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Leave a Review Competition Terms and Conditions

The Leave a Review competition is only available to IVHQ volunteers who submit feedback regarding their volunteer experience with IVHQ on review platforms chosen by IVHQ, and have received an email from IVHQ inviting them to Leave a Review.


IVHQ Prize – refers to the IVHQ Program that forms the prize of this competition. All volunteers who complete the above steps will be entered in a quarterly draw to win a complimentary IVHQ Registration Fee and 2 week Program Fee for a specified IVHQ program.

Winner – refers to the individual winner of the IVHQ Prize


  • Volunteers who receive an email inviting them to Leave a Review Online must follow the steps outlined in the invitation email, which includes but is not limited to:
  1. Write a review on a suitable third-party review website. Suitability will be decided by IVHQ and the organisation reserves the right amend it’s judgement of suitability at any time.

  2. Reply to the invitation email with confirmation that you have written a review. IVHQ takes no responsibility for emails not received for any reason.

  • A winner will be drawn on the following dates: 1 May 2015, 1 September 2015 and 1 January 2016. Entries received after each draw date will not be eligible to win the IVHQ Prize in that draw will not be carried-over to the next draw .
  • The winner will be notified via an email from IVHQ and the judge’s decision is final.
  • The winner will need to arrange and pay for the compulsory and necessary requirements to participate on an IVHQ program, which include but are not limited to flights, travel insurance, visa and a criminal background check.
  • The winner is able to extend the duration of their IVHQ Prize program by paying the relevant additional Program Fee and associated costs.
  • The program and duration of the IVHQ Prize will be chosen by IVHQ and is not subject to negotiation.
  • The IVHQ Prize will include an IVHQ Registration Fee and 2 Week Program Fee for a specified IVHQ program.
  • The IVHQ Prize will be awarded to the winner and the prize is not transferrable to any other person.
  • The IVHQ Prize is to be used by the winner within 12 months of being notified that they are the winner.
  • The IVHQ Prize is not transferrable for an existing program or cash.
  • By accepting the IVHQ Prize the winner agrees to IVHQ Terms and Conditions.
  • By accepting the IVHQ Prize the winner allows the use of their name in promotional material relating to the competition.
  • Employees of IVHQ, their families and others associated with the competition are not eligible for the IVHQ Prize.

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