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IVHQ Reviews In Tweets

With thousands of IVHQers joining us every year, reading through all of our reviews is no small task, so we’re keeping it simple and sharing a series of IVHQ Reviews in less than 140 characters - thanks to Twitter!

“IVHQing is addictive”

There’s a valid reason why we have such a high volume of returning IVHQ volunteers - some have wanderlust, but our volunteers have IVHQlust*.

* [noun] an irressistible desire to travel and change lives, while unexpectedly changing one’s own

IVHQ Review from volunteer Jess Pittroff

IVHQ Tweet from Costa Rica

IVHQ Review from volunteer Elena Soper

“Qualified life changers”

While our specialized team is well qualified in preparing you for your upcoming volunteer adventure, some say we’re qualified life changers too…

IVHQ Review from volunteer Nikki Goguen

“Simply the best”

Those IVHQers ready and waiting for their volunteer trips should be warned, the best times of your lives are yet to come…

IVHQ Review from volunteer Byrony Armstrong

IVHQ Review from volunteer Andrea

“Hooked on IVHQ”

Playing cupid and connecting volunteers with programs that they fall in love with is our forté :)

Tweet about International Volunteer HQ

“Seriously, IVHQ”

We’re seriously proud to provide thousands of international travelers with the word’s best volunteer abroad programs, and grateful to receive so many recommendations from our IVHQ Alumni!

IVHQ Review from volunteer Abby

“It’s not what you expect”

That’s why they say come with an open mind…

IVHQ Review from volunteer Jan Elizabeth

“Just awesome”

Because “good” is never good enough for IVHQ, we strive to ensure our volunteer programs are unforgettably awesome.

IVHQ Review from IVHQ volunteer Andrea

“It’s a love hate relationship”

We love developing new volunteer opportunities for our IVHQers, but at the same time, we don’t envy the decision you have to make in choosing between programs…

IVHQ Review from volunteer Josie Eacho

“Time of my life”

We can guarantee that if you come prepared to learn about a new country and culture, meet new people, and demonstrate your dedication to making a valuable contribution, you will without a doubt have the time of your life. However, we can’t make any guarantees that you’ll be happy to head home…

IVHQ Review from volunteer Andrea CalzadaIVHQ Review from IVHQ volunteer Andrea Calzada

If you like to keep it simple and want to share a short review with us too, flick us a tweet @IVHQ and those looking for IVHQ reviews in excess of 140 characters can check out these volunteer abroad reviews.

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