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Volunteer in Asia 2017

IVHQ Volunteer in Asia in 2017

Volunteering in Asia in 2017 with International Volunteer HQ is the ideal way to travel to and give back, without breaking the bank. There are twelve Asia volunteer programs to choose from with projects covering everything from Teaching English to Wild Elephant Conservation. So don’t let the rest of 2017 flitter away - just go!

Volunteer in Bali - Ubud

White sand beaches, cascading rice paddies, lush scenery and a bounty of activities - what’s not to love about beautiful Bali! If you want an action packed volunteer experience or to have enough time to stop and enjoy the pristine beaches - Bali will work! Even if you are coming alone or bringing your entire family - Bali is a fit! The project choices are plentiful - with Teaching, Construction and Renovation, Turtle Conservation, Environmental Education, Healthcare Education and Kindergarten placements on offer. The Program is based in the the cultural center of Ubud, except if you opt for the Turtle Conservation project, in which case you’ll be based on the island of Nusa Penida and have a stunning beach as your backyard. With Bali being one of IVHQ’s most popular programs you’ll become fast friends with all other like minded volunteers! Then in your spare time you can easily island-hop over to the remarkable Gili Islands or knock off an unforgettable trip of a lifetime to the Komodo Islands!

Volunteering in Bali with IVHQ

My time in Bali was truly an unforgettable experience! They have the most beautiful culture and are the sweetest most welcoming people. The local team go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and like family. MADISON HELMS

Volunteer in Bali - Lovina

If you want a truly unique Balinese experience and to get off the beaten track, then Lovina is made for you. While located on the coast, Lovina is the polar opposite of its well known counterpart Kuta, in the south west of Bali. You’ll leave Lovina knowing you’ve experienced a rare insight into rural Balinese life and had an empowering impact on the people, community and environment you’ve come to know and love. The tranquil beachside setting and knowledgable local team, make it a volunteer program well suited to young travelers, as well as families or older adventurers who want to kick back and quickly become part of the local community. If you are looking for a destination to unwind in while making a positive impact then the Bali - Lovina program is the place for you.

IVHQ Volunteer Programs In Asia 2017 Bali - Lovina

Volunteer in Cambodia

Right in the heart and heat of Asia, you’ll find a country with some of the friendliest communities you’ve ever come across! Be prepared to be swept up by the Khmer charm while experiencing Cambodia. Volunteers can be placed in the intriguing cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, or the Cambodian provinces of Pursat and Kampong Speu. With so many project options to choose from it’s the perfect destination for everyone. You can opt for Teaching English, Special Needs Care, Childcare, Computer Support and Working with NGOs. Cambodia is known as the ‘land of smiles’ and you won’t be short of a smile when you discover how far your dollar will go here. Traveling to Cambodia with IVHQ means you’ll pay as little as US $350 for a 2-week program. Not to mention making the most of your free time isn’t going to cost you the earth - whether you’re sampling the Khmer cuisine, exploring the local markets or tuk tuking around the city center.

Volunteer in Cambodia with IVHQ

My five weeks in Cambodia were the best weeks of my life. The other volunteers became my family while I was there. The kids I worked with had the biggest hearts and changed my life more than I ever expected. I would do it again in a heartbeat. ISABELLE PACE

Volunteer in China

IVHQers are based in the ancient Chinese city of Xi’an - one of the four great ancient capital cities (along with Rome, Athens and Cairo)! That alone is enough reason to visit! With a history of over 3,100 years, there is no shortage of things to see and do. Not to mention the city is home to the world famous Terracotta Warriors. Definitely a must visit. While there volunteers can work on the Teaching English Project or Special Needs Care. China is a vast country so once you’ve traversed the sights of Xi’an there is plenty to see further afield. Also have we mentioned dumplings and noodles? The cuisine is mouthwatering and something we are sure you’ll happily overindulge in!

Become a volunteer in China with IVHQ

My volunteer experience in China was the best 8 weeks of my life. I completely fell in love with the kids at our Special Needs Centre in Xi’an (Jing Jie Niao). With only a small group of 8 children most of the time, I really had the opportunity to understand each of the kids and their likes and dislikes - which formulated a bond I can’t put into words! ALICIA CROSSLEY

Volunteer in India - Delhi

India has captured the heart of many an explorer. It has a depth of history, culture, architecture and delicious food to boot! IVHQ Delhi has three projects: you can help children without access to education on the Slum Teaching project, or provide assistance to local staff at one of our Childcare placements. If you’re a university student seeking medical or nursing experience, you can volunteer on our Healthcare projects. The IVHQ India - Delhi program is located in Delhi, although the majority of placements are located in the city of Faridabad. The optional orientation week also gives first-time travelers to India the chance to learn more about the Indian culture, undertake language lessons, watch a Bollywood movie in a local theatre, and visit the ever-famous Taj Mahal! Delhi is an extensive city where something is always happening. Not to mention once you are in India you can live on the cheap, meaning you can make your hard earned dollars go further! So your weekends in India will never be dull with our local team on hand to help plan trips to Rajasthan, trekking journeys, and visits to nearby temples and waterfalls.

India volunteering with IVHQ

I made so many likeminded friends that I’m sure will last a lifetime and my experience in my placement in a slum school in outer Delhi I cannot even begin to describe; it was profound and undeniably changed my outlook on life. ISABELLA MAHER

Volunteer in India - Dharamsala

If monks and monasteries sound like something you’d like to experience then the India - Dharmsala program will be right up your alley! Volunteer placements are located in Bir, a predominantly Tibetan community and home to a number of Buddhist monasteries. There are three meaningful projects: you can work with monks in local monasteries on the Teaching English Project, or work in childcare centers catering to the surrounding community of Tibetan refugees on the Childcare Project, or if you’re a university student seeking medical or nursing experience you can volunteer on the Healthcare projects. The optional orientation week in Delhi also gives first-time travelers to India the chance to learn more about the Indian culture! Once in Bir volunteers have free time to relax or take the opportunity to explore Dharamsala or other areas in India, such as Amritsar, McLeod Ganj, or Andretta.

Volunteer in Dharamsala, India with IVHQ

The monastery was incredible and teaching has been beyond rewarding. The monks are absolutely brilliant and want to learn. The home stay was incredible. I have never been treated with such gracious open arms. MACY HELM

Volunteer in Laos

While neighbouring countries Thailand and Vietnam have long been on the travel radar, Laos is on the up! The IVHQ Laos program is based in Honkau Village just outside of the capital city, Vientiane. The five day volunteer orientation immerses you in the local culture and customs, plus it’s a great way to meet fellow volunteers and potential travel buddies! Laos is a brilliant place to set off from after you volunteer so you get more travel under your belt and tick off places like Myanmar and Cambodia! During your time in Laos you can volunteer on Teaching English, Childcare and Construction and Renovation projects. If you’re short on time you can just dip your feet and get a small taste of volunteering in Laos on a special 1 week program.

IVHQ volunteering in Laos

The IVHQ volunteer program and Laos itself made the trip so much more than just another trip, to be able to give back to the world with amazing volunteers/friends was just an unforgettable journey and an extraordinary experience. BYRANT CHENG

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal has it all - and with a peaceful outlook! Volunteer placements are located in four main areas within Nepal. You can barrel through the traffic clogged streets of Kathmandu, or experience life on the fertile plains of Chitwan, breath in the crisp mountain air in Chitlang, or encounter the hustle of the popular tourist destination of Pokhara. IVHQ has a wide range of volunteer abroad projects in Nepal, including Teaching English, Childcare and Medical Elective. Obviously, you’ll also have to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails. Don’t worry you don’t have to be Mt Everest fit - you can find trekking trips to cater for all fitness levels, time spans and budgets. Also if you’re short on time you can experience a taste of volunteering on a special 1-week program.

IVHQ Volunteer in Nepal

I believe that our interactions with the children were a testament to the value of the project. I feel like I have really grown after volunteering, especially since I was travelling alone for the first time in my life. CELESTE TAN

Volunteer in the Philippines

Want a volunteer destination where you have more than 7,000 islands at your doorstep? The Philippines is a hidden gem waiting to be explored! When volunteering in the Philippines with IVHQ, you will be based in the Aborlan District, a laid back small community outside of Puerto Princesa City, which is bursting with friendly smiling locals. Volunteers can work on Kindergarten, Teaching, Construction and Renovation, or Environmental projects. So if you are wanting to get off the beaten track and immerse yourself in a culture than the Philippines project is perfect for you! On the Island of Palawan you can treat yourself to swimming, snorkeling, diving or chilling under a waterfall - and that is just on one Island! Imagine the wonders waiting for you, and you can do it without needing to spend up large! Budget airlines make island-hopping within the Philippines, or to nearby countries cheap and easy.

IVHQ Volunteer in the Philippines

This experience really opened my eyes and my heart, made me appreciate and tolerate different people, culture and way of living. I will definitely come back to the Philippines one day! GRETA PUODZIUNAITE

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the ultimate volunteer destination. With an abundance of wildlife, national parks, beaches, historical sites and and no shortage of tourism activities there is always something to keep you busy. The people are friendly, traveling around is easy, the food is tasty and it’s incredibly affordable making it an all-round destination and great for solo-travelers. You’ll quickly feel right at home and like you never want to leave. Volunteers are either located in the sacred city of Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, or within the Wasgamuwa National Park. Volunteers can choose from Teaching English local monks, Special Needs Care, Rural Community Development, Childcare, Medical, Elderly Care, Temple Renovation and working within a Wild Elephant corridor in the highlands. With an affordable and an accessible rail network, weekend trips are easily arranged and volunteers may choose to participate in a mountain hike, go whale watching or explore a local tea plantation.

IVHQ Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Every experience in life helps you develop as a person, and this is no exception! I think that traveling in general widens a person’s perspective and worldview, but volunteering while traveling does so much more! It puts into perspective what is really important in this world, and helps ground you as a person. RENNE ASHTON

Volunteer in Thailand

Want the real Thai cultural experience? Those IVHQing in Thailand get nothing less. The program is based in the Hill Tribe region of Chiang Rai. This northernmost province of Thailand is renowned for its beautiful mountain scenery and historic sites. Volunteers support Teaching English and Outdoor Work projects within the community. Physical labor is the aim of the game on the Outdoor Work project, as volunteers work on a variety of different hands-on tasks, including developing community gardens, making bricks, and repairing roads throughout the Hill Tribe communities. Teaching volunteers have the opportunity to develop the English language skills of local school children and adults from these Hill Tribes communities. Volunteers are accommodated on-site at our partner organization’s headquarters in Chiang Rai. During the weekends you’ll be spoilt for choice with activity options including the stunning ‘Wat Rong Khun’ aka the ‘White Temple’. The morning and night bazaar is a great place to get lost (and grab yourself a bargain!), while tackling a trek should top your bucket list with stunning scenery to explore in the mountainous terrain of Northern Thailand!

IVHQ Volunteer in Thailand

My homestay had a breathtakingly beautiful view, it was like heaven. This program works well and is well designed and supported for volunteers. Thanks for all the good work! FANGQIN CHEN

Volunteer in Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh

Ancient pagodas and towering skyscrapers, ramshackle markets and urban malls - Ho Chi Minh is a captivating city of contrasts. As an IVHQ volunteer, you will have the chance to experience the culture, history, incredible food, characteristic scenery of Vietnam, and will be sure to make marvelous memories! Enthusiasm and a caring nature will be well rewarded on the Teaching English, Special Needs/Childcare, Medical or Feeding the Homeless projects. You’ll be accommodated in a dormitory with fellow volunteers so there are plenty of opportunities to make lasting friendships and find travel buddies. This is the ideal destination for volunteers looking to join a program with a good mix of work and play. From a visit to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, a Mekong Delta boat ride, a weekend to the world renowned beaches of Phu Quoc Island, it’s a country that has a lot to offer volunteers!

IVHQ Volunteer in Vietnam

I absolutely loved that I was able to go to all the volunteer areas on offer. IVHQ weekends were amazing! And the local staff were the best!! SHELLEY HUME

Still stuck on where to volunteer abroad in Asia? Take the Where Should You Volunteer In Asia? quiz for some inspiration!

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