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Find Your Why with IVHQ

Win the chance to volunteer abroad and live your why with IVHQ

There’s a why behind everything you do.

It's your motivating force and the purpose behind your actions. It helps you go unforgettable places and achieve extraordinary things. It can change your life and have a lasting impact on the lives of others.

Bring your why to life with a volunteer experience abroad on us.

Entries have now closed and we'll be following up with all entrants shortly.

Count Me In For Next Time!

Every meaningful adventure starts with a why!

What’s yours?
We’ve seen the impact that over 110,000 motivated volunteers can have.
Let’s help you join them.

Why have 110,000+ people volunteered with IVHQ?

Discover the motivations of those who have lived their why with us and see what’s possible.

“It sparked a passion to continue international volunteering after seeing growth in myself as a volunteer, and then coming back [as a Program Coordinator] and seeing that same growth in other volunteers after me!”
Kelsey | Peru
“It wasn’t just about giving my time, it was about letting the local culture teach me intricate and sublime values that I wouldn’t be able to pick up anywhere else!”
Gloria | Fiji
“Before my dad passed away, he told me to do the things that matter to you, while you can. His philanthropy inspired me to volunteer in Kenya.”
Michael | Kenya
“So many of my previous travels had been very self-centered. This time, I hoped to see somewhere beautiful and make a difference doing something I loved.”
Hayley | Bali

Here’s what you’ll win:

  • 2 weeks volunteering with IVHQ in the destination of your choice
  • $1,000 flight voucher from IVHQ Flights
  • Travel insurance (to the value of $150)
  • You’ll be joined by videographer to capture your volunteer experience

How it works

Show us why you’re ready to embark on a meaningful adventure. Want to know more? Check out our FAQs

1. Submit your why
1. Submit your why

Tell us your story. Make it unique. Make it genuine.

2. Cross your fingers
2. Cross your fingers

We’ll announce the winner on September 18, 2019.

3. Make a difference
3. Make a difference

We’ll help one stand-out volunteer to live their why, with a free 2 week volunteer abroad experience.

4. Inspire others
4. Inspire others

Star in an awesome video and show future volunteers how they can make an impact too!

How does it work?
It’s simple. Just tell us why you’re motivated to volunteer abroad when you submit your competition entry form. We’re looking to help one worthy volunteer to live their why, with a free 2-week volunteer abroad experience. We’ll announce the winner on September 18, 2019.

Who’s eligible to win?
We encourage anyone who is motivated to volunteer abroad and has a powerful why to enter. Keep in mind that you will need to ensure that you meet the requirements to support the project that you want to volunteer abroad on.

I’ve submitted my why, but do I still need to apply for an IVHQ volunteer program as well?
Entering the ‘Find Your Why’ competition is different to applying to volunteer abroad with IVHQ. To enter the competition, you need to submit what motivates you to volunteer abroad. If you win, we’ll then guide you through the application process.

I’ve already applied to volunteer with IVHQ, should I register now?
Yes. If you register within the campaign period and win the ‘Find Your Why’ prize, your Registration Fee will be refunded to you. However, if you choose to wait until the campaign finishes and you’re not selected as the winner, you might miss the chance to secure your spot on your chosen program.

I’m already registered for an IVHQ program, am I eligible to enter?
Yes. In order to be eligible to win the ‘Find Your Why’ prize, you simply need to tell us why you’re motivated to volunteer abroad.

Will my Registration Fee be refunded to me if I win?
Yes. If you register within the campaign period and win the ‘Find Your Why’ prize, you will have your Registration Fee refunded to you.

When does the campaign finish?
The campaign runs from August 14, 2019 until 7pm PDT on September 12, 2019.

Is travel insurance included in the prize?
Yes. The ‘Find Your Why’ winner will receive travel insurance up to the value of US$150.

I am registered to volunteer with IVHQ, should I pay for my flights or wait for the ‘Find Your Why’ to be drawn?
Yes, you should book your flights. As a general rule, the more organized you are, the cheaper your airfare will be so once you’ve registered for your IVHQ program, we recommend booking through IVHQ Flights as soon as you can. This means that if you’re not the winner of the ‘Find Your Why’ prize, you’ll still have secured the best flight price possible. And, if you’re the lucky recipient of the ‘Find Your Why’ prize and have booked through IVHQ Flights, we will refund the cost of your airfares up to the value of US$1,000.

How do I book my airfares with IVHQ Flights?
Once you have registered for an IVHQ program, simply request a flight quote using the booking tool in your MyIVHQ Profile. We work with a team of expert humanitarian flight agents to make the process of booking your volunteer trip easy and budget-friendly.

Does the ‘Find Your Why’ prize have to be used for IVHQ Flights?
Yes. A Flight Credit valued at US$1,000 must be put towards flights booked via IVHQ Flights to participate on the IVHQ program of your choice.

Does the Flight Credit expire?
The prize winner must travel and begin their IVHQ program before August 01, 2020 and the flight booking must be confirmed with IVHQ Flights at least 3 months before their IVHQ program start date.

Do I have to travel directly to my IVHQ program?
Yes. Flights must be the most direct route to the IVHQ program destination. Additional layovers or transport costs are at the winner’s sole discretion and expense.

Do I lose my Flight Credit if I have to cancel my volunteer program?
The winner must travel and begin their IVHQ program before August 01, 2020 and the flight booking must be confirmed with IVHQ Flights at least 3 months before their program start date. If the winner is, for whatever reason, unable to travel before August 01, 2020, whether the failure was due to reasons beyond the winner’s control or otherwise, then the winner will forfeit the prize.

I’m traveling with a friend/family member, can we use half of the prize each? Or can I gift it to a friend?
No. The ‘Find Your Why’ prize can only be used by the winner and cannot be transferred to, or used by, another person.

Can I redeem my voucher for cash?
No. The Flight Credit cannot be refunded, transferred, substituted or redeemed for cash.