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Best Remote Internships to Make a Difference From Home

8 Best Remote Internships to Make a Difference From Home

The global pandemic has impacted all of us, especially the most vulnerable populations. We may feel helpless stuck indoors, but there are still ways to make a difference to the people and places that need it most. This is the time to stand together as a community, build innovative solutions, mobilize collective action, and take comfort in the fact that we can and we will help each other get through this.

Remote Internships as a force for good

With the launch of Intern Abroad HQ’s social impact internships, we no longer have to leave our homes to make a difference. We are living in an age where technology allows us to increase access to healthcare, preserve wildlife, support NGOs or help disadvantaged youth around the globe - all from our laptops!

As a division of IVHQ, Intern Abroad HQ offers a wide range of remote internships that enable you to serve and support communities that can benefit from your skills and experience online. This provides a unique opportunity to forge new connections and professional relationships within cutting-edge international organizations, while exploring your field of study or career path and contributing positive solutions on a variety of real-life projects.

Whether you’re after a summer remote internship for 2021 or you’re looking to make a global impact at a later date, these remote internships provide a meaningful alternative to study abroad programs that have been canceled. Here’s our pick of the best social impact internships to empower you to make a difference from home:

Support local communities with Social Work out of Tanzania

Social Work Remote Internship out of Tanzania

Assist social workers at a community center with online projects to support local youths on this virtual internship out of Tanzania. The center provides counselling services, workshops on education, health, self esteem, human rights, basic business and financial skills, and provides a safe space for young people to socialize.

As an online social work intern, you could be helping with case management, writing reports, working on strategies and future planning for the center, social media activities, contributing to workshop and seminar design, and fundraising campaigns.

Protect dolphins with Marine Mammals Research & Conservation out of Greece

Marine Mammals Research & Conservation Remote Internship out of Greece

Protect Cetaceans and marine mammals, such as dolphins, on this online internship with a non-profit NGO out of Greece. You’ll support photo identification and marine conservation activities to help conserve the highly intelligent and magnificent marine mammals of the region.

As a remote intern, you’ll monitor the population of dolphins in the Aegean Sea using drones, assessing changes in pod structure and map creation using GIS. By analyzing and interpreting environmental data, you’ll be helping to inform vital local conservation and environmental management strategies.

Celebrate cultural diversity with Multicultural Media out of Ireland

Multicultural Media Remote Internship out of Ireland

Support immigrants and newcomers to Ireland by making them feel welcome and celebrating cultural diversity on this multimedia virtual internship. This organization runs radio shows, a resourceful website and various social media platforms to help people who are adjusting to a new life within the country.

As an online media intern, you’ll be using these platforms to give multiculturalism a voice in the form of current affairs, lifestyle, tips on living in Ireland, podcasts, music and, of course, culture. You’ll bring this to life by assisting with SEO, digital marketing, blog writing, web design, journalism, editing, and more.

Improve mental health support with Psychology out of Spain

Psychology Remote Internship out of Spain

Improve mental health support and promote individual empowerment, while working to increase access to psychological treatments and services on a remote internship out of Spain. This cutting-edge clinic is working on innovative online services, including a virtual therapist, to help patients build self-esteem and develop techniques to manage stress and emotion from their mobile phones.

As a virtual intern, you’ll be working alongside a multidisciplinary team of psychologists to shadow online consultations, support ongoing studies and research on the use of virtual reality in clinical practice and develop self-guided psychological interventions, resources and tools for an App.

Champion human rights with Law & NGO Support out of Tanzania

Law & NGO Support Remote Internship out of Tanzania

Join a law firm or NGO to provide invaluable services to local people and become an advocate for human rights on this virtual internship out of Tanzania. These organizations offer free legal advice for local communities, create educational material to raise awareness about public rights and aim to combat corruption in the region.

As an online law intern, you can expect to assist with writing reports, preparing legal documents and court documents, writing content for websites, social media upkeep, newsletter production, and contribution to fundraising campaigns. This helps to educate local people on laws and responsibilities, as well as supporting them to secure fundamental human rights.

Support startups with Marketing & Communications out of Japan

Marketing & Communications Remote Internship out of Japan

Make your mark in cutting-edge startups out of the fast-paced, innovative tech hub of Tokyo on this virtual internship. Many startup companies in Japan have a global mindset, being oriented toward foreign markets and international sales, making them open to the mutually beneficial online exchange of ideas.

As a remote marketing intern, you can assist with social media marketing, blog writing, contributions to website text in the English language, translations, search engine optimization, sales support, market research, and other business development activities.

Increase access to financial services with Microfinance out of Tanzania

Microfinance Remote Internship out of Tanzania

Provide financial services to populations with limited means on this unique virtual internship out of Tanzania. Microfinance organizations provide many Tanzanians with the means to finance their projects, educate their children, and even gain insurance.

As an online finance intern, you’ll make a meaningful difference to the local community by contributing through the production and preparation of educational workshops and presentations, assisting with business planning of small scale entrepreneurs, and other administrative tasks of enterprises.

Raise awareness of conservation with Creative Design & Marketing out of Greece

Creative Design & Marketing Remote Internship out of Greece

Raise awareness of environmental challenges and engage others to take action on this online internship with a highly respected marine conservation NGO out of Greece. The goal is to use media to build relationships with the local community and general public, which is fundamental to inspiring positive change.

As a remote design and marketing intern, you’ll be creating content on biodiversity, environmental conservation and public health issues through various platforms, with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging conservation efforts.

Looking to plan something exciting for the future?

If you’re after an internship overseas or a volunteer abroad program, we offer a range of flexible payment options so you can book your future trip with confidence. Get in touch with one of our Meaningful Travel Specialists to get planning today!

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