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Volunteer Diaries

Getting Ready

Chloe Magers's diary:

Getting ready for a project can be stressful at times... with trying to find the best airfare, making sure you know what to pack and not to pack, to getting all the supplies necessary to go. The other night my moms old college roommate happened to be in town for her daughters basketball tournament. My mom hasn't seen this lady in nearly 20 years, so they deiced to meet up at the hotel where her family was staying. Being a Friday night I typically wouldn't stroll along with my mom but instead go out with my own friends; but for some odd reason I decided to go with her.

Everything Is Set!

Joe Miller's diary:

Well folks, A dream and a bucket list item will be checked off come April 19th! Beyond bless to be traveling and giving back. I will be volunteering in Guatemala with children for a whole week!

Laos, Vientane at the end of the Week !

Bernard Morillas's diary:

I m in Asia for more than one month already.
Travelling in north Laos for 2 week, i enjoy the country so much!
It s hard about the language but contact with people is so easy.
I m volunteering in construction and renovation. I brought good shoes same i use to hike, gloves supposed to be strong enough to protect my hands, hold short pants and t-shirts for the daily needs. Cap and sunglasses, Just add my smile and i m ready!

I hope not to have too much difficulties with the different english accents, specialy the NZ one!

The beginning!!

Josie Schmidt's diary:

I have officially taken my first step to Costa Rica! I paid my registration fee but I'm having difficulties deciding how long to stay or if I should arrive early to go travel around. I'm so excited but am nervous about everything. What to wear, who to travel with, how much money to bring, all that jazz. If anyone is going to Costa Rica June/July email me at


Jasmine Riley's diary:

8 days, 9 hours and 42 minutes until my Nepal experience begins.
In exactly one week today I will be on a plane on my way to Bangkok for the night and then Nepal the next day...
I am excited for this trip. I want to grow as a person.
I have so much riding on this trip... I want to come back happier, lighter and have a feel for what I want to do for the rest of my life.
I know this will be a life changing experience... I hope it is for the better.

Passport Fiasco

Winston Green's diary:

I think I was asleep when it first hit me, something in the nature of a lucid dream. Only a moron would have gone so long without ever have checking their passport, wait, no this definitely not a dream as I know that melody all too well of my niece humming Bruno Mars' new hit track. I shuffle down the stairs and flip open the dark blue book with the Canadian coat of arms emblazoned on it. Yep, low and behold its about to expire. "Winston you have done it again," I say to myself. Truthfully I said a lot more but lets keep this PG.

Counting Down the Days

Nicole Nelson's diary:

102 Days until this life changing experience begins. I could not be more humbled to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, and I look forward to the impact (however big or small) I can make during the 4 weeks I am in Italy. I would also really enjoy to be able to get in touch with other volunteers that are going to Italy during July of 2015.

22 days to go ...

Jazz Stephens's diary:

So in 22 days I will be leaving Sydney and flying to South Africa to volunteer with kids for six weeks!! As excited as I am, I am just as nervous. The whole point of this trip is to get away from my current life, do something good, appreciate life more, find happiness, I'm sure you get the point. Don't get me wrong, I have always wanted to do something like this, I want to contribute to the world in a positive way as much as I can, I believe life is mostly about helping those in need, you get more happiness from making others happy don't you?

T minus 26 days!

Sara Alliusie's diary:

I'm currently sat within the gorgeous mountains of Tiger Leaping Gorge. I'm around midway through my travels, having already explored the Philippines (the mountainous regions of Sagada, the rice fields of Banaue, the beaches of North Luzon) , Shanghai and Cambodia. I've been in back in China for a week already, and it's been fantastic. I'm now itching to come to Vietnam to start my volunteer work.

I Wish I was on my Way NOW!

Mariah Thomas's diary:

I just completed my interactive training modules and it makes me even more excited to get started! I'm ready to embrace a new culture and help in any way I can. I'm going to start researching more about Bogota and try to learn some Spanish before I go. I'm pumped :) Can't wait for May 15th!