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Volunteer Diaries

My Time in Zambia

Bunmi Odubanjo's diary:

In eight sunny days I have become a familiar face to the residents at Maramba old peoples care home. In the same time, I have grown a respect and love for each resident and they're particular ways.

Eager to make a difference and bring happiness to the residents, I quickly identified a need (very dirty and long fingernails) and went about using part of the fundraising money to purchase the appropriate tools, included pliers and nail varnish.

My Time in Kenya: Part 2

Bunmi Odubanjo's diary:

Determination to experience the unknown, has brought me to where I am today.
I am out of my comfort zone, but oddly still feel at home and at ease.
I'm in a place where the sun shines all day and the wild animals are not to far away.

I'm in a place where patience is a necessity for understood communication.
So much, that I already noticed myself itching to lose it, when I couldn't get the calling credit I wanted in the phone shop. Till I Realised that I had to tame my attitude.

100% Committed

Karen Lawrence's diary:

I made my final payment today, which means there is no turning back. I have a little over two months until I will be leaving for Ecuador and a wealth of what I expect to be incredible experiences. My main concern is that I will be able to give as much as I know I will receive from being in Ecuador.

February in Toronto will probably be brutally cold like in the picture I'm uploading! I wonder what it will be like in Quito? No worries.... I'll soon find out!!

My Time in Kenya: Part 1

Bunmi Odubanjo's diary:

Today was an eye opener, to the imbalance of poverty and riches.
It was a real exposure to why sexual health education is so important, and understanding of sexually contracted disease is a necessity that should be taught widely.

Let's Begin This Journey!

Alex Karas's diary:

First entry! I actually got the email last night for my application being accepted to Cambodia, and I didn't think I could dream about volunteering any more than I already was!

Tuesday, November 24th

Nicole Dalby's diary:

This weekend I went on a safari! It was one of the best experiences I've ever had! Saturday morning we were picked up at 6:30 so that we could drive to Botswana. It was only about an hour drive and crossing the border between countries was very easy. After we went through the Zambia customs office we took a boat over to the Botswana customs office and met the owner of the safari group. He drove us to a super fancy resort where we were served tea and muffins. From there we were picked up by our safari guide, Petros.

21 Days Before Departure

Jacqueline Dawood's diary:

Today is my first diary entry. It's 21 days until I depart to one of the most amazing places I will experience in my lifetime. I'm so excited to meet the kids in my placement. I am trying to plan something meaningful for them for Christmas. I hope that I can teach them some American customs that we do for the holidays. I hope that I can teach the kids any valuable lesson they can apply to their lives. I've met two girls that will be with me on my trip, Yael and Alicia. We've been chatting on Facebook for a few weeks now and I'm excited to meet them.

Getting Ready!

Diane Veiller's diary:

To purchase: sleeping bag liner, hat and what else???
Return flight from Cusco to Lima?
Background check
Check with Dr. Beasley re shots.
Is there pr information to send to Breckenridge American newspaper?

Counting and Counting

Manesha Gunathillake's diary:

It's been one month since my last blog entry. So what to say! I'm so excited and scared. I arranged my visa, booked my flights, applied for the police clearance report and did all financial arrangements.

My only worry now is that, I have only a 1 hr connection time in KUL to change my fights and I'm afraid that I'll miss my flight.

March 2016 Here I Come!

Anastasia Koimtzidis's diary:

Just over 100 days to go & I still can't believe that I will be apart of this amazing program! Anyone else going in March 2016??!
Counting down the days...