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Volunteer Diaries

Pink is the Color of Love! 9 More Days!

Shannon Rogers's diary:

Pink is the Color of Love!

My mother, Jenna, and I got our placement for our Ghana trip yesterday! We are placed in the Pink Program (IVHQ has different colors for each program) which is in Dodowa, Ghana, Africa! We are so excited because this is the program we requested and we couldn't be more thrilled about being able to be in this program!

Counting down!

Michelle Vasquez's diary:

Today I have registered for my Program! I am officially on board with IVHQ and I am completely excited! I was told that a journey begins not when you are on a plane or when you arrive at your destination, but rather at the moment you decide to take it, and from where I'm standing I do believe it's true. I haven't left home yet, but the preparations for my trip have already been a journey in itself! This is however, only the beginning and there is still much to do. So I'm gonna keep moving forward and keep counting down the days! Adios!

Ten days 'til I fly!

Jane Allan's diary:

Counting down the hours. Reading all I can. Writing list after list after list! And sizing up my backpack!


Lauren Mason's diary:

Programme fee finally paid, flights booked... it's all becoming very real :D Cannot wait for September to come around, the countdown begins... 109 days.

A check in I guess

Shanice Spencer's diary:

Four months later I'm back to writing another post lol. Needless to say that being in the mist of writing 3 research papers, putting in my two weeks at work, trying to stay afloat of daily life you can say that I am certainly keeping myself busy, maybe even too busy. But that being said, everything is checked off on my bucket/checklist but the official visa. I initially went into my local visa office to fill out all the necessary paper to hours later be advised to file in a months time.

Two Weeks Till Departure

Margaret Moran's diary:

Two weeks till I depart for Antigua, Guatemala. Wahoo! School has just concluded and everything is now becoming surreal. I am just starting to now feel the nervousness creep up from the pit of my stomach even though I have been preparing for months. By preparing, I mean drinking tequila, buying maxi skirts, and learning sub-par Spanish. For example, *hem hem* "La gata bebe la leech"...going to be real useful.

Hey guys! Lets gather up! (Thailand-June 15th)

Yuetong Li's diary:

Hey there! One month to go!
I just set up a group on Facebook for volunteers who are starting on June 15th 2015 in Chiang Rai Thailand! So if u r one of us, pls don't hesitate and join us!The group name is IVHQ Thailand June 15th.
Looking forward to meet u guys!

One more Stop

Delali Adiamah's diary:

Waiting in Munich, Germany to make one more stop over in Johannesburg before i get to Livingstone, Zambia. Such A long Flight. oh my word! But hey all praise to God for a safe journey and protection. Amen!

Everything checks out

Scott Barr's diary:

I will be leaving in exactly one month. I finally finished my training modules and got my criminal background check. It looks like I am ready to go. Morocco here I come!

17 days left till take off!!!

Araceli Ochoa's diary:

Now that I am down to 17 days before I have to take my flight to Peru, I am getting more nervous and excited. Today my mother and I went to the store to get some school supplies for the little kids I will be spending my time with. Got them some crayons, pens and other little items. Also bought myself some snacks to back. Sometimes I feel that I am over packing and other times I feel that I didn't pack enough!!! The bright side of things is that I can always buy whatever I may be missing at the market there :)