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How To Volunteer Abroad As A Couple


Volunteer abroad as a couple with IVHQ

Looking for couples volunteer opportunities? Couples volunteering abroad promises adventure and challenging experiences, all while learning so much more about each other than you could do back home. Chances are you already know each other pretty well, which means you’ll be able to make a powerful volunteer duo and be able to maximize your teamwork and compassion to help a community in need.

Whether you’re interested in mission trips for married couples (volunteer honeymoon anyone?!), or just looking for volunteer ideas for couples, we’ve got your #relationshipgoals covered. I can tell you it’s an experience like no other. I volunteered abroad with my girlfriend on the Kenya program with IVHQ and our volunteer journey was one that we’ll both never forget. In fact, she’s now my wife!

Read on to find out what we learned, or jump straight to what you want to know about volunteer vacations for couples:

Couples volunteer opportunities with IVHQ

Why should you volunteer abroad as a couple?

  • You’ll see the best in each other: We discovered (and re-discovered) all the attributes that we were attracted to when we first met each other. Volunteering exposes you to situations that demand compassion and empathy - all things you want to see in your partner!
  • You’ll realize you are stronger together: We felt safe together, we avoided feeling homesick, and we shared the travel costs. Having a volunteer partner also gave us a confidence boost in times of need, and we always had someone to rely on, while becoming someone to rely on!
  • You’ll push each other outside your comfort zones: We encouraged each other to meet new people, try new foods and experience all we could. Volunteering abroad as a couple meant we had to work through any challenges, while at the same time making life-long memories and friends!
  • Communication will seem a breeze after traveling together: You’ve tackled coordinating dinners, synced social calendars and battled over who will do the dishes but that’s nothing on traveling and volunteering abroad as a duo! Try navigating unknown streets when you have the most basic understanding of the spoken language and naturally one of you will think you should go right, the other left! It’ll test your grasp on the building blocks of communication - listening is key, as is being honest about your feelings and communicating them clearly! But don’t worry somehow it all works out, you’ll laugh about the moments where you had epic fails.
  • Couples that volunteer together, stay together: Before we started our journey, I remember being told that if we were able to travel and volunteer together, then our relationship was meant to be - kind of like the ultimate relationship test. Fast forward to today, we’ve been married for eight years and have three children together, so I’m thinking that advice was right.

Travel and volunteer as a couple with IVHQ

How do you volunteer abroad as a couple?

Choosing a volunteer program is the first step, and an important one to get right as it will impact your overall experience. It’s also your first test. It’ll test how you work together and communicate, and highlight the importance of the give-and-take attitude that is a must when traveling with someone else. Work together on choosing a country and culture you’re both interested in. Consider what skills and interests you both have. What activities do you want to fill your IVHQ weekends with? What level of comfort do you want to experience as you volunteer and travel abroad together?

Figuring out these things will help guide your research and support you in finding a program that will meet your expectations and make your time abroad a worthwhile and rewarding experience for both you, your partner and the community that you will be immersed in. Here are the steps you need to take to make your volunteer journey a success:

Step One: What countries and cultures appear on your bucket lists?

It’s normal for you to have a different set of countries that you want to explore from your partner. IVHQ has couples volunteer opportunities in 40+ countries around the world - so you’re bound to find a destination that’s perfect for both of you! Each write down your top volunteer abroad destinations, and include details of which weekend activities and tours interest you. Then compare your lists. There’s a high chance you’ll find lots of similarities which should help narrow your choices down!

Planning to volunteer abroad as a couple with IVHQ

Step Two: What are your skills and interests?

IVHQ’s volunteer abroad programs offer multiple projects ranging from Teaching to Elderly Care, and Childcare to Conservation. Now you’ll decide to either choose a project together or split up during the volunteer day onto different projects. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, all dependent on whether you both crave a bit of independence, or whether you want to experience volunteering abroad together. We chose the latter and were both placed in a small school in the heart of Maasai land, working together every day.

If you decide to take on different projects, just note that you may be required to live close by to the project location, meaning you may be based in separate accommodation.

Start your selection process together by browsing our volunteering destinations and discover which projects are available in each country.

Volunteer as a couple abroad in South America with IVHQ

Step Three: What living arrangements do you prefer?

The living arrangements differ between all IVHQ programs, and this can make accommodation an important factor in narrowing down service opportunities for married couples. Are you both happy to sleep in mixed dormitory-style volunteer houses? Or are you more interested being accommodated in a room at a home-stay with a local family, or do you want a private room together?

Most couples like the experience of being hosted in a local homestay, with many host families being able to accommodate a couple in a private room. When applying to volunteer with IVHQ, ensure you make a note of your preferred living arrangements.

IVHQ programs that offer homestay accommodation include:

For couples that require an extra level of comfort, numerous IVHQ programs also offer accommodation upgrades to either a private room, a hotel close to the volunteer accommodation, or in the case of Bali, a private villa.

Here’s a selection of IVHQ volunteer programs that offer accommodation upgrades for couples:

Oversees trips for couples with IVHQ

From here you should be ready to apply and begin your adventure! Remember that communication is key. Keeping talking with each other, keep motivating each other and keep enjoying yourselves.

You never know where the volunteering journey will take you as a couple… If it’s anything like my experience you could soon find yourselves volunteering as a family with IVHQ!

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