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Remote Internships

Remote Internship Programs with Intern Abroad HQ

Launch your global career from home with affordable remote internships from Intern Abroad HQ. If you’re looking for an alternative to traveling overseas right now and want to find virtual internships that enable you to work within impact-driven organizations around the world, Intern Abroad HQ has the opportunity for you.

As a division of International Volunteer HQ, the Intern Abroad HQ team is committed to connecting you with online internships that enable you to use your professional development as a force for good. Internship opportunities are available across a diverse range of career fields, including healthcare, environmental conservation, microfinance, marketing, NGO support, working with start-ups and more!

Intern Abroad HQ’s remote internships provide a proven platform to master your project management and communication skills, practice in-demand skills within a specific career discipline, and make your resume stand out.

Why apply for a remote internship with Intern Abroad HQ?
  • Intern remotely with an international organization
  • Gain career-relevant experience, working alongside experienced professionals
  • Cultivate cross-cultural experience and internationally-recognized credentials
  • Work part-time or full-time from anywhere
  • Choose from 100, 250 or 350 hours
  • Start your internship at any time
Affordable global experiences

Affordable global experiences

Competitively priced placements with international organizations that enhance your cultural intelligence, self-awareness and global understanding.
Exclusive experiential learning curriculum

Exclusive experiential learning curriculum

Our reflection-based curriculum supports your learning experience to foster transferable skills that are essential for employability.
Customized for you

Customized for you

Our flexible internships are tailored to meet your course credit, academic major or career path requirements, with remote and in-country options across 13 destinations.
Socially & environmentally responsible

Socially & environmentally responsible

As a certified B Corporation, our impact on interns, local teams, communities and the environment is audited and held to the highest standards

Whether you’re completing your internship remotely from the comfort of home, or in conjunction with gap year travels, studies or other employment, our online internships will put your independence and career aspirations in action to enhance your future employability.

Who can apply for a remote internship?

Intern Abroad HQ offers online internship placements to graduates, college students and young professionals anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop!

How does it work?
What is included in your remote internship?
  • Placement within a respected local organization in your chosen country
  • Expert guidance from a professional support team
  • A custom-built Remote Internship Manual to set your objectives and track your achievements
  • 100% customizable schedule, developed in collaboration with your Internship Coordinator
  • Personalized online orientation and coaching
  • Guided experiential learning course
  • International reference letter
How much does it cost?

Choose from the following affordable remote internship options to fit your schedule:

  • 3 weeks (100 hours, full-time online internship)
  • 5 weeks (100 hours, part-time online internship)
    Total Price: US$948

  • 8 weeks (up to 250 hours, full-time online internship)
  • 12 weeks (up to 250 hours, part-time online internship)
    Total Price: US$1348

  • 17 weeks (up to 350 hours, full-time online internship)
  • 13 weeks (up to 350 hours, part-time online internship)
    Total Price: US$1648

To find a virtual internship to match your global career goals or academic requirements, browse the full range of remote internships and get started today!

How to get started

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