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Feedback and Donations

Now, is the time of the month when we are selecting competition winners for photos, videos and volunteer reviews. It is always great to catch up on reviews and gain feedback on areas we can improve on, and celebrate the life changing volunteer abroad experiences and contributions from our volunteers.

This week Luca Madden sent us an email in anticipation of her trip to the volunteer in Cambodia program to thank us for the time she had on the volunteer in Ecuador program. “The friends I made in Ecuador will definitely be my friends for life, and at the end of the year I'm moving to Montreal, Canada and will meet up in New York with four of the people I met on the Ecuador placement. Also six of my friends are seriously considering going through IVHQ now! I couldn't recommend it higher. One friend in particular, was adopted from Colombia 21 years ago and is now going back to work in an orphanage! And so the IVHQ family grows :) Again, thank you so so much! Couldn’t have been better :)"

Madeleine Essing has just returned from a three month placement on the volunteer in Ghana program and along with her three friends has made a significant contribution to the development of the orphanage program. “Having arrived in Ghana with a small amount of money to spend we soon realised we would need more donations. Thanks to our parents putting the word out back in Australia about donations, we were lucky enough to have a total of $10,000 AUD donated from schools, companies and extended family and friends. This enabled us to go on several food shopping trips with the orphanage owner to purchase basic items which ensured the children received three substantial meals a day. The money also allowed us to completely paint the faded and flimsy old school building, build and paint an entire new cement brick classroom equipped with new tables and chairs for 32 students, purchase a 7000 litre water tank and repair an existing water tank and pay off two significant debts. From an extremely touching letter Sarah Sam wrote us and a thank you speech from one of the twelve year old girls we truly felt our volunteering experience was worthwhile.”

Although our volunteers are not obliged to provide donations, the money raised can go a long way in these third world countries and being able to see your donation make a difference in front of your eyes is extremely rewarding. Thanks Madeleine, and to all those who have provided for their projects! When you register we can provide you with an A-Z fundraising booklet to help get you started.

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