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Care Packages for Cambodians

The combined efforts of three IVHQ Cambodia volunteers, Daniel LaRoche, Sinu Fogarizzu and Keisha Courtney, have made an invaluable contribution to the lives of evicted families in Thmor Samleang village.

Daniel and Keisha share the story behind their inspiring efforts in developing the 'Care Packages for Cambodians' project:

"The villagers were evicted from their land and moved to a new area that lacks the resources they need to support themselves and be self sufficient. Our NGO is working with them on the legal end to help get farming land so they can have an income. We decided as volunteers, having no legal experience, that we would help in our own way. Sinu found a family in the village where a man was paralyzed from the waist down because his house has collapsed on him. She arranged to have him brought to the hospital and our fundraising for a new house began. It took two weeks to build the house and the family was able to settle in once they returned from the hospital.

After the house project, Sinu returned home and Keisha arrived. I gave Keisha all the background information on the village and what we had done so far. We decided that care packages would be our next big project to help with food and hygiene," shares Daniel.

Keisha continues, "We wanted to do something meaningful while we were in Cambodia, something that would leave an impact. Daniel and Sinu were able to get interviews with some of the people living in the village. From there, I edited this video together of the hardships people in the Thmor Samleang village faced.

Once I finished editing the video, I built a donating page with the help of Daniel and I put the word out about our project and the donations just started coming in. We were able to raise $1,300 in just 22 days! With that money we were able to provide 70 families with personal hygiene items, medicine and food. You can see the finished product of all of our hard work here."

"The assistance of CVF (IVHQ's Cambodia partner organization) was so helpful in this project. We rented a van for the day, talked to a rice shop and had them separate 70 bags of rice at 10kg each, and ordered everything else from the convenient store across the street from the volunteer house! Bath soap, dish soap, laundry soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, bandages, antiseptic, paracetamol, and canned fish. Then, we delivered the packages to each family at their home. The appreciation we got from our villagers was really great. It was a great, successful project," adds Daniel. 

Daniel, Sinu and Keisha were all volunteers on the IVHQ Human Rights program in Cambodia.


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