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Volunteer Diaries

Perfect timing

Evline Berger's diary:

First entry...
Well, I have been accepted to teach English in Cambodia in October. Epic! :D
I have just booked my flights to Phnom Penh while AirAsia is having a 50% sale! Woo!
I have just completed the first module of my online TESL course and received 100%! Yay!
How can it get any better than this? :)

Super excited for the journey ahead!

The excitement is real...

Riley Esco's diary:

I know that I still have 72 days until I leave for Cusco, Peru but my excitement is a 100 out of a scale of 0-10. The adventures and the things that I am going to learn on this trip are just the tip of the adventure "iceburg" that is in my path!

The Beginning

I started saving for my two week program in Bali next year :)


Alexandra Cohn's diary:

As my departure date nears, I'm finding myself on edge. Always second guessing if I am forgetting anything. You'd think having traveled my whole life, I would be a pro by now! These jitters are probably because it's finally starting to set in how real all of this is. I am traveling on my own for the first time, and internationally too, to make matters a little more stressful. I know I will have an incredible time, I don't regret this decision at all! But I think you all would agree that being nervous is understandable.

Is this real?!

Mckinsey Hall's diary:

Holy cow, I am so incredibly excited!! I am going tomorrow to the bank to drop off all the money I have been saving for my registration fee. By tomorrow evening, by spot will be secured! I am so nervous and excited all at the same time! I will be graduating college AND travelling half way around the world all within a week. So many new changes coming my way! Going to Fiji by myself will be one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and scariest! I am beyond thrilled for this adventure and cannot wait to see what lies ahead of me!

Countdown To My Big Adventure

Ellie Wiseman's diary:

Let the countdown begin! I leave for Peru in 5 days!! I'll be there with my sister for two weeks before my program actually begins. This will be our first big trip out of the country that is just the two of us. I'm super excited, anxious, nervous, any other emotion that goes with leaving the country in a matter of days. I can't wait for my adventure to begin!!


Kathryn Shine's diary:

Myself and Ali held a coffee morning at our house. we are delighted that we got enough money to pay for our programme fees! now we have to start panicking, were both so excited to get out to Zambia and for it all to begin! i've gotten 2/3 of my necessary injections for the trip, it's all coming together now!

41 days and counting!

It is tempting to say that it is getting close, but forty days rarely qualify as just around the corner. God, how I wish this road was shorter! Only four weeks and three exams left and I am on my way. And a long way too. I have to be honest and say that a 10 hour plane ride is not the most exciting part about this trip.

It's the final countdown...

As the title suggest, I've got less than a week to go until I go back to Peru. Criminal record has been checks, inoculations have inoculated, tickets have been booked, and Dukorol. both doses, have been swallowed. Nasty stuff. The second dose was less bad because I plugged my nose and chugged it, but still. Vile, vile potion indeed. Just the same, my nerves are pretty raw. Because even though I'm more or less prepared, and even though this will be my second time visiting that beautiful country, the situation is going to be more than a little different.

Getting Ready

Samantha Brewer's diary:

For the last few days, I have been sorting through what I need to do for my trip. I have made a grave error by waiting at the last minute to get totally ready for it. I have reserved my flight, called about vaccinations, and printed my booklet. I would have liked to have been pointed out that the vaccinations are expensive and are usually not covered by insurance. I had everything covered (money wise) until this happened. :/ So, I am hoping my family can fund me on some of this until I can pay them back. The vaccinations are this Friday.