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My time in Fiji....

Karen Allvin's diary:

One week to go!! Can't believe I'm leaving in a week! Chipping away each day at my 'to do' list and it still hasn't completely sunk in. All sorts of wonderings about how it will go, but once I get on the plane, I'll just roll with it and be soooo grateful for the opportunity.

Less Than One Month From Departure

Lauren Zimmerman's diary:

I have less than 1 month to go before traveling to Vietnam to help with the Food Outreach Program. That still sounds crazy when I say it out loud or put it in writing but I think I want crazy- I want out of my comfort zone, I want to tackle something I am fearful of but yet excited about, I want an opportunity to learn and grow and challenge myself to open my eyes- to be exposed and slightly vulnerable. Someone today asked me what I am looking forward to the most and in thinking about my response I realize it is so many things.

Few Weeks Away

Diane Xiao's diary:

As the days approach, I began to feel more excited and more nervous. I can read so much about what to expect but being there to experience everything is very different from expectation.

First Day In Uganda

Anna Trúsiková's diary:

I´ve come to Uganda today. I was affried that I am going to get lost in the airport, but Entebbe is really small (similar to Bratislava). The stuff members were waiting for me and took me to the volunteer house. I am really glad that after all I can be laying in the bed and get some rest :)

2 Days And 10 Hours Until Departure

Rebecca Sarin's diary:

This seriously can't be happening. I remember applying with no high expectations and thinking it was just a far-fetched dream, but in 2 days and 10 hours, my dream will be coming a reality! This is my first time traveling abroad and the fact that I will be in Costa Rica Sunday afternoon really hasn't hit me yet! I'm so fortunate to have so many friends and family support me on my journey to work with adorable sea turtles and work towards a better future for them!

One Week Countdown!

Brooke Merten's diary:

Hello friends,

Time has flown, and in just one short week I will be beginning the volunteer program in Madrid! I am spending this week preparing my activities for the children, and trying to get last minute items packed! Thanks to the generous donations, I have been able to get teaching supplies, sports equipment and some journals for the children.

I look forward to sharing this experience with you all, and thank you again to all who have helped support me in this adventure!


One Month Until Departure

Brianna Malstrom's diary:

What started out as procrastination is leading me nearly 3,000 miles away from home. A few weeks ago, I started researching volunteer service trips in attempt to stay awake during my horrendously monotone pharmacology lectures. It didn’t take long before the thought of doing medical service abroad consumed me. Within the next couple of weeks, I had formally submitted my deposit for a service trip in Guatemala with International Volunteer Headquarters. For reasons I’m still trying to understand myself, I have never felt so drawn to go completely outside my comfort zone.

Why The Sea, And Some Much Needed Excitement

Sophia Zengierski's diary:

As I sit here having just watched Andy Murray win Wimbledon (thank goodness), I am reminded that some things really are worth the risk. That's something I know well, never having been contented to simply exist in one place, which is in effect the entire reason I found IVHQ.

Number 7 Is The Number Of Perfection, Security, Safety And Rest

Seven days to go before the big trip to Nepal: the plane tickets are booked, the visa is in my passport and packing list is checked…
If I have any advice at this very early point in my trip for any future volunteer is make as much research as you can and be prepared in ADVANCE. There is nothing worse than being rushed before a big trip. You will absolutely want to have as much time as you can to check that everything is ready rather then rush the day before packing and running errands because you forgot to buy essentials.

Jabs Done, Flights Booked!

Jessica Zwahlen's diary:

Today, Saturday the 9th of July is exactly 5 weeks till i leave for Cambodia. I got my vaccinations (hepA, typhoid, influenza, tetanus booster and malaria tablets) and finally paid for my flights! Its all starting to feel real and super exciting. I will be volunteering in a Cambodian orphanage for 8 weeks on the childcare program.


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