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Volunteer Reviews

Elisabeth van Veggel
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 22
Program: Guatemala
Project: Animal Care/Animal Rights
Date: July 2011 - 4 Weeks

My experience has been great here in Guatemala and your partner organization is fantastic. Our time was definitely appreciated and the experience worthwhile. Accomodation was great and the food was amazing. Fees were very fair and I would most definitely recommend this program to others.

Suzanne Harley
Nationality: British
Age: 27
Program: Kenya
Project: Orphanage Work
Date: April 2010 - 1 week

I have volunteered with IVHQ 3 times now and constantly recommend you to people! The local staff were really good and helpful with pick ups and arranging things for us. Thank you yet again for a truly memorable experience, I can’t fault IVHQ and can’t wait to book the next trip for this time next year!

Sam Sherman
Nationality: British
Age: 18
Program: Kenya
Project: Teaching - Maasai
Date: September 2011 - 3 Weeks

The local staff were incredible. They were fantastic and extremely friendly, more than I expected. They were flawless for me. The orientation was good and prepared us very well, My project was so much more than I expected, perfect for me! My host family was amazing and the accomodation excellent, I have no complaints whatsoever This was an amazing experience and one I will certainly pay to do again in coming years, thankyou!

Emma White
Nationality: British
Age: 31
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Slum Teaching
Date: November 2013 - 5 weeks

My favourite moment(s) are to many to list, some include the kids beaming smiles, especially little Gungun in our class, finally getting Veent to smile for the camera, having Ankit in his seat and not dancing for more than 20 minutes, giving the kids from the whole school a Christmas present, arranging for a Dr to visit the school and carry out a health check of all the children, watching the kids teach Dan how to play kabadi, him being out in 2 mins and still having no idea how to play! Volunteering is full of amazing and favourite moments and I really hope I don't forget any of them.
I would recommend the programme to others, it is an amazing experience for anyone to have.

Alexander Marshall
Nationality: Australian
Age: 26
Program: Nepal
Project: Orphanage Work
Date: March 2012 - 12 weeks

So far I've had a wonderful time here in Nepal, the first three days were magic and the people in the hotel were very friendly and helpful. I also enjoyed the company of the other volunteers and had a lot of fun touring around. I am now settled into my first homestay and the family is very nice.

Alison Sigrist
Nationality: American
Age: 27
Program: Peru - Cusco
Project: Childcare Work
Date: July 2013 - 1 week

Answers to my questions always came very promptly and graciously from IVHQ.
My host family was wonderful and served us lovely meals and prepared packed lunches for us which was really helpful. I would have liked to get to know them even more.
My favorite part was spending time with girls at the orphanage.
Thank you for the opportunity to travel and serve at the same time!

Kellie Seccull
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21
Program: Nepal
Project: Orphanage Work
Date: June 2012 - 4 weeks

Everything has been great so far - the staff here could not be more helpful and we met some of the kids at the orphanage yesterday, I am very excited to be starting my placement today.
It's my first time overseas alone but with IVHQ I haven't felt worried at all. I am trying to take as many photos as possible so that I can share them on the Facebook page when I get home.
Thanks again for checking in, and for looking after me so well.

Tiffany Barnes-Huggins
Nationality: Caribbean-Canadian
Age: 21
Program: Guatemala
Project: Orphanage/Childcare
Date: May 2010 - 3 weeks

It is going really well, Im finally learning my way around Antigua to get to work and school. The orphanage where I work is very sad because all of the children are disabled either mentally or physically and I wasnt really expecting that, but it is a tremendous learning experience and despite their misfortunes, the children and young men and women still have the capacity to find joy in the little things (such as the daily visits from various volunteers). The family I stay with is absolutely wonderful as well as the other volunteers that are also staying in the same house.

Whitney Williams
Nationality: American
Age: 20
Program: Peru - Cusco
Project: Teaching English
Date: May 2011 - 4 Weeks

Thanks for checking in with me. Everything is going very well. I´m glad I´ve adjusted quickly here in Perú and that I know Spanish. Volunteering has always been a part of my life and I have found it to be especially rewarding in another country. My experience has been a bit different since I´m teaching English at an all-girls school that has never had volunteers before. It´s been a bit hectic figuring out a schedule that works with all the teachers since I´ve been teaching over 400 students (with 3 other volunteers) but so rewarding. It´s amazing to see the enthusiasm the kids have when we walk into the classroom and to see their eyes light up when they learn a new word. I´ve also found the Tandem exchange program very meaningful because my partner (with whom I was paired) practices his English and I my Spanish while he shows me around Cusco. I feel like through him, I am getting to know the real Cusco and not just what´s easily available to tourists. I´ve also had plenty of free time, which is such an advantage; I can do what I want to do and immerse myself in the Peruvian culture. Being in another country is intimidating but one of the most rewarding things one can ever do, especially when it includes volunteering. That way, you´re not just another tourist but someone who wants to help make the world a better place.

Laura Pullen
Nationality: British
Age: 19
Program: Ghana
Project: Orphanage Work
Date: July 2010 - 4 Weeks

The month I spent in Ghana was no doubt the best experience of my life. I know that sounds like a cliché, but really, the programme will affect you in ways you didn’t think it could. This testimonial will not do it justice! I met some amazing people and completely fell in love with Ghana.

The children are an inspiration - to see how little they have, but how happy they are. Coming home you realise just how much unnecessary emphasis is placed on material things.

There is not a bad word that I could say about IVHQ. Jamie was great and very quick in answering any questions I had prior to my trip. I could not possibly write this testimonial without mentioning Eddie and Eric (IVHQ Ghana staff). They are amazing people and truly care about the programme. They put everything they have into it to make sure it’s a success. Not only did they want to make sure we were comfortable, but that the kids were well too. They were so helpful and were always calling us or making visits to the volunteer house to make sure everything was running smoothly.

A massive thank you to IVHQ! :)