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Hill Crest

IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - Hill Crest
Hillcrest Orphanage in Tanzania

Project: Teaching
Program: Tanzania

What do IVHQ volunteers do at this placement?
Teaching volunteers in Tanzania have the opportunity to volunteer at Hill Crest with both preschool and primary school classes. Volunteers here play a vital role in many aspects of running the school, from picking up and taking the students home each day, to teaching and preparing class and homework, to playing with the students at break. Two former volunteers send money every month for the students to receive a good balanced meal each day. Volunteers are responsible for preparing this meal, feeding the children and cleaning up. Volunteers can also be involved in cleaning the school grounds, ensuring the area is clean and safe for the children. 

Who runs this placement?
The directors and founders, Isaac and Elizabeth, are a local couple who opened the school to help children in the most unfortunate home situations. The orphanage is also now run by a former IVHQ volunteer from North Carolina, Katherine Kelly, who has since spent 8 months in Arusha volunteering at Hill Crest and will move to Arusha in September to oversee the building of the boarding school. Katherine was made a co-director of Hill Crest by Isaac and Elizabeth and the three of them share the same vision for the orphanage.

IVHQ volunteer Katherine visiting Hillcrest in Tanzania

How will the IVHQ Booster Awards money be used to benefit this placement?
There is currently an ongoing project for Hill Crest, which aims to raise $75,000 and build a boarding school for Hill Crest. By winning the $5,000 Booster Award, Hill Crest will be closer to meeting this goal. $5,000 is enough to build an entire dormitory and buy the bunk beds for it as well. This will directly help 16 of the 32 students who will board at the new Hill Crest, which will start to be built in October.

Isaac and Elizabeth take in many children in the community living in brutal conditions and have had these children live with their own family. When the new boarding school is built, Isaac, Elizabeth, and their family will also live on campus, so they can take provide full-time care for the students and help run the school.

What is the long-term vision for this placement?
The long-term vision for Hill Crest is to continue to provide for children in the community, including those children with families and those without. Hill Crest is now located in a Maasai village in Arusha and services roughly 60 children. With the addition of a second campus, many more children in the community will have direct access to food, education, and hope for a better future. Once the new Hill Crest is built, the directors hope to gain sponsorship for each of the students. Isaac and Elizabeth also dream of opening a secondary school in the future, so once this project is completed and running smoothly, this will be the next project for Hill Crest.

Members of the Hillcrest staff in Tanzania with IVHQ

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