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Volunteer Diaries

Read the volunteer diaries of IVHQ volunteers

Why I want to volunteer in Sri Lanka

Czarina Quindara's diary:

Endangered animal preservation is a very important cause to me, personally. I am most interested in giving back to the planet and the people of Sri Lanka.

As human influence encroaches onto elephant habitats in Sri Lanka, farmers and elephants are increasingly forced into competition for land resources. It is estimated that the interspecies-conflicts result in 50 human and 100 elephant fatalities annually.

15 DAYS.

Abigail Greene's diary:

It's starting to get REAL, 15 days until my husband and I head down to Argentina! I am graduating from a baccalaureate nursing program next week and this trip is my graduation present. This will be my 2nd trip with IVHQ, and my husband's first time outside of the country since living in Mexico a few years ago. I am so excited to volunteer, meet new friends, and completely immerse myself in another culture with my husband. We are definitely ready to do some good and help out however we can. Until then, we have a lot of waiting and packing to do. Peace!

TEFL Course And Travel Fees

Brandon Golding's diary:

I purchased a TEFL course today. I don't actually need to have a TEFL certification, but it is highly recommended, and I think it would be much better going in with some sort of training. That being said, I went with the cheapest option. Being TEFL certified not only puts me in a better position for this volunteering project, but also opens me up to seeking teaching jobs abroad if I choose to do so after this trip.

Almost there!

Andrea Rovayo's diary:

My name is Andrea Rovayo, I was born In Guayaquil, Ecuador. Ecuador is a beautiful country in South America with beautiful beaches through the Pacific ocean. My mother Victoria was from Cali Colombia and my dad is from Ecuador but all my family nowadays lives in Guayaquil. I have 3 amazing siblings, two girls, and one boy. I'm 27 years old and I have been living in Miami since I decided to move on for a better future when I was 18.

Reality Check!

Brianna Stephenson's diary:

So I leave in 9 days! I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I've always wanted to do something like this and never thought that I would be able to afford it let alone find a program that I find amazing! In a little over a week I will be given the chance to work with individuals with special needs and that is a passion of mine! I've been in the healthcare field here in US for 3 years now and I couldn't think of anything more rewarding, other then this opportunity to give my love and care halfway around the world!

Applying to the Elephant Conservation Program in Sri Lanka

Czarina Quindara's diary:

In mid-June, I'll be starting a new job, but until then, I'll have a few weeks to do as I please. After reading through several positive reviews, I've decided to apply to the Elephant Conservation program in Sri Lanka, beginning June 6. I'm delighted to be able to say that my spot is confirmed and I've applied for a Sri Lankan Visa today. I'm waiting for an airfare quote, and then I'll be all set to book my trip. I'm very excited to take advantage of this down time and give back to the world!

20 More Days Left!

Juvianne Daoud's diary:

Wow! 20 more day left, and ill be in Italy! I'm so excited to be volunteering with this amazing program! My goal is always to do something for someone that can't repay me back. I can't wait to meet everyone, and to start working with everyone! I love meeting new people, and its all been my dream to visit Italy! Can't wait! :)

T-5 Days...

Susan Kinner's diary:

5 days until I leave for Cusco, Peru. What?! Very excited. I'm about 90% ready, just need to start packing. I loathe writing in diaries/journals but for this trip I will make an exception.


Natalie Jones's diary:

Its official, I'm going. The flights are all booked for three months from now, but its still all a little bit surreal.
I'm really looking forward to getting involved and learning more about the people I am going to be working with.

Paid Deposit!

Natalie Humpherys's diary:



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