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Spanish Volunteers Abroad

Spanish Volunteers Abroad

Every year hundreds of Spanish volunteers choose to volunteer abroad with IVHQ. Here’s why:

IVHQ offers affordable, safe and responsible volunteer travel opportunities in over over 35 countries, including Bali, Costa Rica, Ghana, Italy, Peru and Sri Lanka.

You can choose to volunteer abroad with IVHQ for periods ranging from 1 week to 24 weeks in a variety of projects, including Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Community Development, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation and Wildlife Conservation.

With volunteer program fees starting from 160€, you will not find a more affordable and trustworthy volunteer travel organisation.

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British Volunteers Abroad in Kenya

My volunteering experience in India has been very nice. We have taught a lot and learnt a lot of things from the girls at the orphanage. It has been very easy to work and to help them because all of them are so lovely and they always help if you needed. I really enjoyed the weekends exploring this country that is so different to mine. I have learnt a new culture and religion that before I had never asked about. The coordinators were always there when we needed and helped us a lot to plan our weekends. It was one of the best experiences in my life. Claudia Ezcurra (Spanish Volunteer in India)

All of the volunteers are warm and friendly, and my host family feels like my own. I love going to work everyday knowing that I am helping to change a child’s life. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Ashley Segal (Spanish Volunteer in Ecuador)

My project was exactly what I wanted to do. I really liked my foreman Fredy, he made us enjoy our work in the construction program and was really helpful. In three weeks I could see the difference I’ve made in the construction of the school. Even though I would’ve liked to stay much longer, till the school was finished… But life continues here in Madrid. I really enjoyed the trip to Tikal and Rio Dulce. I also loved the market, as well as the Guatemalan people and also the rest of the volunteers. I liked that there was always someone who cared about our well being. Anything could be solved by anyone from the organization, or the host family. Carlos Canelles (Spanish Volunteer in Guatemala)


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