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Volunteer Diaries

2015.4.16 Preparation for leaving

Yuqian Shi's diary:

My father and I went to market to buy some essential things such as: a torch light and soap. And I booked the hotel in Chengdu. Then I completed the interactive training. I hope I will have a fun experience.

Step 1!

Sophie Worrall's diary:

I have just been accepted onto the Romania teaching programme. I am very excited and even though it's only April, I have already started to plan my flights, and what to take (i'm thinking my flute with interactive percussion for the kids to use). I am looking forward to meeting other volunteers as well and making some good friends!


Rebecca McCann's diary:

After deciding on 4 weeks teaching English in Bali, the balls were set in motion on the adventure of my lifetime... Turns out paying my registration fee was only the beginning of what is proving to be a comprehensive To Do list!

registration fee - PAID
flights - BOOKED
program fee - PAID
family & friends notified via Facebook
GP consult to discuss travel vax & meds

Soon the journey will begin!

Natasha Marshall's diary:

Everything is all done and paid for - flights, all programs fees, vaccinations, criminal check, accommodation and insurance! I'm so excited to see this dream of mine soon to become made a reality. How this all started was back in January of 2014, I knew my mom was going to Peru to visit my grandmother (who I have only met twice when I was really young) as she is sick. Originally it was just going to be her going as my siblings and I would have been in school. However, I decided to take the second semester of University off as I didn't feel quite ready to be in school at the time.

First post

Lucía Molina's diary:

This is my first post!
I just finished my interactive training and I feel so much closer to this new experience. I´m traveling to Cambodia on July. Still I have so many things to arrange before the trip and I feel that the time to plan them is not enough.
I´m super exited and a little nervous to leave home for so long (5 months).

Change is good...

Natasha Sandy's diary:

I had originally planned to volunteer on the Dharamsala project to India, but very recently decided to switch programs to Bali. I am somewhat familiar with the Tibet and India cultures already from friends and peers, but have been interested in experiencing a culture that is new to me, so Bali it is. Also, as this is my first abroad trip EVER, I thought it may be beneficial to choose a destination that currently has a large group of volunteers attending on a project that is already experienced.

81 Days to go

Lois Grainger's diary:

Only 81 days to go. This hasn't been a easy ride. People dropping out on me etc. But luckily I have some great friends who have supported me and one is now coming with me! With our flights booked we are officially going and there is no turning back. I am super excited to go and can't wait to get going and making a difference.

82 Days...the Countdown Continues

Nicole Nelson's diary:

82 Days until I embark on this incredible journey. I can't wait! It has been so nice reaching out to a few of the other girls that will be in Italy during that time. I can't wait to volunteer and get to know these other great girls that have this need to help others!

Breath Taking

Winston Green's diary:

On my layover in Punta Cana en route to Bogota I met a Canadian who recently emigrated to Colombia. He told me how his parents were in the oil industry and asked if he wanted to move out with them to Bogota after University. Barely a day after his graduation he was settling into the city life of Bogota without a lick of Spanish in his vocabulary, but just a desire to experience life elsewhere. Later that day I boarded and overnight plane from Bogota to La Paz where I was seated next to a young Colombian couple on their first trip to Bolivia.

1 week to go

Jade Whelan's diary:

One week to go! First overseas trip is a little nerve wrecking, but even more exciting! Absolutely cannot wait and only have little things to do! WOOOOOO