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Alexis Schroeder

Vote for the Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Finalist 2015 - Alexis
IVHQ Teach and Volunteer Abroad Scholarship Finalist - Alexia Schroeder
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Alexis Schroeder
Occupation: Behavioral Therapist for Children with Autism
Age: 21
Home Country: United States

As a Behavioral Therapist for children with Autism, Alexis works in developing techniques to support her students in achieving independence. “In a way I am teaching them a language to interact with the world in a way that is natural to them.” This scholarship will support Alexis’ dream of gaining a TEFL certification and turn teaching English abroad into her full-time profession. Alexis developed wanderlust at a young age through the inspiration of her father. “My father was a
 man who traveled extensively all across the world. He passed when
 I was 13, and I remember the next day we had to prepare for his
 funeral. We bought a large map and pinned all the places he had
 been. It map was FILLED with pins. I was right then inspired by
 his travels and sense of adventure. I made it a point thereafter to go to all of the places he had been. He inspired me and I plan
 on inspiring many to fulfil their dreams and travel as much as you can while you can. Today is promised but tomorrow isn’t.” As a keen blogger, Alexis will be effective in translating her scholarship experience to words and provide valuable insight for those considering teaching English abroad.

Why are you passionate about teaching English abroad?

Teaching English abroad will push me out of my comfort zone. I will be submerged into an entire different atmosphere professionally and culturally. I believe some of us get entirely caught up in the fast-paced world we live in today, and we don’t stop and realize how grateful we should be. Teaching English in a foreign land will open my eyes to a completely different world that I am not used to nor accustomed to living with. I will be faced with challenges but I will also learn how to overcome these difficult tasks I might face.

What experience/skills can you apply to teaching English abroad?

My profession in America involves working with children with special needs. This can range from autism, cerebral palsy, and more. Although I’ve never been an English teacher, I believe I’ve done a similar job. I work with the kids every day on developing techniques to live as independently as possible despite what people would call their ‘limitations’. In a way I am teaching them a language to interact with the world in a way that is natural to them. Coming from this professional background, it’s necessary to have patience and persistence, which is definitely a quality you need to teach English abroad. It can be scary, unpredictable, and life-changing all at the same time. Knowing that I have the ability to assist a child in bettering themselves as a human-being is a pretty awesome thing I must say.

Why do you believe you will be effective in teaching English abroad?

I know I will be effective in teaching English abroad because I grow the most when I am out of my comfort zone. The best things in life happen when you are the most uncomfortable-It’s leading you to something spectacular. I believe growing a relationship with each student is very important as well because it ensures confidence and trust within the child. I also know how to make assignments fun and entertaining, because we all know learning at times can get boring if done in the same repetitive fashion.

What are you looking to gain from the experience?

Living in a foreign land allows me to gain a whole new perspective on life and living in general. Every time I travel somewhere new, I learn something new about myself because of the individuals surrounding me. When a trip is over a part of the land comes back with me; the language, history, and most importantly the people. When I was younger, my days were consumed by my dad telling me about his travels from around the world. He passed in 2008 and I am left with hundreds of photo albums from his journeys around the world. My goal is to add onto these photo albums, but to create new memories in places he’s never been. So in a certain way, my dad and I will be creating new memories together.

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