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Volunteer Diaries

The Most Beautiful Weekend I Have Ever Had

Sarah Watts's diary:

I went to the shelter late since I was dehydrated and got to spend more quality time with the cats and dogs instead of trying to get everything done. Everyone went to Uxmal but I had been sick and sunburnt so I decided to go with Samantha to Centro to do some shopping. We got some awesome fabric and clothing and went home to sleep.

One Week To Go

Lelia Pollett's diary:

I have made my plans, paid for the program and purchased some necessities. I have some supplies to donate and I have a doctor's appointment this week. Super excited, nervous, and apprehensive as the date approaches. I have dreamed of going to India, but to go and do something good for others is the icing on the cake. I hope I can remain calm, as China has taught me that I have certain limits. I hope that I can stay as neutral as possible when faced with situations I deem unpleasant. I also hope I can bring a positive force to this trip.

Ready To Go!

Tiffany Edmonds's diary:

I am leaving in a few days - I am so excited! Counting down the days....Morocco here I come!

Traveling to Camboia (breath in...)

Sandra Simões's diary:

(... and breath out!!!)

Ok, fee paid, flights booked!!!

Lisbon -> Amsterdam -> Beijing -> Phnom Penh 36hour journey... that's the result of wanting to save money. Well at least I have half a day in Beijing :)

Next step: medical appointments, vaccines and stuff uhhh can't wait for it (beh)

Can't wait for October :)

Traveling to Chiang Mai

Michelle Strachan's diary:

Can't believe I'm traveling in 9 days to Thailand!

7/23/14 - The Beginning

Samantha Falcucci's diary:

Registration fee paid and flight is booked! Can't believe I'm doing this but I'm so excited.

The Past Few Days In Merida, Mexico

Sarah Watts's diary:

I arrived at the airport in Merida earlier than expected. My flights were not bad at all considering I live in the same time zone as Merida back home in Louisiana. There was no one to meet me when I first arrived but after around 10 minutes Abraham was there to meet me, Chiara, and Amanda. My first night was rough considering my fully air conditioned life. Sleep was hard to find that night.


Harrison Nguyen's diary:

Hi there
looking forward to Ho Chi Minh for 6 weeks !!!

11 Days To Go!

Michelle Jackson's diary:

I never counted how many flights I'd have this trip... there's a few! I've got 11 days to go before I join IVHQ in Cusco and I'm quite excited but having sent a week in Spanish speaking country tries.... man, its hard...all words seem to roll into one! I know lots of words but it's getting them in the right place and remembering what the translation is. So I've been to Easter Island and seen pretty much the whole island... It was so peaceful and relaxing but so interesting and full of history.

Just got accepted...

Fahad Bouzubar's diary:

... to Brazil! Happened so fast and IVHQ responded within, well, hours! I My volunteer program isn't for another year (July 2015), don't know why I applied this early lol! I've been addicted to everything Brazil for a while and am dying to go there! Well, let's hope this year flies by fast, despite everything that will be going on haha :)


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