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10 Great Reasons To Volunteer Abroad With IVHQ


IVHQ was established in 2007 to provide volunteers with high quality, safe, responsible and yet extremely affordable volunteering opportunities abroad. Since our inception, IVHQ has developed a reputation as the world leader in affordable international volunteer programs. Thousands of volunteers travel abroad with IVHQ every year and an insight into their experiences can be found in our Volunteer Abroad Reviews. By working directly with local organizations in the countries where our programs are based, IVHQ is able to provide high quality volunteer programs at affordable rates. To view our low program fees starting from just $180, visit our Program Fees page.

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Every year, IVHQ places thousands of volunteers on our programs abroad, making us one of the most experienced volunteer travel organizations in the world. Our directors and staff have traveled to our volunteer programs and experienced these programs first-hand. We have lived in the accommodations and eaten the food that our volunteers are served. We have visited the placements and inspected the projects that our volunteers are working on. We have helped thousands of IVHQ volunteers prepare for their trips and we understand what it is like to travel abroad. It is this experience that has helped establish IVHQ as the world's most trusted volunteer organization.

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The implementation of responsible volunteer travel practices is paramount to any high quality international volunteer program. At IVHQ we understand the importance of ensuring our volunteer programs are sustainable and responsible, and we have a dedicated Risk and Responsibility Advisor who oversees this aspect of our programs. IVHQ's Responsible Volunteer Travel Policy is discussed with IVHQ volunteers during their in-country program orientation before they begin volunteering. In addition, all volunteers are required to read, understand and sign the IVHQ Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy before they can begin their program.

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Although IVHQ has built a reputation for providing low program fees, we pride ourselves on the high quality programs and superior service that we provide to all IVHQ volunteers. IVHQ and our local teams are motivated to provide top quality programs and support services for IVHQ volunteers and as a result, IVHQ is consistently rated as one of the top volunteer travel companies on independent review sites. Since 2007, we have grown to become one of the world’s largest volunteer companies and our growth has been built on volunteer feedback. Each year, we send thousands of volunteers abroad, and an insight into their experiences can be found in our Volunteer Abroad Reviews.

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From the moment you pay your Registration Fee, you will receive ongoing support from IVHQ until the day you finish your volunteer program. Once registered on an IVHQ program, you will gain access to a number of features within My IVHQ to help you prepare for your trip, including information booklets and check-lists. You will also be connected with a dedicated IVHQ Program Coordinator who is directly responsible for managing your program and helping you prepare for your trip. Once you reach your volunteer program destination, our local team takeover the initial support role and will be your first point of contact until the day you depart your program. While your IVHQ Program Coordinator becomes a secondary layer of support at this stage, he/she will remain in touch with you via email and will be accessible should you require assistance.

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Traveling to a foreign country and experiencing a different culture can be a daunting experience at the best of times, but when you are volunteering and living among the local community, this apprehension can often be compounded. While safety can never be totally guaranteed wherever we are in the world, IVHQ and its partner organizations do all we can to ensure your volunteer program is as safe as possible. Volunteers are placed in trustworthy institutions and accommodations, all of which have been screened by our local teams. We conduct risk management audits on our frequent visits to programs, while providing our local teams with risk management guidelines to help minimize risk for our volunteers. 

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Volunteers on IVHQ programs often form life-long friendships with their host families and the people they assist while volunteering. However, they also form strong bonds with the other volunteers on their programs. Although many volunteers come from very different cultures and backgrounds, the experiences that these volunteers share forge strong ties that can last a lifetime. As one of the world’s largest volunteer organizations, sending thousands of volunteers abroad annually, IVHQ volunteers are always in the company of other international volunteers.

Friendship volunteer abroad in Ecuador with International Volunteer HQ


IVHQ actively seeks partner organizations that offer quality projects in genuine need of volunteer assistance. Whether your stay is a short or a long one, our partner organizations will do their utmost to ensure that you do make a difference.

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Loyalty is one of the foundations that IVHQ has been built on. We make your registration fee refundable so if you change your mind (no later than 60 days before your program start date), you will receive your money back. We also reward our returning volunteers with US$30 registration fee refunds. We show strong loyalty to the communities in which we work, IVHQ sets up sustainable long-term partnerships with local organizations and institutions, which allow long-term prosperity for the people in the communities where our volunteers are placed.

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At IVHQ we recognize that there is more to a great volunteer travel experience than simply volunteering. While we are focused strongly on providing top quality volunteer programs, we also realize that many IVHQ volunteers are first-time travelers to their program destinations and wish to take time out for sightseeing and to explore. To accommodate this, our local teams have established partnerships with local travel companies to provide volunteers with access to high quality and often discounted travel and tour activities.

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To learn more about the volunteer programs provided by International Volunteer HQ, visit our Volunteer Programs page.