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Volunteer Reviews

Eleanor Inglis
Nationality: Australia
Age: 21
Program: Thailand
Project: Teaching English
Date: January 2009

The fees are INCREDIBLY fair when you compare them to what you receive! There were other volunteers we met who went through other companies who paid double, if not more, than we did. They are furious and are going to be complaining. Hence, I was very very appreciative of the fees and fantastic service i recieved from IVHQ. I seemed to get much better service for much lower fees. IVHQ is fantastic value and service. I cant wait to do another program, hopefully next year!!!

Kristin Kauffman
Nationality: American
Age: 30
Program: Nepal
Project: Teaching English
Date: November 2011 - 2 weeks

The website is very good and easy to read. It looks legitimate and I didn't get any bad or uneasy feelings from the content or structure of the website. I felt really good with the staff too, they always responded right away and were very friendly and understanding with any questions or concerns. The local staff in Nepal were goo too. They did a good job of showing us and explaining local tourist sites and culture information! 

Sena Fukumoto
Nationality: Japanese
Age: 21
Program: Argentina
Project: Community Development
Date: February 2014 - 3 weeks

The meals were excellent and the care provided by hosts exceeded my expectations by far. They created such friendly and comfortable environment, which really contributed to the quality of my experience in Argentina. My favorite moments were the times I spent getting to know the country/local community. Communicating in Spanish with the local people, including the staff members and the hosts was challenging but absolutely exciting. I also loved getting to know the fellow volunteers, and sharing our process of discovering Villa Allende, Cordoba and Argentinian culture. I would recommend it to others, especially if they were interested in improving their Spanish and getting to know Argentina. Overall, it was a great experience and I would like to thank IVHQ for everything they have done for me. Please continue the good work, I strongly believe what you are doing can change lives and make a difference in the world.

Andrea Tapia
Nationality: Mexican
Age: 35
Program: Nepal
Project: Teaching English
Date: June 2012 - 4 weeks

Overall, the experience was amazing and I do not regret making the decision of volunteering. It was very different from what I had imagined and I really learned a lot of myself and of others. What you make of the experience depends on your openness and flexibility; it is hard at first because you are trying to understand to Nepali culture (I don’t think you ever understand it but you get used to it).
Having to develop a relationship with children who did not speak or understand English was really hard and challenging but also really rewarding. You need to express yourself (thoughts and feelings) in a different way and without words and being able to do so is wonderful especially for someone like me who is more on the rational side than the emotional. It took less time that I would have thought to warm up to the kids and once I did, it was amazing!
I think my favourite moment with the children was when we took them on a field trip to Lakeside. There were really excited about the whole day especially when they saw the lake in Pokhara (even the taxi driver enjoyed the moment!).
I also loved seeing the kids after a weekend away and their excitement. We both had had some time apart and going back to them after being able to rest, shower, and eat properly, was really good. I felt that my energy was back and really felt missed and needed.
Nepal really taught me to live fully. The experience was very different from what I had initially thought (or even planned) and this made me see it in a different light. I had also the opportunity of doing many other activities such as meditation, which was one of the reasons I chose Nepal and Pokhara.
I can really say that I found happiness in Nepal.

Ester Lishman
Nationality: British
Age: 18
Program: China
Project: Special Needs/Childcare
Date: July 2013 - 3 weeks

I found IVHQ extremely helpful when preparing for my journey to China. Any questions I had were answered usually within a few hours and I felt I could email any queries at anytime. This regular contact was very reassuring!
David was all you could've asked for as a local co-ordinator - he was very welcoming and helped out whenever he was needed and made sure all of his volunteers were safe all of the time. Nothing was too much to ask for him, and he works so hard to ensure we are all having a good time and getting the most from our time in China. His recommendations of 'must see' things were helpful too, as well as directions which were printed on the wall which were very useful.
I had many favourite moments in China, but the part for me which made my time in China very enjoyable was meeting so many nice people ; I felt part of one big 'Volunteer Family' and we all did many things together during our free time, and built friendships which will hopefully last forever.

Rachael Lewus
Nationality: American
Age: 27
Program: Thailand
Project: Teaching English
Date: May 2010 - 3 weeks

Generally I thought the booklet was really helpful and good. One thing that was unclear in the booklet was the dress code. I thought from the booklet that pants that came to our knees were ok, but in reality our knees needed to be covered, at least for teaching. There are lots of shorts that come right to the knee that were not ok. My favourite moments were when I was teaching a small group of older children and they would really get a topic. Also, time playing games with other volunteers was fun. Doing silly dances in a big circle on Saturday mornings with all the volunteers and children from the village was also a great time.

Andrea Minney
Nationality: British
Age: 42
Program: Ghana
Project: Medical
Date: October 2011 - 4 weeks

I loved Ghana, especially the people who were so helpful when I was traveling alone. I went from feeling totally lost and overwhelmed on arrival, to feeling quite confident to travel on my own. I did not realise how long it would take to travel around, and as I didn't want to take days off my volunteering, I was unable to see much of the country.

I learnt a great deal about nursing in Ghana. I most enjoyed going out with the community nurses to nearby villages and to do immunisation programs. From my point of view it was very worthwhile and I learnt a huge amount about public health, tropical medicine and the problems faced in Ghana. My favourite moment was probably going round from house to house on the nationwide vaccination program which started at 6-30am.

I thought the orientation was very good, it also helped me a lot to be able to talk to two other volunteers before they went home. They were able to participate in the orientation by adding comments about their stay. There was a lot of information given in a short space of time, but it was all needed. The whole service at the volunteer house in Accra was fantastic, all the staff there were very helpful and when I left they made sure I was able to eat all my favourite foods one last time!

Katie Kitchen
Nationality: American
Age: 18
Program: Bali
Project: Kindergarten
Date: September 2013 - 4 weeks

I have absolutely loved being here and experiencing this with you. Thank you so much for everything. Love you guys.

Alexandra Garris
Nationality: American
Age: 23
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Orphanage Work
Date: December 2010 - 20 weeks

I have enjoyed my placement at the slum school thus far. Teaching at
the school is very enjoyable because the children are eager to learn
and they geniunely appreciate our help. Everyday they continue to
draw more pictures for me and I have quite a large collection that I
plan to save as a memory of my time there.

My placement with Pastor Rakesh and Sister Soba has also been a great experience. Falling ill at the start of my trip would have been a
disaster if they were not willing to be so attentitive and take such
good care of me. I also appreciate your care and concern in the whole
matter. Although I did get a little homesick at the start of my trip
all my contacts here have made the transition much easier.

Abigail Mallick
Nationality: American
Age: 25
Program: India - Delhi
Project: Slum Teaching
Date: October 2013 - 1 week

Overall, I had a good experience volunteering in India. The orientation week was a good transition. I felt well supported by the staff. I enjoyed meeting my fellow volunteer and I had a blast spreading time with them. My project home stay was amazing Rajesh and his family is so welcome. The food was awesome. The project was a bit challenging but I enjoyed with the kids.