Why Volunteer with International Volunteer HQ?

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10 Great Reasons To Volunteer With IVHQ


One of the main motivations behind the formation of IVHQ was to provide volunteers with high quality, safe and yet extremely affordable volunteering opportunities in developing countries. Many people associate low cost with low quality - not us. Our volunteer programs are the best there are. Still not sure? Over 4000 volunteers travel abroad with IVHQ every year! Read here what they think of us, with our volunteer testimonials. We want to provide you with the best volunteer experience possible at the cheapest price, so you have money to spend on other things while you are abroad. Why spend thousands on volunteering abroad when the best programs and prices are with IVHQ? Programs start from just $180! Check out our affordable volunteer program prices here.


Each and every year International Volunteer HQ places well over 4000 volunteers into our programs worldwide making us one of the most experienced volunteer organizations in the world! This experience ensures our programs and staff are leaders in the world of placing volunteers abroad. The staff and directors are former volunteers who know what it is like to arrive in a foreign country, knowing no-one and about to give up our time to help people we have never met before. We have experienced first hand the programs we offer. We have lived in the accommodation and eaten the food you will. We have experienced the same trepidations and fears before travelling and we will be here to help you. Experience counts! IVHQ is the trusted volunteer organization.


Every volunteer is different and everybody has different expectations from their volunteer placement. Therefore IVHQ has partnered with local organizations who are flexible and can help tailor volunteering placements for each specific volunteer.  Some volunteers may want to work huge hours at their project while others may only want to spend a few hours each day working. Some volunteers may want to work in rural areas, others the city and some may even want a combination of the two. Our partner organization will work with you and do their utmost to ensure your volunteer experience is what you want, not simply what you are given.


While we are prepared to sacrifice charging high fees, we will not sacrifice quality. We are not prepared to send volunteers to a placement that is unsafe or of low quality, and to this end all of the volunteer placements and accommodation options we offer, have been inspected and experienced by IVHQ staff. IVHQ is one of the world’s largest volunteer organizations and much of our growth has been from “word of mouth”. Each year we send over 4000 volunteers abroad. Click here to read what past volunteers think of our programs.


From the moment you pay your registration fee at IVHQ you will have support 24/7 until the day you finish your volunteer project. You will receive an informative online booklet detailing everything you need to know about your imminent volunteer placement specific to your country while you will also be assigned an IVHQ staff member who will be your point of call until you go and also throughout your project. During your volunteer placement you will always have support close at hand through our partner organization in the host country, while IVHQ will be in regular contact to ensure your volunteer experience is everything you expect it to be.


Travelling to a different country and experiencing a different culture can be a scary experience at the best of times, but when you are immersing yourself right into the culture through volunteering and living amongst the local community, this apprehension can often be compounded. While safety can never be totally guaranteed wherever we are in the world, IVHQ and its partner organizations do all they can to ensure your volunteering project is as safe as humanly possible. You are placed in trustworthy institutions and reliable accommodation situations all of which have been inspected and experienced by IVHQ staff.


Volunteers on IVHQ’s programs often form life long friendships with their host families and the people they assist on the volunteer programs. However they also form strong bonds with the other volunteers they meet, work and live with on their placements. Despite many volunteers coming from extremely dissimilar backgrounds, the experiences that these volunteers share forge strong ties that can last a life time in spite of their vastly different home cultures. As one of the world’s largest volunteer organizations, sending over 4000 volunteers abroad annually, there will always be other international volunteers on your program!


There is nothing worse than investing your time and money into volunteer travel, then flying half way around the world simply to find that your presence is not really required. IVHQ actively seeks partner organizations that have a legitimate need for volunteers. Whether your stay is a short or a long one, our partner organizations will do their utmost to ensure you DO make a difference.


Loyalty is a crucial element to the foundations that IVHQ has been built on. Making the decision to invest your time and money to volunteer abroad is a difficult one and to this end we try to make it as easy for you as possible. We make the registration fee refundable so if you change your mind closer to the time (no closer than 2 months to your start date) you will receive your money back. We also show strong loyalty to the communities and people with which we work, setting up sustainable long term partnerships with local organizations and institutions which allow long term prosperity for the people in the communities in which volunteers are placed.


There is much more to a top quality volunteer travel experience than simply volunteering day in, day out. Volunteering with IVHQ you get additional bonuses such as photo and video competitions. Furthermore, most volunteers are first time travelers to their host country and often wish to look around and explore. To accommodate this our in-country partner organizations have partner tourism companies or contacts that allow you to ‘escape’ from the rigors of day to day volunteer work, to spend a weekend or extended break, experiencing more of the country you are working in. Often the prices for these tours and trips are much better than you’ll find anywhere else in that country as the trips are discounted for volunteers.