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Programas de voluntariado internacional

Cada año, miles de voluntarios hispanos eligen viajar con International Volunteer HQ.

IVHQ ofrece oportunidades asequibles, seguras y responsables a través de más de 40 países, incluyendo Bali, Costa Rica, Ghana, Italia, Perú y Sri Lanka.

Fundado en 2007, IVHQ ha crecido para llegar a ser el líder mundial de las organizaciones en viajes de voluntariado, ofreciendo una variedad de proyectos para voluntarios, incluyendo la enseñanza, cuidado de los niños, desarrollo de comunidades, salud, construcción y restauración, conservación de tortugas, el medio ambiente, y la fauna.

Todos los voluntarios pueden elegir participar por duraciones que van desde una semana hasta seis meses, con tarifas empezando desde US$180 por semana.

Tome en cuenta que nuestro sitio web está escrito completamente en inglés y nuestros voluntarios tienen que saber inglés para unirse a nuestros programas.

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Charity work abroad in Kenya

I felt very suited to the work I was doing, and left feeling very fulfilled. I felt that the locals who I was working with were appreciative of my time and effort. I could see how my physical presence and assistance was helping the community. I have learned so much about the world, people, different cultures and lifestyles and my horizons have definitely expanded. I returned home with a newly found sense of confidence in myself and a stronger sense of direction for my life. My trip with IVHQ transformed me and absolutely changed me for the better, I feel like I’ve become the person I want to be. Ella Capek (Volunteer in Kenya)

My volunteering experience was fantastic. I got to live with a local family and eat what they usually do, which was delicious. I got to live in a local neighbourhood in which I was pretty much the only foreigner. The cultural immersion program was delightful. In terms of my project, it was exactly what I wanted and expected. I was able to teach English to kids that need it so much in order to become professionals or seek a better life than the one they have as of today. The teachers at the school were very welcoming, always helping us when we needed them in the class. Monica Godoy (Volunteer in India)

I have volunteered with IVHQ before and the way I felt after both trips solidified the fact that volunteering is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life. My host family was absolutely wonderful. Perhaps one of the most fantastic things about my trips was the people I lived with. I was lucky enough to be in a house with 6 other volunteers. We got along so well and I have no doubt we will be friends for life. Marissa Mason (Volunteer in Ecuador)


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