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Volunteer Diaries

It's Finally Hitting Me! I'm going to Volunteer in Costa Rica!

Priscilla Brown's diary:

3 days before I depart to Costa Rica, and it's finally hitting me that my dream to volunteer internationally is finally about to come true! It's not going to be a dream anymore, it's going to be reality and I am beyond excited to see what volunteering internationally will have in store for me. I have completed all necessary documents, and have read my booklet over and over again to make sure I didn't miss anything. Now, I'm just ready to board the plane. Everyone has been so helpful and supportive of me going on this trip which I am so grateful for.

A Moment of Clarity

I’ve had quite a big moment of clarity this week as one of the other volunteers left yesterday, and the other leaves tomorrow. Even though at first glance it seems that I’ll be gone for so long, the time will fly as fast as the cheetah’s back home. Wow. I guess that’s why it’s important not to underestimate our time here, and always look to have as big of an impact as we can with whatever time we have left.

T- 1 day 18 hours until lift off

Ayla Duggan's diary:

Hello friends and family!

Just a day and a half before I leave for Sri Lanka. I keep spontaneously reviewing the list of things I still need to get: rupees ($300 dollars worth ordered through Wells Fargo, picking up tomorrow, the rest I can get from ATMs while I'm there), tooth paste (I just ran out), sunscreen, that neck pillow thing for the plane (probably available at walmart??).

4 weeks to go - Laos medical program

Laura Reid's diary:

Just 4 weeks ago until I start my travelling experience.
After much consideration I have organised to do 8 days in Malaysia travelling before heading off to Laos to start my medical program. I have bought all my travelling necessities and had the vaccinations that were advised for this trip.
I have recently finished university in England and graduated as an Occupational Therapist. I am very excited to use my skills learnt through my degree to help others in a deprived area whilst experiencing the culture of a medical system in a foreign country.

Day One. July 29, 2015

Rodilyn Ramos's diary:

I only had two hours of sleep last night because I was excited over the idea of llamas. Llamas everywhere! My sleep deprivation is causing me to suffer as I wait for my first flight in SFO. I am also hungry. Airport food prices are ridiculous and over the top. No I will not give you $10 for a breakfast burrito!

Preparations complete

Elke Wijnants's diary:

Travel blog started: you're reading the proof
Travel diary bought: check
Travel diary of last year (Nepal) reread: only 20 times the last past months

All medical and administrative stuff: done (this year no visa, so no risk of having to go the embassy twice, because you forget the check the opening hours)

Made a list of all places I want to visit: check (do I really only have 4 weeks?)

Countdown begins.

Farhanah Jeewa's diary:

In 5 days I will be travelling to Brazil to take part in a community development project. Pre flight nerves are kicking in already.....
Hoping to make a difference in peoples lives and looking forward to meeting new people.

A Scary Journey

Anjanette Wilson's diary:

Almost everything is set; I have my flights paid, program fee paid, travel insurance is purchased, I have extra money for traveling, and all I need is my vaccinations. This is so unreal to me. I cannot believe I'm actually going to Africa. My dreams are coming true! I have a lot of people supporting my trip and I honestly cannot thank them enough. The most supportive and helpful woman I have in my life is my mom. She definitely helped me get to this goal more than anyone. It's scary to think I'm going to Africa alone.

Linda's Memorial Trip

Three days to go!I have all the volunteer requirements met! I am so lucky to have family and friends who have supported me on this journey! My next post will be en route to my destination!

Last Minute Trip....

Taran Stringer's diary:

Super stressed and so much anxiety... It really is true that the more you prepare the less stressed you feel. But this was a last minute decision I made and I am going to love it but I just gotta bear down and get there first. I'm making my final arrangements and trying to finish up nursing finals for summer semester and all I want to think about is Costa Rica. Man oh man, I'm leaving in 3 days it still hasn't sunk in.