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Volunteer Diaries

Pinky promise

Jack Gunns's diary:

Update: recently it was womens festival a day where women dress up, dance and fast for the whole day to pray for a good husband. In support of the females in the house I also fasted. It was a long day. The girls all looked grown up in thier best outfits and saris and we went to the temple to dance/me take photos. At one point jamona and bdidi pulled me in to dance. I felt like I was gonna be eaten alive by the women 'praying for good husbands' at the sight of a giant white man.

deposited my prog fee today

Arun Kumar's diary:

today i have deposited my programme fee . same information i have send to ivhq as well as my flight details, my travel insurance policy number.

im very excited and counting my days now to reach .


Sharni Galvin's diary:

Today I have been annoying, yes annoying friends for donations for my trip to Bali so I can buy hygiene etc products for the children of Ubud.So far $250 aud. Yes!!!

I Left My Heart in Cusco... It's a God thing.

Viviane Gomes de Souza's diary:

Today was our last day at El Arca.

Before we got here we didn't know where we would be working or anything about the organizations for that matter but I had just trusted God that He would place us where we needed to be and just that He did. I don't mean to offend any of my friends who are not Christians or who have different beliefs than mine, but I really think this trip was a God thing.

The Best Gift of All

Viviane Gomes de Souza's diary:

On Wednesday we figured out we should probably get out and start to see the city a little bit. We were so excited about taking Spanish classes that we hadn't even stopped to think about seeing Cusco. Shame on us! We fixed that very quickly by skipping the rest of Spanish lessons (rebels, I know!) and lining up everything we could do in our mornings when we were not at the orphanage. With our new mission in mind, we went to visit the Temple of the Sun in the morning. It is a beautiful building that is half Spanish construction and half Inca ruins.

"THE" Shopping Spree - A Van Full and then Some

Viviane Gomes de Souza's diary:

On Tuesday (August 26) we got to finally use all the money you donated and the whole experience couldn't have been better!

We met with Ela and Horacio around 11 am to go buy the things she had in her list. Right away we encountered some logistical issues as the stores here for the most part do not accept credit or debit cards. Long story short, I was able to work it out with my bank to withdraw $7,100 Peruvian Soles (the local currency) in one day, which is how much the US$ 2,560 you had donated converted to.


Alex Quezada's diary:

I just found out I got accepted to go to Ecuador in February 2015. I'm very excited :D

Two Days Before We Go

Zhipeng Zhao's diary:

So excited!

Alex naar Colombia

Alex Meeldijk's diary:

De afgelopen jaren heb ik geprobeerd om aan de slag te gaan als kandidaat-notaris. Dit ging niet altijd even soepel. Op dit moment heb ik even geen baan. Tijd om een heroverweging te maken of ik wil blijven werken in het notariaat of (totaal) iets anders wil gaan doen.

27/08/2014 - Sexta-feira - 1 dias antes de partir.

Olá amigos,

Estou a horas de partir para o Uganda, vou de comboio bem cedinho até Amesterdão e daqui parto para o destino final. Para os que ainda não sabem, vou durante duas semanas de voluntariado, com crianças, no Uganda! Estarei de volta no dia 15 de Setembro em Bruxelas, e certamente voltarei diferente, provavelmente mais enriquecida com esta experiência. Espero despertar em voces este gostinho pelo voluntariado e também a vontade de conhecer o mundo.


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