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NEW Volunteer Projects at IVHQ

At IVHQ, we’re continually sourcing new and innovative opportunities for you to explore the world in a way that’s meaningful to you and to the community you serve. Discovering new volunteer destinations, expanding projects in popular locations and finding the areas where international volunteers are needed are just a few of the reasons we open new projects!

With over 300 affordable volunteer projects in 40+ fabulous countries to choose from, you can be confident that you’ll find a cause close to your heart.

Check out our newly launched volunteer abroad projects below, and be one of the first to make a difference there!

NEW volunteer project in Namibia

NEW volunteer project in Namibia

If you love animals and being outdoors, then this one’s for you! IVHQ’s new Wildlife Rescue project in Namibia gives you the chance to get up close and personal with iconic African wildlife while caring for and conserving these incredible animals.

Based at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia’s central highlands, you’ll get to experience living in the African bush while supporting a world-renowned wildlife conservation organization.

Volunteers help care for orphaned, injured and conflict wildlife that reside at the sanctuary, such as lions, leopards, antelope, baboons, and more! The aim is to nourish these animals back to health and release them into the wild again, where possible. You’ll also get the chance to track and monitor wildlife on the reserve to support ongoing conservation research.

Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia's central highlands. Help care for and rehabilitate orphaned, injured or conflict wildlife, including lions, leopards, cheetahs, wild dogs, caracals, warthogs, antelope, baboons, birds, and more!

Recommendation from Mariana

Recommended by Mariana

IVHQ Travel Expert

“I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants to get involved in hands-on wildlife rescue and conservation, experience living in the African bush, or who dreams of being the next David Attenborough! This is well suited to volunteers who are active, enjoy being outdoors and don’t mind getting their hands dirty! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience to help care for and protect orphaned, injured and conflict wildlife.”

NEW Volunteer Projects in Trinidad and Tobago

NEW Volunteer Projects in Trinidad and Tobago

Want to volunteer on a beautiful Caribbean island that remains largely untouched by mass tourism? Volunteering on IVHQ’s NEW Trinidad and Tobago program is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with nature and yourself, while giving back to community driven causes, such as Childcare, Women’s Empowerment, Teaching, and more!

IVHQ’s program is based on Tobago, the smaller of the Twin Islands of Trinidad & Tobago, known for it’s raw natural beauty and abundance of wildlife (including 260 bird species!) Spend your days waking to the sounds of nature, relaxing on sandy beaches, and diving into turquoise waters. Explore vibrant coral reefs. Hike through the rainforest… And make a meaningful impact in this tropical island paradise!

Help at a local animal shelter for abandoned cats and dogs. Provide the animals with human companionship, medical treatment and everyday care with the goal of helping them find new, loving homes. Veterinary students can also get involved at the vet clinic on-site.

Assist in busy kindergartens by volunteering with local kids and helping provide a space for them to learn and grow. Support teachers by providing attention to children during lesson and play time.

Help protect the vibrant coral reefs and marine life around the island of Tobago. Assist with data collection, turtle conservation, and help educate local children on the importance of marine conservation.

Support teachers in busy elementary schools of up to 30 students by assisting with lessons, tutoring, and giving attention to students who require extra support. You'll also gain invaluable classroom experience and communication skills!

Support and empower local and migrant women through a range of initiatives. Help women up-skill and become self-sufficient while tackling gender inequality in the Caribbean.

Recommendation from Kaila

Recommended by Kaila

IVHQ Travel Expert

“I’d recommend the Trinidad & Tobago Program to anyone who is keen to enjoy the laid back island life in a tropical oasis, while also enjoying the opportunity and challenge of creating sustainability within a small, beach side community. The program is best suited for volunteers who are flexible to the needs of the placements within the community, and don’t mind a slower, laid back pace day to day, as well as those who enjoy a bit of outdoor adventure in their spare time.”

NEW Volunteer Projects in Athens, Greece

NEW Volunteer Projects in Athens, Greece

IVHQ offers a diverse range of volunteer projects in Athens, Greece, including a brand new Ethical Fashion project! Athens is the capital of Greece, home of the Ancient Greeks, and boasts architecture fit for the gods, making it an incredible place to soak up ancient ruins, history, and culture.

There are a large number of refugees, homeless people, and survivors of human trafficking living in Athens who can really benefit from volunteer support, so many of our placements involve working with and alongside people from these backgrounds. If you’re interested, be quick - our Europe volunteer programs are always popular and sure to fill up quickly over busy periods!

Volunteer in an animal shelter in Athens that provides a safe space for abandoned and rescued dogs and cats. Help care for, feed, socialize and look after these dogs and cats so that they can find a new and loving home.

Support local NGOs that help refugees and asylum seekers upskill, secure steady employment and integrate into Greek society in a community center in Athens.

Volunteer with NGOs in Athens involved in causes such as social inclusion and environmental conservation. Help develop online presence and marketing materials for local NGOs using your creative and technological skills!

Help make fashion more sustainable by volunteering in Athens, Greece. You'll be helping recycle and upcycle clothes with local non-profits that employ refugees and survivors of human trafficking.

Help the homeless in Athens by volunteering with NGOs that provide aid and basic services to vulnerable people living on the streets.

Improve the quality of life for those with special needs in an activity center in Athens. Help provide a safe space for disabled children to learn, grow and have fun through creative and enjoyable activities.

Help run arts and sports activities for young refugees in a host center in Athens. Provide a safe space for young people to socialize, express themselves, think creatively and learn new skills.

Recommendation from Molly

Recommended by Molly

IVHQ Travel Expert

“Animal Care, because who doesn’t love helping dogs! This would be my first recommendation as this project is a great opportunity for dog lovers to help care for, feed, and socialize dogs so that they can find a new and loving home. Homeless Support is also a great option as it’s a fantastic way for volunteers to get involved with outreach activities first hand by distributing meals etc. and seeing the positive impact you are having on the homeless populations you’re supporting.”

NEW Volunteer Projects in Galapagos Islands

NEW Volunteer Projects in Galapagos Islands

IVHQ has recently launched a new volunteer program in the Galapagos Islands! Most of the animals that live on this volcanic island archipelago cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. This includes the oldest vertebrates on Earth, Giant Tortoises, which you can help conserve on one of our projects!

Being based at a National Park and World Heritage site, IVHQ’s Galapagos program is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and help support important conservation initiatives. Whether you care about protecting endangered wildlife or improving access to education, there are a variety of ways you can support conservation and community development in this tropical island paradise. Check out your project options below!

This is a unique project that enables volunteers to gain digital marketing and social media experience within the conservation field. You'll help raise awareness of the sustainable development activities taking place in the Galapagos National Park, while contributing towards the protection of this incredible place.

Help to conserve one of the world's most biodiverse National Parks! Help protect the Galapagos Island's unique and fragile ecosystems through a variety of conservation, sustainable tourism, and community development initiatives.

Help conserve the famous and sadly endangered Galapagos Giant Tortoise. You'll care for these magnificent creatures at a breeding center in the Galapagos National Park and raise awareness of important conservation activities that helps protect these tortoises in the Galapagos.

Help conserve endangered sea turtles in the Galapagos National Park. Support nesting and hatching activities by collecting data, patrolling beaches, monitoring nests, identifying species, and more! This project is only available from January to the end of May.

Learn local agriculture techniques and work towards a more sustainable future for the Galapagos Islands and its inhabitants. You'll be based in the lush tropical highlands of Isabela Island.

Help local people improve their English language skills by teaching in the Galapagos Islands. In a place that relies heavily on tourism, you’ll be helping local children progress at school and supporting local adults to secure long term employment.

Recommendation from Kaila

Recommended by Kaila

IVHQ Travel Expert

“I’d recommend the program because it’s an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to dive head first into conservation efforts, and connect with some of the oldest animals on the planet. It’s also a chance to enjoy that digital detox we all need in a remote location, where spare time activities include snorkeling with sea turtles and getting up close and personal with an active volcano.”

NEW Conservation Volunteer Projects

NEW Conservation Volunteer Projects

The rapidly changing climate is already having a devastating impact on ecosystems and wildlife all over the world, and we’re here to do something about it! IVHQ declared a climate emergency in 2021 and as part of that declaration, we committed to opening more conservation and climate action projects.

Whether wildlife conservation is a cause close to your heart, or sustainable farming and forest conservation is where you want to dedicate your efforts, there are so many ways you can help. By volunteering on one of IVHQ’s Conservation projects, you’ll be helping create a healthier planet while protecting all the wonderful creatures that call it home!

Contribute to bear conservation in the beautiful wilderness of Croatia. Help protect bear populations and conserve the surrounding environment at a sanctuary.

Want to help tackle climate change in Rome? Support local NGOs with tree planting initiatives, raise awareness of the climate disaster and help bring the local community together to promote social inclusion and unity.

Help youth get involved in agriculture and develop an interest in farming, beekeeping, soap making, paper making and other skills which may help generate future income opportunities.

Conserve elephant populations by looking after rescued, old and injured elephants at a sanctuary in Chitwan. You'll also help educate local schools, communities and international travelers about the challenges elephants face for tourism.

Contribute to wild animal conservation in the countryside of Portugal by helping protect lynx, eagles, wolves, brown bears and other animals at a wildlife park in Miranda do Corvo.

Support local conservation initiatives such as tree planting, and help educate the local community on important environmental issues.

Recommendation from Merran

Recommended by Merran

IVHQ Travel Expert

“I would absolutely recommend the sustainable agriculture project. You can connect with nature, learn about local food, and how the crops are grown. The local community, especially the kids, are always the favorite part of this project as they are always popping by to see what the volunteers are up to, and asking questions. This project also helps teach skills to help the local youth create income potential.”

NEW Animal Care Volunteer Projects

NEW Animal Care Volunteer Projects

We know our volunteers have big hearts - especially when it comes to our four-legged furry friends! Our Animal Care volunteer projects always get a lot of love from our international volunteer community. From rehoming stranded dogs to taking care of abandoned kittens and more, these projects are crucial to improving the welfare of animals around the globe!

Based on popular request, we’ve launched a few more opportunities to volunteer with animals in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Care for rescued animals at a small farm that provides a safe outdoor space for disadvantaged children from Cordoba.

Help rescue and care for abandoned cats and dogs in need at shelters in Siem Reap or Phnom Penh.

Support local vet clinics, horse therapy centers and animal welfare organizations to provide hands-on care and companionship to abandoned dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals.

Help out at a local animal shelter for dogs and cats, providing the animals with medical treatment and companionship, while raising awareness of abandonment.

Help out at a local animal shelter by caring for abandoned cats and dogs and improving their quality of life through nurturing and play.

Help care for abandoned, lost or injured cats and dogs at an animal shelter in Thailand. By keeping the animals active and healthy, you'll help them find a new loving home.

Recommendation from Sammy

Recommended by Sammy

IVHQ Travel Expert

“I’d recommend the Animal Care project in Athens! On this project, you’ll not only care for lost and abandoned dogs, but you’ll also get to be involved in their journey of finding a forever home. Your days will be varied and busy; from feeding and socializing, to supporting adoption events or assisting with searching for adoption families, there is so much to get involved in to be able to make a difference.”

NEW Volunteer Projects in Africa

NEW Volunteer Projects in Africa

Volunteering in Africa is a popular choice for a good reason - you have so many opportunities to help communities that value your support while experiencing a culture and community unlike any other. Help with cleaning, feeding, and caring for injured turtles or see or help protect wildlife at one of Africa’s biggest game reserves - these are just a couple of new options for you to choose from!

Help out at a local animal shelter by caring for abandoned cats and dogs and improving their quality of life through nurturing and play.

Incredible experiences await as a volunteer preserving iconic African wildlife in South Africa's spectacular Kruger National Park. You’ll help local conservationists with a range of protection and research activities.

Get involved in important renovation and building projects in kindergartens, childcare centers, schools and other community spaces in Arusha. By helping improve infrastructure in Tanzania, you'll be supporting the learning and development of local people.

Help improve sustainable farming techniques within the local community in Tanzania. Support local farmers, educate families on how to grow their own food and get involved in community outreach work around Arusha.

Help protect Zanzibar's rainforest as well as some of its most endangered species, including the Red Colobus Monkeys, snakes, lizards, tortoises and chameleons. You’ll also tackle coastal erosion on the island and provide environmental education to local children so that these initiatives can continue for future generations to come.

Help support the conservation of endangered marine life and coral reefs in Zanzibar. Assist marine biologists at a turtle hatchery and with coastal conservation efforts, such as monitoring and protecting the reef.

Recommendation from Mariana

Recommended by Mariana

IVHQ Travel Expert

“If you are passionate about nature, enjoy working outdoors and don't mind some physical work and getting your hands dirty, the Wildlife Conservation project located at Kruger Park should be on your bucket list. Not only will you be part of a team working on protecting animal species in the African savannah, as you will also have the unique experience of living and working in a private game reserve where you have the opportunity to see wildlife everyday during game safaris.”

NEW Medical Volunteer Projects

NEW Medical Volunteer Projects

Medical volunteers are always welcome at IVHQ - the impact that you will have on the people in the community you choose to support cannot be underestimated! Helping increase access to education around healthcare goes a long way towards helping to improve the health and wellbeing of people from under-resourced communities.

Help provide basic healthcare to people who otherwise wouldn't have access in slums in Buenos Aires. Gain hands-on medical experience by assisting regular medical campaigns that aim to widen the reach of public health in Argentina.

Volunteer in dental clinics or community centers to provide access to essential dental care to underserved communities in San José, Costa Rica.

A medical project with a difference. This is a one week roving medical campaign, visiting rural communities and helping to provide malaria treatment and prevention, as well education around nutrition, sexual health and hygiene.

Volunteer in dental or health clinics to help improve access to important dental care for underserved communities in Guatemala.

Volunteer as a physical therapist in local clinics, observing and assisting professionals to help improve patient care.

Assist local dentists, hygienists, orthodontists, and their patients in dental and health clinics within low income communities.

Recommendation from Scotia

Recommended by Scotia

IVHQ Travel Expert

“The new Physical Therapy project in India - Kerala is a one-of-a-kind project that IVHQ now has available! This is a fantastic opportunity for those physical therapy or occupational therapy students looking to contribute their time & effort as an IVHQ volunteer, while gaining some amazing experiences in Kerala's top-ranking healthcare system.”

NEW Community Volunteer Projects

NEW Community Volunteer Projects

Are you a people-person and want to make a difference in the day-to-day lives of others? Our diverse range of Community Development volunteer projects are full of volunteers just like you, who want to help improve access to education, upskill locals in areas like technology, or help out with feeding the homeless or supporting youth development.

Our newest community-focused projects have identified volunteer opportunities where you can make a world of difference. Feel the joy of giving back, knowing that you will leave a lasting impact on the community, even after you return home.

Volunteer in local schools in Battambang for students aged between 5-18 years old. Assist a local teacher in English lessons to help improve higher education and career prospects for local children.

This is an amazing opportunity for 16 and 17 year olds wanting to volunteer in Costa Rica during the summer. The Teen Volunteer Summer Camp is fully chaperoned and includes an exciting fusion of community volunteering, cultural activities, sports, Spanish language lessons, and tourism activities.

Assist in a local NGO working across a range of humanitarian and environmental initiatives, such as social inclusion, anti-racism, animal protection and environmental conservation.

Volunteer in local NGOs facilitating language lessons for a range of community members including children, youth, adults and the elderly.

Volunteer with youth in Rome and help at after-school programs for young people from disadvantaged communities run by local NGOs.

Help to redistribute unused food from local supermarkets to vulnerable communities throughout Barcelona.

Cook for and socialize with young refugees and migrants at a host center in Barcelona to help them learn English, connect with different cultures, and integrate into Spanish society.

Help care for and educate local children at childhood development centers and kindergartens. Pass on valuable English language skills to the kids, which can later open the doors to many employment opportunities for them.

Improve the standard of living for local people by helping build or renovate important community spaces that bring people together, such as temples, hospitals, schools, and housing.

Recommendation from Mariana

Recommended by Mariana

IVHQ Travel Expert

“It might seem a small task, but the impact is big! The Construction and Renovation project in Tanzania is a great opportunity to improve the living conditions of people in Arusha. From building a fence at the childcare centre to painting a classroom at a local school, volunteers bring their skills and willingness to help promote dignity, safety and long-term solutions for the local community.”

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