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Volunteer Diaries

Read the volunteer diaries of IVHQ volunteers

11 Days To Go!

Amy Meyer's diary:

11 days to go! Everything is set in stone and ready to go. I am so excited! Can't wait to meet the children and locals.

Ready, Set, GO...

Jessica Mazur's diary:

So here I am, finally.

Volunteering in Cosat Rica with IVHQ

Another Amazing Week!!

Johanna Godinez's diary:

Baby turtles, more gardening and cleanings that I've done in my life and new amazing yoga experiences!!

So two new nests were hatched and released this week. No matter how many times I have this experience I just can't get enough of it!

Day 3

Jeremiah Hyatt's diary:

This morning starts day 3 of Expedition Africa. After a travel day (actually spanning 3 days and 10 time zones) I started the day off touching down in Johannesburg, South Africa at 0700 hrs. I can honestly say that I don't believe I've ever sat still for as long as I had to for the 11500 miles for the main leg of this trip. I took the day to recover and get acclimated before I travel the remaining 800 miles into Zimbabwe.

16 Days To GO!!!

Yessenia Soto's diary:

I cannot even begin to write how I am feeling about going to India! First of all, I am a bit stressed. All of the paperwork, applications, fees, vaccinations, research in a way catches up to you real quick. This trip just kept getting closer and closer, and now I cannot believe it's only 16 days away!. I feel I have most of my big stuff settled, now it's the tedious details with packing appropriately, research, language. But I cannot wait. I am scared, as it will be my first time traveling alone, and going to a foreign country.


Jeremiah Hyatt's diary:

27 Jan 2016. After months of waiting and preparations (and slightly over budget), The trip which I have code named "Expedition Africa" is almost upon us. I finished my last day at the office before the fun beings. My comrades think I am nuts for this expedition, but I was once told, " Normal and Hyatt are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. Bags almost packed. Plane seats picked (Going to get into the World Upper deck.... hope it's better than economy class). As of the time of this entry I am T-1 day and counting till Expedition Africa begins.

Ghana - 8 weeks - Childcare

Izabella Polner's diary:

Just found out I'm going to Ghana for 8 weeks and volunteering with children. I'm going to travel by myself all the way from Sweden! Excited and nervous. Wiho! Lets do this :D

Special Needs in Cambodia

Keely Teruki's diary:

Hey there,

I'm new to all this (diary writing/blogging, whatever you wanna call it) but recently I have really been interested - every journey tells an interesting story and I'm sure some of you are the same or have just stumbled upon my entry. I have 3 days til I board that plane and let me tell you I'm beyond excited, scared,happy all of the above. I don't really know???

It's All Becoming So Real!

LaTanya Clarke's diary:

In 52 days I will be leaving for Ecuador! I am so excited! I received emails today from the Program Coordinators in Ecuador and it's just making me so excited to start this journey. I cannot wait!

Crazy Monday

Johanna Godinez's diary:

So Monday's are always rough. We clean the whole compound in the morning and work all afternoon. This morning I had to rake leaves during which I found a snake! Then at like 10 a tourist called that a turtle was laying eggs and we had to run out to dig them out. In the afternoon 2 nests hatched and because a few of the leaders are sick it was up to me to get the tourist to come out and donate for the release of the baby turtles. Thankfully I don't need to patrol tonight since I have to be up at 6:00am to take care of the hatchery all day Tuesday.