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Curious About Volunteering In Cambodia?

If you're considering volunteering in Cambodia, have a read of these journal entries from IVHQ volunteers working on our Teaching program in Cambodia. 

"Looking back I could not have asked for a better 4 weeks"

Hiskia van der Laey (Netherlands) – Teaching, 4 weeks

Together with another volunteer I taught class 4, 5 and 6. The first week we taught in the afternoons from 2-5pm; then we switched to the mornings from 8-11am. The afternoons are free then for planning your next day class or relax or go with another project.

The director told us from which chapters we had to start teaching, but aside from this information we were left on our own. The kids are really great and will help you when they see you are struggling with the book. There are a few games that they truly enjoy and will keep asking you to play like hangman.

Each class we started writing down the date, day and month. Repetition is key for them. They are great in memorising every word. Probably this is not the best way for them to learn a language but it works for them. The teacher will stay with you in class and help you when translation is needed or when you need their help in calming the kids.

This experience was more than I expected. The kids are so great and loveable, tomorrow will be my last day and I’m truly not looking forward to say goodbye to these children. I hope that I have made some difference in their lives because they have truly made one in mine!

I just had my last sleep in the volunteer house and looking back I could not have asked for a better 4 weeks. These weeks have been great, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, etc. Living here at the volunteer house felt like being at home. The warmth and safety I received was incredible. Meeting the other volunteers was also lovely and better than I expected. Then, my experience teaching, this was such an incredible experience - I felt honoured being here. I will miss their smiles, laughs, hugs, everything. Thank you everybody I had an incredible four weeks. You will be missed a lot! 

"Teaching these beautiful and resilient children has given me more than I could have asked"

Desiree Oh (Singapore/Melbourne) – Teaching, 4 weeks

IVHQ volunteers in Cambodia

Sitting at the dinner table, having my last breakfast after 4 weeks here. I am sad to leave. It has been such an incredible experience and everyone here at the volunteer house has taken such good care of all of us. I will miss the food, the smiles, the chats, the movie nights, the sound of traffic and roosters in the morning – everything!

Teaching these beautiful and resilient children has given me more than I could have asked. I am so glad I came with no expectations because now I can say it has been much more than I could have asked for. Thank you and I will never forget this country and the people I have met!


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