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Return From Africa! (Part Two)

As mentioned last week I have just returned after a wonderful four weeks visiting some our affordable volunteering programs in Africa. To those who read last week’s post I told you about my time visiting the Ghana and Uganda programs. This week I will fill you in on the remainder of my Africa trip.

After a great time in Uganda, I traveled next door to the Kenya program. As soon as I arrived, I was off to Maasailand to visit a medical camp which our volunteers in Kenya were running for the local Maasai Community in Kajiado. These medical camps are some of the many volunteer initiatives which take place over the weekend and any volunteer is able to take part. At the end of the day the local Maasai people were so appreciative they held a ceremony to give thanks and share some of their Maasai beads and blankets with the volunteers who had provided care to them that day. During this medical camp I met Bradford Stahl from the USA who was in the middle of his 24 week HIV/Aids volunteer program in Kenya. He was loving Kenya and had so far overseen the opening of a new medical clinic in Impiro which would be a great service to the local Maasai community who have to travel many miles on foot to reach medical care. Great work Brad!!

Another great moment during my time in Kenya was meeting Vivian Lan from Mexico. Vivian was doing an eight week placement teaching in Kenya – Maasai and began a massive initiative on the side. I am sure many of you are aware of the devastating drought which has ravaged Northern Kenya. After seeing this national crisis, Vivian began fundraising back home to see how she could help. Her community really backed her and it became a national fundraising drive. She raised over US$50,000!! This money was used to take donations of food and water to Northern Kenya where many deaths were occurring as a result of dehydration and hunger. This was an amazing initiative and has made a huge impact for many lives in Northern Kenya. We applaud Vivian for her efforts!

My final stop was the South Africa program. I had a wonderful time in Cape Town and visited a great range of our affordable volunteer placements. Here I met Emma Watton, Sean Leathen and Koren Sullivan all from the UK. These three volunteers were doing the teaching program and were enjoying their time at the school. Koren had previously participated on our Tanzania program a year back in 2010, she said the experiences in these countries were very different but she loved both of them! We hope to see you on another IVHQ program next year Koren ;-)

I hope you enjoyed reading about our many volunteer opportunities in Africa. If you ever want to get some firsthand feedback from our previous volunteers such as those I have written about then the IVHQ facebook page is a great tool for getting advice from previous volunteers. Make sure you get connected as soon as you start planning your volunteer program with IVHQ!

In safe and affordable volunteering,

Jamie-lee Reynolds (Program Coordinator)

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