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10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With IVHQ

Ten things you never knew you could do with IVHQ

Are you considering volunteering abroad? With volunteer programs in more than 40 countries and over 200 project options - there are endless possibilities and it’s understandable that there may be a few things you didn’t know about. So here is a selection of things you never knew you could do with IVHQ…

1. Learn to surf or skate on the Table View program in South Africa

Grab a board and either hit the pavement or the waves! There’s no prior experience needed here, you just need to be enthusiastic and willing to learn. The main aim of the Surf, Skate and Swim project in South Africa is to keep the children occupied and off the streets after school, while providing them with confidence-building activities. You will help teach valuable life lessons and teamwork through adventure! ​You do need to be a competent swimmer.

Volunteer in South Africa with IVHQ

2. Take Tango lessons in Argentina, or pick up Salsa in Guatemala

Move those feet! With 8 volunteer project options in Argentina and 11 volunteer projects in Guatemala, you can find the perfect project to give back on during the day, and in your free time - dance the night away!

Learn to tango in Argentina while volunteering with IVHQ

3. Learn to dive in Portugal while cleaning up the marine environment

Volunteers on the Environmental Scuba Diving project in Portugal have the opportunity to help with underwater clean-up efforts focused on the protection of the marine ecosystem. As part of the Environmental Scuba Diving project, volunteers complete internationally recognized PADI diving certifications. The certifications that you will complete depend on your current diving experience as well as your chosen program duration. The courses range from Open Water Diver through to Speciality Navigation.

Learn to dive in Portugal with IVHQ

4. Fulfil your language course requirements on the Spanish Service Learning course

The course is available to IVHQ volunteers in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru - Cusco. The purpose of the Spanish Service Learning Course is to foster a sense of civic responsibility and community, to expose students to local culture and language, and to create an opportunity for students to broaden their global perspective and identity.

Gain course credit volunteering with IVHQ

5. Be part of a Kava ceremony in Fiji

Authentic Fijian life is something that most who visit the country don’t ever get to glimpse. Volunteers on the IVHQ Fiji program are fortunate to experience a traditional kava ceremony as part of their orientation. It’s an unfiltered and raw insight into the traditions and customs of Fijian people and the community you will be working within.

Volunteer in Fiji with IVHQ and experience the culture

6. Teach in a Maasai school

Volunteering on the Teaching - Maasai project in Kenya is an experience like no other. Giraffes, gazelles and dik-diks often wander freely across the school grounds and it is not unusual for wild animals to burrow holes through the school field overnight.

Teach in a Maasai school with IVHQ

7. Experience Ramadan in Morocco

Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. While fasting from dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinking liquids. As a volunteer on the Ramadan project in Morocco, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience Ramadan in a Muslim culture, while giving back to the community you are immersed in.

Experience Ramadan as an IVHQ volunteer

8. Learn to drum in Ghana

The local team in Ghana is passionate about getting volunteers involved in the culture and community. This is best illustrated by the fact that almost every volunteer will go home having at the very least attempted to keep a beat on a drum. What’s your sense of rhythm like? If you are any good, you can even venture into the local markets and get your own custom drum made.

Experience Ghana as an IVHQ volunteer

9. Be immersed in Romanian culture and learn to make traditional cheese

Cheese!!! The only thing that makes cheese better is pairing it with culture! You’ll learn the traditional art of cheese making from a Shepard during the one-week language and cultural orientation on the Romania volunteer program. Volunteers are provided with an introduction to Romania, Transylvania, Szekelyfold and Harghita county and an introduction to the program staff and procedures. You’ll cover practical information such as safety issues, transportation, customs and traditions, while also visiting Praid salt mines, exploring Bran castle OR Peles castle, wandering through Brasov city centre, visiting Gyimes valley and hiking through Romania’s breathtaking natural landscapes.

Volunteer in Romania with IVHQ

10. Find your inner zen while giving back and getting your yoga teacher certification

Make your volunteer abroad trip the ultimate personal development experience and come out the other end not only a better version of yourself but with a certification that you can use when you return home. You can volunteer and gain your yoga teaching certification in Costa Rica, Guatemala or Peru!

Get your yoga certification and volunteer abroad with IVHQ

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