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Volunteer Diaries

I need to stop real quick to get a passport photo cuz I just bought a plane ticket to India

Alicia Martorella's diary:

um... so... I'm going to India. in 17 days.

I've had a crush on india since the sixth grade. When I reflect on that now, I realize that's the longest crush of my life; I mean, 23 years? That's commitment. We had to do a country study- a 1/2 year long research project that culminated with a big presentation. Well, some Italian stallion named Joey or Tony, last name ending in -usso, -izzo, or -anco picked the motherland first so I somewhat haphazardly picked India. It was love at first national geographic article.

1 pre-everything

Fiona Moxey's diary:

I suppose this is how it starts - anxiously awaiting news about my application..


Rohan Gautam's diary:

Hi All
I am writing to let you know, I am going to Thailand for a volunteer job on 6th of July for 2 weeks teaching English to rural kids in Chiang Rai, north of Thailand. I am excited to contact with the local and the rural people and teach them with my happiness and passion. I am also excited to find that this is the time that I will meet other volunteers doing the same programme and even learn about their countries and cultures. See you soon Thailand.
Looking forward to the awaiting experience .

Hoi An

Michelle Alexander's diary:

This is my second last entry, which is so sad!

72 Days

Heather Grim's diary:

So, here it is about three and half months before my volunteer adventure in Bali and I'm still not quite positive how I feel. The tickets are booked, the fees are paid, passport ready but I keep forgetting that I have to physically get up and do all that I signed up for. Not that I don't want to, I am beyond excited for it. It's just a venture in life that I have never taken before so what will it be like?

Almost 3 weeks until I leave- Cartagena

Shannon Caughey's diary:

As I begin to prepare myself to volunteer in Cartagena, I cannot help but to think back to last time when I was doing this same thing to prepare myself for Cusco. Although many of the feelings are similar, this time around I feel much more confident, both in my traveling and teaching abilities. I am allowing myself to feel. Whatever feeling comes to the surface I will do my best to embrace it, to feel it and to remind myself that I am alive. Not all feelings are plesent. Traveling solo to a new country, brings up feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness.

The first step

Stephanie Rodford's diary:

This is my first diary entry on my journey to Uganda.

I thought the hardest thing i would have to do in preperation to getting to uganda was plan, i thought the flights, the vacinations etc would be stressful but after just a few days of paying my registration fee i've realised that the hardest thing for me until the day i step off of the aeroplaneo start volunteering is my family... who would have thought that they would give me so much grief!

Planning & fundraising

Jennifer Brooks's diary:

My experience in Guatemala was life changing but at the same time it made me realize that I was not nearly as prepared as I should have been.

So when I signed up for Ecuador I knew that I would prepare as much as I could especially since I will only have two weeks to help as much as possible.

I have already paid my fee and I am watching for a cheaper flight... 1100 for a flight to Ecuador is a bit high for my taste, but I am planning on booking those at the new year, I have always had a lot of luck booking flights in January. so I am hoping that luck continues.

Bring it!

Gina Speedy's diary:

Flights are booked, I'm paid up and ready to start 2015 with a bang! I'm not really sure what to expect just yet but am definitely looking forward to a new challenge in Ghana. I've heard great things about the people and the program so bring it on!

IVHQ registration

Amy Blatt - M-Heal Group's diary:

I just finished my first set of "To-Do's" for the trip! I am so excited to have the opportunity to volunteer in Guatemala during this Spring Break!


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