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Volunteer Diaries

Table Mountain: Part 2

Allison Haag's diary:

There were originally three of us going for the hike, but only two ended up going. The dude from Colorado skipped out and it was just me and this girl from Beijing. Even though her English wasn’t very good, I managed to make conversation with her. I asked her about movies she’d seen recently and most of the time she didn’t know the English name for them. I told her to explain the plot line and I would try to guess the name.

“Leonardo di Caprio? Dreams?” she said.
“Inception!” I guessed.

Saying Goodbye

Allison Haag's diary:

Today was the last day of program for several volunteers. This was really the first group that I had gotten to know well. Kelly, my Canadian partner in crime at James Primary school, made rounds to all of the classes and said goodbye to everyone. One third grade girl made her a goodbye card. During the next class, there was a steady stream of third graders coming out to me to hand me cards they made for Kelly. It was adorable. I told Kelly that my new goal was to have a larger pile of goodbye cards than she had the day I leave.

Michael Jackson in South Africa

Allison Haag's diary:

Today has been my favorite day of program by far and away. Kelly was spending her last Wednesday here at another school so she could say goodbye to the kids. We taught only three classes, and I had a lot of free time with Mr. C. Last week, he had mentioned that he has a lot of experience planning different programs and fun runs. I told him about the Beethoven 5K that I’m co-directing and asked if he could give me some advice on it. I brought in my laptop today to present everything to him.

Lion's Head: Part 2

Allison Haag's diary:

I woke up and walked to yoga. Sam didn’t know that exact address, but he gave me the general idea of where it was. Sessions take place at Johann’s house, which has a gated entrance with a parking lot. Sam said that he’d just meet me at the gate. I met him, and we walked inside. Johann’s house had a large living area with a candle and stereo in the corner. There were windows facing the ocean, and the walls were decorated with art. I grabbed a mat and found a place in the room. I was the youngest one there out of about 9 or 10 people.

Running At Sunrise

Allison Haag's diary:

Today, I decided to wake up early to go for a run at sunrise. I’m trying to run at least 3 times/week and hike a mountain. That’s my activity during my time here. I really want to run this 5K in Constantia Valley, which is beautiful and known for its vineyards.

Booked My Tickets

Peta'Lee Mumford's diary:

Ahhhhh - it is all starting to feel real.
Have officially booked my tickets and paid for my travel insurance!
Getting so excited and a little nervous/anxious.
Thinking of buying a shirt too hehehe, really get into the spirit.
6ish months to go......

Getting Closer

Sara Henrickson's diary:

I am so excited for this upcoming trip! Shout out to my travel buddy, Toni Abelseth for passing her nursing boards today and joining me on this trip as a RN. Just payed for my program fee and updated my travel information to the IVHQ system. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime, I can't wait!

Flights are Booked!

Lexy Kerr's diary:

Well - it's all reality now! This whirlwind adventure has really started. After a week of arduous flight searches and what seemed like endless emails with travel agents and co-ordination with my travelling partner we're all set and ready!

At least that is one thing checked off my to-do list!!

February 28th 2015

Beverly Marsh's diary:

OMG, I just booked my flights and that was a task.
I'm pulling my hair out trying to play catch up with the rest of the group going to Nepal.
Figuring out stays and personal responsibilities to ensure a safe trip has been exasperating and I am discovering that it is not cheap to volunteer.
I do think it'll all be worth it in the end.


Owen Griffin's diary:

Buses!!!!! Very annoying. After a while at first there fun but when you ride the bus six times a day it gets boring. I mean I only ride the bus once every 6 months, I don't ride the bus a lot at home. At first the bus is fun because I hadn't been on one for awhile, then it gets bumpy and makes you feel sick. I'm done with volunteering, today was my last day. It was very fun but exhausting. On Saturday, we're going to take a 4 hour drive to visit a volcano and stay at a hotel for 2 days.