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Volunteer in Africa 2017

Volunteer in Africa with IVHQ in 2017

Becoming a volunteer in Africa in 2017 and exploring this vast and beautiful continent is now easier than ever thanks to affordable volunteer program fees, safe and secure project locations and ongoing 24/7 support from IVHQ and our local teams.

No matter where you choose to volunteer in Africa, you’ll find meaningful volunteer projects where you contribution is genuinely appreciated from the communities in which we work. Couple this with exciting weekend travel options and the opportunity to meet hundreds of like-minded travelers from all over the world, and you’ve got a volunteer destination that’s perfect for solo travelers, couples, senior travelers, families and groups.

Keep reading below for a quick look at all IVHQ’s volunteer programs in Africa, designed to assist you in choosing your perfect destination and project…

Volunteer in Zambia

Zambia is fast becoming a favorite destination of IVHQ volunteers, as it provides a wide variety of meaningful community-based volunteer projects set in close proximity to awe-inspiring natural wonders and world class tourist activities. The IVHQ Zambia program is based in Livingstone with the stunning Victoria Falls in your backyard. IVHQ volunteers can take part in Teaching, Childcare, Medical, Elderly Care and Community Development projects. Not only is it ideal for young solo travelers, the IVHQ volunteer program in Zambia doubles as a fantastic location for families and older volunteers in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Fill Your Free Time in Zambia:
You’ll be spoilt for choice in your spare time! Choose between safaris, zip lining, a cruise on the stunning Zambezi, shopping at the local markets and of course a visit to the stunning Victoria Falls! The IVHQ Zambia local team is happy to help facilitate your weekend plans and provide tips and ideas of what to see and do!

Volunteering in Zambia with IVHQ

Living and volunteering in the village has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. After just 4 short weeks, the place had truly become my home, and the people my family.” Sidney Kannel, IVHQ volunteer in Zambia

Volunteer in Victoria Falls

If you’re interested in Wildlife Conservation and want to experience a volunteer project set on a private game reserve, stop your search and volunteer in Victoria Falls! Volunteers assist in the day-to-day management of a private game reserve, home to native wildlife and the ‘Big 5’ - lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. Tasks include alien vegetation removal (you’ll never look at the lantana plant in the same way!), fence patrols, general cleanups, animal tracking and more, all set near the stunning Victoria Falls. You’ll be accommodated in clean and comfortable dormitory-style accommodation, with the added opportunity to camp out under the stars in a once in a lifetime experience! Just remember to pack gloves, as the work is hard, and binoculars, as the wildlife and scenery is breathtaking!

Fill Your Free Time in Victoria Falls:

Visit Victoria Falls, go zip lining, bungy jumping, gorge swinging, canoeing - the list goes on. You’re weekends are guaranteed to always be full, with activities galore and plenty of volunteers to enjoy it with.

Volunteer in Wildlife Conservation in Victoria Falls with IVHQ

I had the best six weeks of my life on this program. I made the most incredible friends from all over the world and had an amazing time. The program gave me more then I could have imagined in my wildest dreams. I learned so much about wildlife, conservation and ecology. The facilities are outstanding and the food is first class. I can’t praise the staff highly enough. They made me feel entirely at home. The work is very enjoyable……just get completely stuck in! Between the program and the weekend activities, I wiped out my bucket list!” Brendan Comerfield, IVHQ Volunteer in Victoria Falls

Volunteer in Morocco

When considering where to volunteer in Africa, Morocco might not be the first destination that comes to mind but here’s why it should be. As a volunteer in Morocco, you’ll be based in the city of Rabat and the surrounding areas of Casablanca and Sale, with project options including Teaching English or Teaching French, Women’s Education, Sports Development, Childcare and an special project which is available during the holy month of Ramadan. Plus, you also have the option to join IVHQ as a volunteer in Marrakech where you’ll be based in the stunning city of Marrakech and the surrounding Atlas Mountains. Volunteers here can join the Amazigh/Berber Immersion project offering a truly unique experience.

Fill Your Free Time in Morocco:
Strap on some boots and go trekking in the Atlas Mountains, stretching from the Atlantic Coast to Tunisia, travel via 4x4 vehicles through the Sahara Desert or simply spend a weekend sampling (over and over again) the amazing local cuisine and food souks. Top tip: head over to Djemaa el-Fna and surrounding streets for the best street cuisine!

Volunteer as a teacher in Morocco with IVHQ

Volunteering in Morocco has definitely been a good experience and has taught me a lot. The accommodation was excellent. My favourite part of volunteering was working with an advanced English class where we could have in-depth discussions on social issues and really compare our different cultures. Rachel Griffin, IVHQ Volunteer in Morocco

Volunteer in South Africa

There’s a reason South Africa is one of IVHQ’s most popular destinations! You’re given the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the community and provide valuable assistance in community schools around Cape Town on the Teaching, Sports Development and Computer Training projects. You might prefer lending a helping hand at a local childcare center, or tackling one of IVHQ’s most unique experiences on the Surf Outreach project. Add to this the fact that South Africa is one of the 17 most megadiverse destinations in the world, and you’ve got plenty of reasons why traveling to and volunteering in South Africa should be an easy choice.

Fill Your Free Time in South Africa:

You’ll be living and working in an area renowned for its cafe culture and vibrant nightlife, but more than that you’ll have Table Mountain on your doorstep. Plus the beach is so close to the volunteer accommodation that a day in the sand is a go-to option for volunteers. Plus, it wouldn’t be a trip to Africa without a safari!

Hike Table Mountain as an IVHQ volunteer in South Africa

The one month I spent in South Africa wasn’t nearly enough time! The Surf Outreach program was fun and relaxed, which meant that you really got to know the kids, because they were always just so happy to be there! You meet so many like-minded people from all of these far off places and you do pretty much everything with them so you all end up like one big family! I definitely recommend going to South Africa, it’ a beautiful country with beautiful people and when you volunteer you really get to live like a local.” Brianna Hollis, IVHQ volunteer in South Africa

Volunteer in Kenya

Kenya has always been one of IVHQ’s most popular volunteer programs in Africa, with safe and affordable opportunities for volunteers to give back to the local communities. In Kenya, you can choose to support Teaching, Childcare, Special Needs Care, Sports Education, Women’s Education or Music volunteer projects. You’ll be based in a range of rural and urban areas around Nairobi and Mombasa. Project and location options cater to a range of ages and abilities, including working within a Maasai community for the more adventurous volunteer. The Maasai Teaching project offers the opportunity for volunteers to live with a traditional Maasai family, while contributing your skills and knowledge to local rural schools within the Maasai community.

Fill Your Free time in Kenya:

When volunteering in Africa, make sure your budget allows you to take a safari! When you arrive in Kenya, the local team are more than happy to help arrange safari trips for you and you fellow IVHQers, so there’s no need to book one in advance. A safari through the Maasai Mara is a truly unbeatable experience and it is a must-do for any volunteer traveling to Kenya.

Childcare volunteers in Kenya with IVHQ

It was the most amazing experience of my life. I not only fell in love with everyone I met, but also the country. I can not wait to go back and continue working with the amazing people.” Kirra Stewart, IVHQ Volunteer in Kenya

Volunteer in Tanzania

What’s not to love about Tanzania? You’ve got the Serengeti National Park and Zanzibar right on your doorstep, and an all-round exotic backdrop which makes it a popular choice for volunteers in Africa. Your contribution to IVHQ’s meaningful volunteer projects is also highly appreciated by the local communities in which you’ll be working. Contribute your high energy levels to working with young children on the Childcare and Teaching projects. You’ll be working in public schools, teaching a range of subjects to local students while sharing your own culture and stories. Those with a background in Medicine should consider joining IVHQ’s Medical project, working in a variety of clinics and hospital settings, or supporting the personal and professional development of local women living with HIV/AIDS.

Fill Your Free Time in Tanzania:

Where do we start?! Why not conquer Mt Kilimanjaro, join fellow IVHQers on a safari through the Serengeti National Park, or lay back on the beaches of Zanzibar. Wait until you arrive in country to make your weekend plans, as the IVHQ local team in Tanzania is more than happy to help you organize your weekend excursions.

IVHQ's William Rowland in Tanzania

Accommodation was OUTSTANDING! Meals were fantastic! and we were all spoiled rotten. Amazing placement. Amazing time. Amazing experience. Mary Hewlett, IVHQ Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer in Uganda

Dubbed the ‘Pearl of Africa’, volunteers are flocking to Uganda for a real taste of Africa and the opportunity to support a wide variety of community projects. For those with a passion for education and working with youth, consider the Teaching and Childcare projects, or join Sports Education to introduce the local community to your favorite sport! Those with the correct Medical qualifications can opt for the Medical project, while the Special Needs Care, HIV/AIDS Support and Womens Education also provide meaningful opportunities to provide support within the local community. Based 15 kilometers from the capital of Kampala, the volunteer accommodation comprises of a dormitory volunteer house, offering a real sense of community. You’ll always feel safe, secure and well supported.

Fill Your Free Time in Uganda:

You don’t need to travel far from the volunteer accommodation to encounter awesome adventures while in Uganda. Around Kampala, volunteers enjoy shopping and the ‘Exposure Africa Craft Markets’ or taking a boat tour across the stunning Lake Victoria. The Botanical Gardens offer a great place to explore, while making new friends with local monkeys roaming the grounds! If you’re willing to travel further afield, consider Gorilla Trekking or the adventure sports capital of East Africa, Jinja!

Sports Education volunteer in Uganda with IVHQ

I left Uganda as a completely different woman. And part of my heart is still there. Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they saw me. Accommodation was great. Thank you so much for the opportunity to go on this adventure. It was the most amazing experience of my life! Lalani Purvis, IVHQ volunteer in Uganda

Volunteer in Ghana

Ghana is a much-loved volunteer destination among IVHQ volunteers, and its popularity continues to grow. Volunteers are accommodated in houses with fellow volunteers in rural villages and townships within the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The community-based projects include Teaching, Childcare and Sports Development for those who prefer classroom settings, as well as Construction and Renovation, and Agriculture projects for those wanting to get their hands dirty! Finally, for volunteers with the relevant qualifications, the Medical project is perfect for those wanting to assist in small rural clinics where they work closely with the local staff.

Fill Your Free Time in Ghana:

A volunteer favorite is to travel just 30 kilometers north of Cape Coast through the tropical rain forest of Kakum National Park where you’ll to encounter endangered forest elephants, monkeys, 300 species of bird and 600 species of butterfly. And be sure to make your way across the Canopy Walkway suspended 98ft over the forest floor! Or capture the magic of the cascading Wli Waterfalls - the highest waterfalls in West Africa!

Volunteer in childcare with IVHQ in Ghana

I had the absolute best time of my life in Ghana. From the moment I stepped off the plane I had staff waiting for me. Orientation was a lovely way to meet new friends and get familiar with the unknown. My project was the perfect match for me. I loved Dodowa and all the people that live there. I WILL be coming back to Ghana!” Dillion Lucas, IVHQ volunteer in Ghana

Volunteer in Madagascar

If you love being close to the ocean - stop your search and volunteer in Madagascar! Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and amazing local communities make this destination so special. It’s no wonder this program rates as one of the most popular destinations for volunteers of all ages, and constantly receives such positive feedback. The project options available also make Madagascar such a desirable destination, with a tough choice between diving into Marine Conservation, Forest Conservation, Teaching, and Construction and Renovation projects. The accommodation adds a real community feel to your entire experience and you’ll make new friends and connections for life from the minute you arrive.

Fill Your Free Time in Madagascar:

Either take in the island adventure activities or embrace the slower “mola mola” Malagasy way of life. Join local village guides for an in depth tour of your surroundings, or hire scooters and quad bikes to travel further afield and explore the lakes, beaches and waterfalls nearby.

The volunteer accomodation for IVHQ volunteers in Madagascar

My volunteer experience in Madagascar was absolutely incredible. I spent my trip working in the Marine Conservation Program and it was such an experience. The staff are so helpful and work so hard to make sure every volunteer has the best experience in Madagascar. One of my favorite things was falling asleep listening to the ocean. So peaceful and calming. I learned so much on this trip that will stay with me forever. Katherine Krouse, IVHQ volunteer in Madagascar


It’s not too late to apply to volunteer abroad in Africa in 2017 with IVHQ, so secure your place below!

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