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Voice of the Volunteer

Thousands of people choose to volunteer abroad with IVHQ every year and each volunteer has a perspective and an opinion that’s as unique as the next volunteer. We value these diverse perspectives because they help us to learn, to innovate, and to constantly evolve our volunteer programs for the better.

They also help us to understand how we can best support volunteers through their experiences, and how we can ensure we’re contributing to the communities in which we work in the best way.

As a volunteer travel pioneer, IVHQ is committed to constantly innovating, and that’s why we’ve developed the IVHQ Voice of the Volunteer Panel.

The IVHQ Voice of the Volunteer Panel provides past, present and future IVHQers with the opportunity to actively shape the future of volunteer travel. By sharing experiences, insight, feedback and critique, Panel members actively influence new program developments, new forms of volunteer service and support new ideas for how IVHQ can enable greater positive outcomes in each of our program locations.

Join the Voice of the Volunteer Panel!

We’re always looking for new Panel members and we want to ensure our Panel represents the awesome diversity of our volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 21-year-old college student, a working professional, or a retiree; we want to hear from you. Complete the form below to apply. 

What time commitment is required?

The Voice of the Volunteer Panel meets 4 times a year and meetings take place virtually, so you can join from anywhere in the world. Each Panel meeting runs for around 2 hours and panelists are asked to complete about an hour of preparation in advance of the meeting.

What’s in it for you?

Our panelists are highly valued, so on top of the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to change volunteer travel for the better, we offer you discounted fees for IVHQ programs and the chance to go in the draw to win a free program, drawn at the end of each meeting.

IVHQ will select a group of panelists based on demographic information to ensure diversity is maintained across the volunteer panel. Please note, the Voice of the Volunteer panel for 2015 has now been selected, however we will periodically call for new participants. Please leave your name and email below and we will contact you directly when the next round of applications are open. 

Voice of the Volunteer

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