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IVHQ Rewards Terms and Conditions

$30 Referral Reward if you recommend us to friends or family

All IVHQ volunteers are eligible to act as IVHQ Ambassadors by providing a 10% discount code to friends or family members who are thinking of volunteering with IVHQ. As a thank you for recommending us, you’ll receive a $30 credit on your MyIVHQ account for every volunteer who uses your referral code and has completed their registration. All you need to do is provide the personal referral code displayed in your MyIVHQ profile to other potential volunteers. When they enter this code on their application form, they will be entitled to a 10% discount off their IVHQ Registration Fee.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Referral codes must be entered on the application form and can only be used the first time the volunteer applies to IVHQ. Referral codes cannot be added after the application has been submitted and cannot be used by returning volunteers.
  • When a relevant referral code has been added to an application, that volunteer’s Registration Fee will be discounted by 10%.
  • When a volunteer registers using a referral code, the MyIVHQ account of the person whose referral code they used will be credited with $30, which can be applied against a future registration fee or program fee.
  • All referral code credits expire twenty four months after they are issued, or at IVHQ’s discretion.
  • Referral codes cannot be shared or posted publicly on social media channels or online forums.
  • Volunteers cannot use their own referral code themselves.
  • Volunteers who have already registered for, or completed, an IVHQ program cannot use a referral code.
  • Referral codes may not be used in conjunction with discounts associated with registering for a second or subsequent program, or multiple programs.

10% Registration Fee Discount for Returning IVHQ Volunteers and Multiple Program Volunteers

All returning volunteers and volunteers who register for more than one volunteer program automatically receive a 10% discount off the registration fees of their second or subsequent program(s).

Terms and Conditions:

  • If a volunteer registers for multiple IVHQ programs, they will receive a 10% discount on their second or subsequent registration fee payment
  • If a returning or multiple program volunteer cancels from an IVHQ program and is eligible for a registration fee refund, their refund will be equivalent to the discounted fee paid, less any fees normally associated with a cancellation

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