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Volunteer Diaries

Read the volunteer diaries of IVHQ volunteers

Just the Beginning

Aleisha Husolo's diary:

So, I am not really good at the whole writing thing but I figure this is one adventure that needs to be documented. Let's start at the beginning and why I decided to volunteer in Bali.

The Beginning

Tiffani Archuleta's diary:

Today I paid the entry fee into the program. I have never traveled outside of the country before, so this will be the first time I do anything like this. It is both exciting and terrifying! I am excited to be doing this, and today I took the first steps on this adventure.

Hola Peru Cusco!

Ross Bruton 's diary:

I arrived last Sunday at 5.00am it is now Thursday 6.50am. Busy busy busy. I think at this point I have settled in and adjusted to the altitude (yes it is a little tiring at the beginning - hearts will beat quicker walking up a flight of..even 2 stairs lol) Orientation day started at 1.30pm after arriving so it was straight into it but it was great to meet the other awesome amazing humble cool people and learn and reiterate what we have been taught in the Handbook ect.

This is starting to feel real

Miia Koivusaari's diary:

I'm going to Costa Rica in three months and two days. WHAAAAAT???
I never really believed that I could do this: travel abroad and volunteer. It always was a fantasy of mine, not even a dream. I didn't think I would have the courage it takes, let alone time! But here I am, buying flights (yikes!!!).

Hayley's Indian Adventure

Hayley Downes's diary:

I am due to fly to India tomorrow, I am very nervous. Never done anything like this before and on my own!!

Everything is packed. Just hope I can make some difference in the short amount of time I am there.


About 30 days till departure to Costa Rica

Barbara Ellis-Woroch's diary:

I just finished most of the things I needed to do before leaving except for my shots. I am planning on making an appointment with the Health Department to see what I need and to get them. I am sure they won't be cheap, but they are good to have for the future. I signed up to work with special needs children with autism in San Jose and right now, I don't speak a word of Spanish, so this ought to be interesting. I found an app called Duolingo that I WILL have to start using to learn a few words. I am going to have to get lessons once I get there though.

Being accepted to volunteer.

Claire Gummow's diary:

I know its been months since I've started my IVHQ journey but I wanted to share a bit about how I felt when I got the email that I had been accepted to volunteer with IVHQ this November/December.

The Countdown Begins!

Ankita Bhavsar's diary:

I can't believe the time is almost near...I'm thrilled yet scared at the same time.

This is my first ever solo trip and it's going back to my birth land.
I'm excited for the experience and just to see where I was born, I haven't been back since I came to Canada 25 years ago.

This is once in a lifetime opportunity and I can't wait for it begin.

I got accepted!

Natalia Vazquez's diary:

Today I got accepted to be part of an awesome adventure.

9 Days to Go Gday Peru!!!!

Ross Bruton 's diary:

Can't believe how quick this process has began and progressed. Signed up checklist completed within a month! Wowsers lol

Excited to meet who I will be working with, meeting the host family and most importantly help where needed.

Feeling happy, greatful and ready!


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