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Outdoor Volunteer Project in Thailand

Our Executive Director, Daniel Radcliffe, has returned to the IVHQ office with a few blisters to show for himself after getting amongst our Outdoor Work program in Thailand.

Daniel spent a day volunteering in Thailand, getting his hands dirty with the volunteers to create rice terraces, as part of our new Outdoor Work project for 2012.

A rice terrace is a field cut into a hillside, which is much more effective than growing crops on a naturally sloping hillside and once the terrace is completed, farm work becomes less arduous. The terrace style helps to prevent landslides and soil erosion and allows water to be retained and irrigated with more control. This means the number of crops per year can be increased, which in turn increases the income for the farmer and his family. The conversion of fields to terraces has the added benefit of government approval, and although they cannot afford to subsidise the work, they are supportive of the change. 

The IVHQ Outdoor Work program is ideal for those who like physical labour and the sense of achievement felt when a job is completed. Take a look at our Volunteer in Thailand page for more information, or explore the other volunteering opportunities on offer in Thailand with IVHQ.


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