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Volunteer Abroad Reviews

Nick Mask
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 19
Program: Kenya
Project: Teaching - Maasai
Date: September 2014 - 12 weeks

My favourite moment came from the connection that I made with the students and teachers at my school. I was also able to see myself grow and make connections to other experiences. I learnt so much as my trip progressed.

Lorena Chaidez
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 23
Program: Costa Rica
Project: Special Education
Date: November 2014 - 1 week

I feel like volunteering placed my outside of my comfort zone and it definitely made me grow. Volunteering also gave me a chance to really do things I wouldn't normally do =) I loved my accommodation! Daysi and her family treated me as if I was part of their family and I felt like I was! I will totally come back and know that I have a great family to stay with =) Thank you IVHQ for such a life changing experience!

Seth Easley
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Program: China
Project: Special Needs/Childcare
Date: September 2014 - 12 weeks

My favourite part of my volunteer experience was being in Weinan. I can see where it may be hard for some volunteers but I really liked being one of only two volunteers in the entire city. We really felt like we were becoming part of the community and made some good friends with the locals. I don't think I could of achieved that level of connection in Xi’an. I can't put a price on being completely immersed in another culture and feeling like part of the community.

Alejandra Alonso
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 20
Program: Tanzania
Project: Teaching
Date: July 2013 - 20 weeks

Teaching in Tanzania made me realize what major I wanted to study, and it made me want to go on more volunteer trips. My time teaching the kids was my amazing, especially when we took them on a field trip and taught them how to swim - it as incredible and I would love to do it again. I loved my 5 months in Arusha.  I got to know a lot of the places and a lot of the culture. I learned a lot of Swahili - I can speak basic conversation fluently, and I was able to understand a lot of things by the end of my trip. It was really hard to let my kids go, but it made me want to go back someday.

Liz Jackson
Nationality: British
Age: 57
Program: India - Dharamsala
Project: Health
Date: September 2014 - 6 weeks

My project was suitable, interesting and thought provoking! My placement was very different from my practice back home so I feel I gained immensely from my time in Bir. I helped with the annual TB screening of school children which helped the doctor enormously, as she would otherwise have done this on her own. I’m already planning my next volunteering project!  Thank you for providing so many opportunities worldwide.  I took early retirement in August so have lots of plans for volunteering in the next few years. I had been a little apprehensive about being older than most of the volunteers and whether or not I'd be accepted but, no problem whatsoever! 

Jingying Chan
Nationality: Singaporean
Age: 30
Program: Cambodia
Project: Childcare
Date: November 2014 - 2 weeks

Talking to the locals and hearing stories from their past was simply incredible. I loved hot the local community is helping each other get back on their feet in the face of adversity and immense challenges. The kids were just amazing and full of life, they deserve a chance to go to school and do so much more. Now that I've learned about their background and needs, I'll definitely spread the word back home. 

Kayla Andrews
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Program: Ecuador
Project: Street Children Work
Date: September 2014 - 4 weeks

I was in Ecuador for 4 weeks through IVHQ and I loved the partner organization were extremely attentive, friendly, and helpful to all of the volunteers. I absolutely loved living in the volunteer house. Being in the communal environment with other volunteers, but also having our own host family, was awesome! The street children project was 4 days a week, all day. It was such an incredible experience seeing parts of Quito no tourists step foot into and connecting with these children. I also did part time Administration support. This part requires a lot of self motivation, as you get to choose from a variety of project options and it's up to you to complete your task. Lots of independence. The partner organisation were always there to help, but you were not micromanaged. On the weekends a lot of the volunteers traveled around Ecuador, which is such a stunning country. I would totally suggest this program for anybody that loves to be with and around people, explore, and be challenged in new environments.

Claire Ryan
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Program: Peru - Lima
Project: Teaching English
Date: September 2014 - 11 weeks

I was overwhelmed with how appreciative my students were when I left. They threw me a small party, and my younger classes all responded with a "nooo" when I said it was my last day. This community really wants to learn English and they have no other way of doing so, so your time is beyond appreciated to them. I loved the volunteer house. The food was always amazing and the cook was very nice and always let me come help if I wanted to. Lidia was always worried if you were enjoying yourself and always tried to make sure you had a good time. I was happily surprised at the living standards. We had hot water, a comfortable, clean living space, and an ideal "hangout" area where we could watch tv or visit with the other volunteers. As bittersweet as my last day was, I think it was one of my favorites. I always knew that my students wanted to learn english and appreciated me for helping me reach this goal, but I never realized how much they appreciated it.

Emma Matton-Johnson
Nationality: Australian
Age: 24
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Childcare
Date: October 2014 - 4 weeks

Overall I had an amazing volunteering experience with IVHQ in India. It has been challenged but spending time with the children was a lot of fun. I had a great time, I have learnt lots, made new friends and memories. Thanks for everything!

Claudia Rojas
Nationality: Colombian
Age: 24
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Slum Teaching
Date: October 2014 - 8 weeks

It has been an amazing experience I must say the first day was a bit overwhelming but I could understand the culture very easy. It was my dream to come here and being able to help others was so good. The food, the people, the weather, everything was different for me. The school, the kids and everything was new but I learned a lot. I loved the experience of having a homestay with an Indian family where I could watch and learn more from the Indian culture and food! I loved travelling on weekends with other volunteers. India is so big and so beautiful.