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Joana-Alice Nkumu

Vote for the Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Finalist 2015 - Joana
IVHQ Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Finalist - Joana Alice
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Joana-Alice Nkumu
Occupation: Student
Age: 20
Home Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

As the co-founder of an NGO supporting youth in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Joana is actively involved community development work back home. Currently studying an acting degree in the Philippines and an active writer, Joana has a genuine passion for communication and this scholarship will allow her the opportunity to combine this passion with her love of volunteering to embrace the challenge of teaching abroad. Importantly, Joana recognizes the value in bringing patience and creativity to the classroom to support her effectiveness in teaching English as a foreign language. Joana is no stranger to putting her life experiences into words and is excited about the prospect of sharing her teaching journey with the wider IVHQ community should she be selected for the scholarship.

Why are you passionate about teaching English abroad?

Having the privilege of receiving a great education, I feel like it’s my duty to give back to those who need it. I love helping people, and I think it’s quite a challenge to put myself out there, as an english teacher for the first time. It’s a great opportunity that I’m looking forward to.

What experience/skills can you apply to teaching English abroad?

Being a co-founder of a new NGO in Kinshasa, I’ve grown to love volunteering and working with children. I’ve learned to understand them and deal with everyone. I believe that communication is key. It’s very important to have great communication skills to be able to clearly explain the material. The second most important is patience, especially in stressful situations. Last but not least, I’d say creativity is very important when working in a group.

Why do you believe you will be effective in teaching English abroad?

I have what it takes. I love teaching and working with children. I love to share my knowledge with others. As they say “sharing is caring”. I’m very confident and I’m not a quitter. At the end of the day, I accept whatever challenge life brings.

What are you looking to gain from the experience?

My motivation behind this scholarship is the opportunity it offers me to teach and volunteer abroad. To be able to see how other people live on the other side of the planet and to share with the world a new experience. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to do what I love.

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