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Health Campaigns

IVHQ Booster Grant Recipient - India Health Campaigns
IVHQ Health Campaigns in India

Project: Health
Program: India

What do IVHQ volunteers do at this placement?
Healthcare volunteers in India have the opportunity to join periodically run health campaigns in the slum community of Faridabad. The IVHQ team in India hire a local doctor, purchase medicines and make transportation arrangements for volunteers to travel to the health camp location. Local IVHQ staff are present to assist with translations between volunteers and patients and with the doctor. Volunteers carry out checkups, take blood pressure and vitals, and discuss patient symptoms with the local doctor.

Who runs this placement?
The Health Camps were established in 2003 by the IVHQ India Coordinator, Ananta, and the camps continue to be run by the IVHQ team in India.

How will the IVHQ Booster Awards money be used to benefit this placement?
Any money from the Booster Awards will be beneficial in covering the costs associated with running the health campaigns (hiring doctors, purchasing medicines and transportation costs) and contributing towards the hospital treatment costs for some patients. The award money will help ensure ongoing support can be provided to the slum communities where these health campaigns are hosted.

IVHQ Booster Grants - Health Campaigns in India

What is the long-term vision for this placement?
To provide sustainable and ongoing healthcare support to communities in India living below the poverty line with no government support.

India Health Campaigns - IVHQ Booster Grants

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