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Volunteer Diaries

For help to dream

Lorenzo Mari's diary:

Only two weeks to leave.
I am exiting.

Arrival day :)

Shikeera Wagner's diary:

Today I woke up and anxious and ever so excited as it was check in day for the IVHQ Ho Chi Minh volunteering with disabled.
I have currently been in Vietnam for 2 weeks travelling down from Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoian and Saigon.
I left Australia on my 21st birthday with an open mind and an open heart.
So far I have seen, learnt, experienced and felt the most amazing things throughout Vietnam and have been more surprise every day.
Only a short while ago I arrived at the Green Lion Cultural Centre and checked in for my orientation week to begin tomorrow.

Under Pressure

Brandie Meister's diary:

I'm getting the details together but it seems like so much is going I can't stay on task. I'm under the two month mark now. I need to stay focused. Peru awaits!

Bound For Kenya

Margaret Robbins's diary:

The days are counting down now , I'm as Esperado and appreciating the difficulties they have at the children's haven.
There is no drinking water in the house, it has to be bucketed in. and not all the taps work. There is no hot water and electricity is scarce.
There is alot of air pollution here in South Africa too, which surprised me. I had a wonderful time on the SA Adventure tour. Tomorrow I have more touring of the surroundings of Kruger.
The animals are amazing, they are up close and personal. Hope to see all the big five tomorrow.


Lisandro Ortiz's diary:

Just booked my flight to Rio in September. WooHoooo

Beginning- day 1

Yu Tang's diary:

Stepping outof the plane I already felt the chill breeze slapping on my face and cutting through my bones. Instantly, I knew I wasn't ready this kind of weather. Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is located on the east side of the Africa and near the equator but because of its elevation, the weather tends to be colder like around 70s F. In fact, people here considered it as winter. The custom at Nairobi was fairly simple and not much of security like other international airports besides some security personnels carrying AK 47 with them.

Day nineteen and twenty :(

Erin Hodkinson's diary:

I posted an entry for days sixteen, seventeen and eighteen on Thursday but it still hasn't been approved to be uploaded which is frustrating! I'm just hoping the website hasn't screwed up and lost the entry or anything! So hopefully that'll be up before this one..

Assante sana

Ana Gutiérrez's diary:

Cant even express with words how thankful I am for this experience! For me it was much more than a volunteer experience, it was a reality check, that has made me put my priorities in order.
Living in a house with 50 people makes you realize you don't feel the need to be alone never again, people at Levolosi dispensary became my family and every day I got to learn more and more from them.


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