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Volunteer Diaries


Krishna Veerappan's diary:

Just registered for one week in the Cusco, Peru program! Can't wait to start!

More to come soon!


Counting Down the Days

Rachael Smith's diary:

I have only been signed up for this trip for about a week and I am already counting down the days to when we leave. I love to travel and volunteer and when I can combine both, it just makes for an amazing opportunity. Trips like these cost money, but by going on them you get so much more in return. So here I am, 97 days away, preparing myself mentally, and most importantly financially.

Thank you for everyone's support and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.


Mahadia Iman Semboja's diary:

WOOP WOOP ... So now I've applied for IVHQ's Childcare Project in Brazil and I'm feeiling PRETTY EXCITED!!! May these two couple of days fly by 'cause now I only want an email from IVHQ conforming to me if there's a space available for me in RIOOOOO SUMMER 2015.

- MsDiiddi x

Almost time.

Katelin Crowe's diary:

None of the entries I wrote on my computer before seemed to work so I'm trying one more time then Ill give up. I leave in two days and I'm getting excited. My dad and I watched the Ghana video which has made me so pumped. It has made me want already to book another trip. I showed my mum as well and I am getting so excited! It was pretty stressful organising everything but its pretty much all done so now I just need to get on that plane!

Let's Begin!

Chelsea Almadin's diary:

I am really excited to be part of both the Special Needs and Childcare Programs for International Volunteer HQ! I think that it is such a great opportunity to learn about the culture and customs of Kenya, but to also make a difference in the villages! It will be an experience that will allow me to grow and to bring back knowledge for my peers!

I have just launched my fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe website. Please take a look at my page and donate:

An Amazing Beginning in Antigua

Brooke Haggerty's diary:

Having a blast already. My host family is so sweet, and I can't even describe how amazing it is to be surrounded by not one but three volcanoes! The town is lovely. We had orientation and free time today, start volunteering tomorrow. Wednesday we're hiking the volcano, followed by salsa dancing. Making friends with other volunteers, from all over the world. I can already tell these two weeks are going to fly by.

T-Minus 11 days until we depart for Sri Lanka

Jeffrey Krul's diary:

Just 11 more days until my wife and I depart Toronto for Sri Lanka!

Visit our blog for all of the details of our experience:

Extreme ATVing

McKenna Wilson's diary:

We went on another adventure yesterday: extreme ATVing through the countryside around Cusco. I was nervous about going because a roommate of mine had gone on a normal ATVing trip and one of the men on the trip with them went off a cliff and was killed. But me and some friends from the house decided the adrenaline would just make it more of an experience and I'm happy to say that we all made it home in one piece! It was definitely different from any trips I've done yet on this trip and we saw some areas none of us had see before.


Kayla Sawyer's diary:

Day 1:


Jennifer Brooks's diary:

I think the best advice I can give college students is GO WHILE you are young.

I work full time and while I have a job that pays well & 5 weeks of PTO, it forces me to have to plan any trips abroad a year or more in advance. It is somewhat stressful because "what if I change my mind" & "what if I have to relocate" and then can't go.


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