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Volunteer Diaries

Closer to Dream!

Neharika Kadali's diary:

I cannot express in words the excitement, I am going through right now. After 3 long years of not able to make it happen because of one reason or the other, I planned a spontaneous trip to Costa Rica to volunteer in childcare program. Paid my fees, booked my flights!
I have a good road ahead to convince everyone (my parents, my manager, my friends, and my good life in Chicago) how important it is, that I do this.

Can't wait for the D-Day. Each and every step going forward is a step closer to first of the many volunteer trips , I will do in my lifetime.

Orientation at Volunteer house

Sandra Creedon's diary:

Picked up at 7.30 this morning. Orientation at volunteer house. Met 25 other volunteers. Very interesting to hear their stories. Learnt about culture and some history. Then had a language lesson. Had great food then went to the Tuol Sleng prison. Very confronting. Back to the Russian Markets. Getting good at crossing the roads now. This is our last night at the green house. Pick up again at 7.30, another half day orientation then leave for Siem Reap at 1pm. A six hour trip in a minivan.
So exciting.

12 days to go!

Michelle Alexander's diary:

12 Days until I depart, I'm excited and looking forward to volunteering in Vietnam. Just one more exam to go and I can make final preparations for my trip.

Antigua September 13, 2014

Stefanie Baier's diary:

After a good night sleep, I had a nice breakfast and headed to my safety orientation at Nivel Maximo.
So far I am just trying to get to know the area a bit, but I am glad I have a fellow volunteer showing me around.
I am probably going to San Antonio with a group of people this afternoon.

Arrival in Antigua on September 12, 2014

Stefanie Baier's diary:

After I checked my suitcases filled with generation donations of clothes, toys, vitamins, etc. at the Pearson International Airport in Canada, everything went smoothly. I had a great flight to Panama City and no issues getting on my connecting flight. In fact, traveling from Canada did not include the much dispised 'x ray machinge', so that made me happy. People who have traveled with me know that I refuse to go through that procedure.

Arrived at last.

Sandra Creedon's diary:

After two excellent flights we arrived Phnom Penh and got our visa on arrival much quicker than expected and were met by Serei and commenced Tuk Tuk ride to our guest house, the Green House where we are to stay until orientation on Monday.
We went to the BBQ restaurant for dinner, you cook your own meat & Veg on a gas cooker at your table. Interesting experience. Guess we should expect a few more of those. After all that is what travel is all about. Looking forward to many more new experiences.

Registration Fee Paid - Time to Raise $

Alex Quezada's diary:

Just paid the registration fee and created a GoFundMe! page. One step closer to going to Ecuador!


Toby Gardner's diary:

All packed up & ready to go!

On the way today

Pam Creedon's diary:

Well the time has finally arrived and we have our bags packed with lots of gifts for the children. I feel blessed and so proud that we are going on this adventure and will leave something of ourselves behind.

I must say the unknown is the exciting part of it all and hope we can keep safe and enjoy every minute as the memories will have to last until next year and the decision on where to visit next.

It's happening at Last

Sandra Creedon's diary:

Picked up Pam from airport this morning and are now rechecking our bags prior to our 6am departure.
Flying with Singapore airlines, with a short stopover in Singapore arriving in Phnom Penh at 17.30
So excited.


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