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IVHQ Volunteer Winners: August 2012

September is here and we’re happy to share our volunteer winners from last month!

IVHQ Photo Competition Winner in August 2012Amanda Clark, who recently returned from our Orphanage Work project in Kenya, collected the most votes for her IVHQ Photo Competition entry, appropriately titled ‘All Smiles.’ US$100 coming your way, Amanda!

US$100 has also been awarded to the winner of the August IVHQ Video Competition, Daniel Stewart! Daniel spent 3 weeks volunteering on our Sports Education project in Kenya and scored plenty of votes for this video documenting his time in country.

Catilin Lezell is the lucky winner of the IVHQ Volunteer Feedback draw – thanks to Caitlin for sharing her feedback from her time in Guatemala and to all the other volunteers who reviewed their programs with us! All feedback received by the IVHQ team is actively taken on board to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality programs for all our volunteers.

You can read a little into Caitlin's experience here...

"I really loved everything about the local staff, they were so helpful and welcoming. I was sick for a part of my trip; they were able to help with that, they made such a point to learn my name and remember where I was volunteering and living and the free coffee and internet all day was such a nice added bonus!

I was planning on volunteering in an orphanage and I ended up being in a government-funded daycare, but within the first five minutes on my first day I knew that this daycare was absolutely where I was meant to be. I loved absolutely everything about my time there with those children.

I certainly hope I was able to make an impact on those children in just my two weeks there! The experience was absolutely worthwhile, and the help was definitely needed.

My last day at the daycare, one of the children brought me in a drawing that he had done for me at home as a going away present, it was just so touching to know that although I was only there for two weeks, and although we had a pretty significant language barrier, I was able to make some type of an impact on him so that he went home the day before, thought of me, and wanted to bring me in something to remember him by. It was so beautiful."

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