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Volunteering Programs To Suit

Here at IVHQ, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality and highly affordable volunteering programs to match the unique skills and preferences of the thousands of volunteers that chose to travel abroad with us each year.

IVHQ Jungle Conservation volunteer in PeruThe programs can range anywhere from working with Women and Children in India, to Jungle Conservation in Peru.

This range is something that appealed to volunteer Lauren Holevis (USA), who chose to volunteer on our Jungle Conservation program in Cuso, Peru for 4 weeks. Here Laura shares with us her thoughts on the experience:

"I chose IVHQ because of the conservation program. I was extremely happy with my decision. The environment was beautiful and the work was very rewarding. It was the best experience of my life. I greatly enjoyed my interaction with the culture as well as the culture of the other volunteers. My placement was absolutely beautiful and extremely rewarding. I think the fees were absolutely fair. EVERYTHING WAS SO CHEAP!"


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