowned region of Transylvania, where you have the opportunity to be immersed in the Romanian-Hungarian culture while assisting in Teaching, Special Needs Care or Childcare projects. Spend your weekeneds exploring the cobblestone villages, medieval castles or ancient untouched forests. For the more adventurous, there is fantastic biking, kayaking, climbing, trekking, rafting and skiing on offer. As an added bonus, Romania is a cheap European travel destination, making for a budget-friendly option.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors - Romania

Volunteer in Zambia

A much-loved destination amongst IVHQ volunteers, Zambia offers a variety of meaningful community-based projects set in close proximity to the natural world wonder, Victoria Falls. The program is based in the laid-back tourist town of Livingstone, where volunteers can take part in Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Elderly Care and Community Development projects while being actively immersed in the local community. The relaxed and family-friendly environment makes this an ideal program for volunteers of all ages.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors

Volunteer in Portugal

With a stunning coastal location, easy public transport and buzzing cafe culture - IVHQ’s Portugal program is fast becoming a favorite amongst senior volunteers. While staying in the capital city of Lisbon, you can provide support to the local community by participating on Food Rescue, Construction and Renovation, and Youth Support projects. Those looking to join the Wolf Conservation project will be based in Mafra, while Environmental Scuba Diving volunteers are based in Albufeira. While you’ll always be in the company of other international volunteers, you can opt for a private accommodation upgrade, allowing you downtime whenever you need. During your weekends, you’ll have the chance to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sintra, stroll the streets of Cascais, and enjoy a beverage at one of the many outdoor cafes along the way. If you’re drawn to the coast and intrigued by historical cities, Lisbon could be the perfect volunteer destination for you.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors - Portugal

Volunteer in Argentina

If you’re seeking an immersive cultural exchange and the opportunity to practice Spanish, you could well suited to IVHQ’s volunteer program in Argentina. While volunteering in Argentina, you’ll be living near to Cordoba city in a family-style volunteer house, in the company of other international travelers. Here you’ll be well supported by the friendly local team while participating in Teaching, Childcare, Construction and Renovation, Healthcare, Sports Development, Special Needs Care, Community or Elderly Care projects. During your free time, explore the mesmerizing architecture and cultural scene of Cordoba city, or venture further afield to Buenos Aires for a long weekend.

Volunteer Abroad Programs For Seniors - Argentina

Still stuck on which destination to choose? Hear what a few of our senior volunteers have to say about their experiences for some inspiration and remember, when volunteer abroad, age is no barrier!

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