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Volunteer Diaries


Dean Hart's diary:

Some further progress has been made. My flights have been arranged, my criminal background check has been requested and my inoculations booked. So things are progressing nicely. I have also connected with my Laotian team leader.

Have learned (or tried to) some basic Laotian phrases... languages were never my strong point!

I saw a dog chase a motorbike

As I rode on my bicycle from work today, I happened to notice a motorbike overtake me. I thought nothing of it, because it is not particularly hard to overtake me on a bicycle. However, something strange followed. A dog ran as fast as he could to catch up with the motorbike. Turns out the dog was trying to catch up to his owner, the one who drove the motorbike. It was such a cute moment as the lady stopped, rested the dog comfortably on the bike, and the finally drove off together.

Less than 2 weeks away!

Harmony Varwig's diary:

I am completely shocked at how quickly the time has flown by! 12 more days until I leave and I couldn't be more excited. I am feeling very ready for my trip. A few days ago I packed both of my backpacks with absolutely everything I will be taking and my donations. I am beyond happy to say that everything fits with a little extra room! Both backpacks weigh around 45lbs total.
I am leaving a lot more behind than I thought I would, I am packing very minimalist.
Now it is just a waiting game until I go.

The Beginning of a Great Adventure

Andrea Tripp's diary:

In less than a week I'll be headed to Costa Rica for three months! I cannot be more excited to see what the "Pura Vida" has in store for me and the other volunteers. It hasn't completely hit me yet-that at this time in six short days I'll be out of my home and comfort zone and into the excitement of traveling abroad. Here is a short shout out to the beginning of a new and incredible adventure! ¡Muchas gracias!

Home is not a place, it is a state of mind

Elke Wijnants's diary:

This weekend was a strange one. I had some amazing moments, but the sun got me down for the first time as well. The days (meanwhile. hours) till my flight home are counting down, but I still do not realize it.

Leaving for Kenya in 2 weeks !

Natasha Richard's diary:

I am super excited to go teach music in Kenya. I am leaving in 2 weeks & I can't wait ! I want to make a difference and make these children smile :) I will be helping them make musical instruments as well as singing many songs with them. This has always been one of my dreams to be able to go in an other country and help others and September 15, this will finally happen. I am also very excited to meet my host family & other volunteers that I will be working with for the duration of my program.

So soon!!!

Monica Clayton's diary:

One Week.
It's just hit me that in one week I start my volunteering and in a few more days I will be boarding a plane to start my journey.

It's my first time travelling alone so both excitement and nerves are taking over - hopefully it will be all smooth sailing!!


Julia Rivera's diary:

Less than 24 hours till I am off to Costa Rica for 10 weeks, doing healthcare as well as the turtle conservation. Trying to pack light was not as easy as I thought it was going to be, but it was done with a lot of folding and rolling. Really hoping there will be some great people there that I will be able to share this amazing experience with. Taking this gap year from college was well worth it, would have never gotten to travel abroad without it!!

The Chipmunks

Okay, I haven't written for a while. In short, volunteering has been a great experience so far. The school I've been teaching at is great, the teachers are so passionate and eager to see kids learn. We have a prize giving coming up for the kids who performed well in their exams, which has everyone, even the community, excited.

The beginning of the end

Ayla Duggan's diary:

Woke up at 3:30 in the morning to take the 5am train to Colombo with Chloé, Kez and Felipe. As I sat waiting for our taxi to arrive, I noticed we had a full moon hanging low, between the trees, behind a thin veil of clouds. The one street light I could see didn't light up much for my vantage point but did give the black, early morning some depth. I watched bats fly silently through the neighorhood, while the other volunteers scrambled to bring the last of their bags down and eat a quick breakfast. Our driver was Ivomi's dad.