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Blessed Bright Future

Blessed Bright Future - IVHQ Booster Grant
Blessed Bright Future orphanage in Ghana

Project: Orphanage Work
Program: Ghana

What do IVHQ volunteers do at this placement?
Volunteers placed at Blessed Bright Future assist with the day to day running of the orphanage and care for the children. Since the orphanage founder/house mother, Mama Peace, passed away from cancer in September 2012, the home has been struggling. It has only been through the dedication of the remaining staff, and collaboration and donations of volunteers, that the home has been able to begin recovering from the loss and find a new system for caring for the children.

Who runs this placement?
Mr. Philip Anim is the founder and father of the Blessed Bright Future Orphanage. Alongside Mr. Anim is Selasie, Tina, Amanda, and Margaret, who are his daughters who help to run the home. Lastly, Madam Gloria is the headmistress of the school for the children and she serves as another house mother and mentor to the children.

Children from Blessed Bright Future in Ghana

How will the IVHQ Booster Awards money be used to benefit this placement?
The money awarded through the Booster Awards will greatly benefit Blessed Bright Future Orphanage and will be used towards paying for the school fees, medical supplies and food for the 60 children served by the orphanage.

What is the long-term vision for this placement?
The long-term vision for Blessed Bright Future Orphanage is to offer a brighter future for the children served by the home. Mama Peace started this vision with the founding of the home while she was alive, and our goal alongside the home staff is to continue this and make her proud by giving the children and safe and healthy home to live in.

Currently, the accommodations for the children are not owned by the founders and therefore the children are scattered in various housing of the founder’s relatives who allow the children on their land. The elders who own the children's accommodations are unhappy with this situation and have often threatened to remove the children from their homes. 

In addition to the threat of loosing their accommodation, the current accommodation facilities are unsafe and cause many health issues for the children. The roof does not seal the top of the house, and thus rain soaks the children during the rainy season. Also, mosquitos flood the house due to the unsealed roof and in two weeks over 20 children were struck by malaria. Lastly, there is not place for storage in the home, therefore the children's clothes are on the floor, full of dirt, which causes skin rashes and other disease, such as ringworm. Thus, a long-term goal of Blessed Bright Future is to build a new home for the family and children served by the oprhanage that will provide a safer environment to promote better health and less medical bills.

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