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Return From Africa! (Part One)

I have just returned after a wonderful four weeks visiting some our affordable volunteering programs in Africa. My journey began with our Ghana program and what a great way to start! I met some amazing volunteers, doing some quality volunteer work in their respective placements. We have a wide range of affordable volunteer placements available in Ghana and a highlight for me was to visit the growing agriculture volunteer program. This program has a rabbit and goat farm where volunteers assist with caring for and feeding the animals. In addition to this there is a large palm plantation (palm is used widely in the Ghanaian culture, especially in their cuisine), a capsicum plantation and an eggplant plantation. A volunteer I met on this program is Kazuya Tada from Japan. He was enjoying his work on the farm and was also using his eight week agriculture volunteering program as a basis for his dissertation at University! Great work Kazuya!

My next stop was the Uganda Program. Here I visited some fantastic volunteer placements in Kampala as well as all of our newer programs in a beautiful part of Uganda called Fort Portal. This is about four hours out of Kampala but certainly worth the drive. This town sits at the base of misty mountains and near some great Ugandan national parks. Volunteers in Fort Portal were all very happy with their programs. I met Matt Brailey and Rob Donald from the UK who were spending four weeks together on the construction and renovation volunteer program. They along with other volunteers were painting all buildings in a local primary school and the change was remarkable. The bright colour was a wonderful change from the previous dull brick walls and made for a much more conducive learning environment for the children. Matt and Rob made great friends with some of the local children and spent many afternoons once their work was done playing football and other games with the children. They told me they loved their time in Uganda thus far and it was exactly what they were hoping to do on their volunteer trip abroad! Great to hear that guys!!

Next week I will fill you in about the rest of my time on the Kenya program as well as the South Africa program. In the next few weeks you will also be able to see volunteer photos taken on my trip which showcase the quality volunteering being done on these programs when I update our volunteer photo gallery. Be sure to visit our Breaking News page often for regular updates of the work being done by IVHQ volunteers abroad!

In safe and affordable volunteering,

Jamie-lee Reynolds (Program Coordinator)

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