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Volunteer Diaries


Clara Jones's diary:

Paid registration fees today. Excited!


Susan Clinthorne's diary:

I bought some art supplies today. I'd better check to see where and with whom I'll be working with.

270 Days Until Volunteer Departure

Alexis Schroeder's diary:

I wanted to write a quick post so I can look back at how far I've come. This is what I'm saying to my future self:

Alexis! You've made it. You're finally departing for Peru, or you're already there. Looking back 3-4 years ago, you never saw yourself where you are now. You're life is changing drastically and you are becoming the best possible person you could be. You should be so proud of yourself and everything you are accomplishing. You're going to have an amazing time in Peru! This is just the beginning for you.

Love, Alexis


Jilian Womack's diary:

Its officially 18 days before my trip and im so excited!! i havwe gotten all of my paper work done for the trip, all i have left is getting my stuff all together. also im trying to tie down some offerings to bring for the childeren. Id like to bring toothbrush and toooth paste for the kids and show them how to properly brush there little teeth. also im looking firward to going on the little mini trips befoer and after my progeam. zip lining and beach trip, right up my alley! check in later
go team COSTA!!!!!

All ready - here I come!

Francis Burgess's diary:

Entry 4 - 5 days exactly to go.... ( timing! LOL!)

All booked, read, checked and processed ... just gotta pack my bag! ( Its winter here in Melbourne with about +18degrees max, so have to think +32 degrees and humid - hmm perhaps i should not take my thick coat).

Come Friday it will be shut down the office computer and run out the door ... can't wait.

And we meet the children...

Viviane Gomes de Souza's diary:

Well, what a day and what an experience we have had and will continue to have this week.


Susan Clinthorne's diary:

I have so many thoughts and ideas. I found out today that for our office annual fundraiser, I can chose the recipient of the charity of my choice... I will be watching.
Need to try a kite. Saw some online made of plastic bags... good re-use but will they be left behind as trash?
Want to go to Macy's for the Labor Day sale to find kids clothes.

Safe arrival and exciting first 2 days...

Viviane Gomes de Souza's diary:

I prize myself on being a complex person and that means I like to keep things interesting, so completely on purpose (not!) I sent the volunteering group the incorrect flight number and arrival time, so Rachel and I had to wait patiently for almost an hour for our pick up person to meet us at the airport in Cusco. In the interim we were entertained by a large number of cab drivers offering to drive us. But also because I am a complex person, we outplayed them and went to stand 20ft from the exit which completely threw them off their game and the harassment stopped.

Two Months Away!!

Marcella Fernandes's diary:

Only 2 months away from my trip to Tanzania. I have never been so excited and so nervous for a trip before. I guess I should book my flight in the next couple of days!


Susan Clinthorne's diary:

This decision feels so right. Everything in my life has led to this experience. My art work, exchange student work, teaching and traveling. This is the next right step. I will begin to collect items for crafts and learn about Guatemala.
What a coincidence that I've painted and been interested in Rigoberta Menchu!
It may be hard emotionally and physically. I know I'll want to take the kids home and I'll want to fix things. I can't.
I may get sick. But it will pass and I've been lucky in my travels so far!


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