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Volunteer Diaries

Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu

McKenna Wilson's diary:

After being here in Cusco for almost 2 and a half months, I've finally seen Machu Picchu! It is truly one of the most unbelievable and mind-blowing places I've ever seen. The whole four-day trek that brought us there included biking, rafting, hiking, rickety bridges, burning mountains, steep cliffs, hot springs, war paint, and more stone steps than we could count. I met an amazing group of people from all over the world: Spain, Bolivia, Australia, Poland, Canada, and France.


Cameo Colson's diary:

I just updated my IVHQ information. I have my passport, my travel insurance, and my plane ticket! My next big thing is my VISA... Little bit worried about it, so please wish me luck!

- Cameo Colson

Day 1 in Antigua

Deborah Cooke's diary:

Arrived safely in Guatemala City after a little hiccup at the airport. I showed up bright and early at JFK only to be told that my flight is out of LaGuardia (no judgement please My mom was able to turn around after my frantic call and get me to LaGuardia on time.

My pickup contact in Guatemala was exactly where I was told he'd be and he couldn't be missed with the big yellow flag with a smiley face.


Ashlyn Chen's diary:

After months of searching for a suitable volunteer organisation, someone told me about IVHQ (and I cannot, for the life of me, remember who it was!). Even then, I spent weeks looking for previous IVHQ volunteers, searching for reviews, and perusing the programs and the website everyday. Now finally, after months of deliberation and dilemmas, opening then closing the application webpage, I've really applied! I'm beyond excited already (though I literally applied 10 minutes ago)!


Clara Jones's diary:

Received my first immunization shot Dip/Tetn. Only got one since I was getting my flu shot at the same time. Only have four more to go. Will get two more on November 4 or maybe three.

Also made my flight reservation to New York. Although I can fly free, I just didn't want to take the chance flying stand-by. Will stay in New York overnight to be ready to catch an early flight. Will make hotel reservation tonight.

3 days to go before my trip to Antigua!!!!

Deborah Cooke's diary:

It's down to the wire now. Super-excited!!!!

My casual Jeans Friday fundraiser at work was a huge success, and everyone was supportive. They've asked me to share my experience once I get back. I'm looking forward to shopping for supplies for these kids I'll be working with, which will hopefully make a small difference in their lives.

Now comes the hard part, PACKING!!!! It's always a challenge figuring out what's a must-have and what should be left at home.

October 22, 2014

Kaleigh Caccamo's diary:

It is 1:04 in the morning and I just paid my registration fee of $249. I am so stinking excited. I was originally going to be traveling with a different organization but they deferred my entry until January 1, 2016. I was heart broken, but everything happens for a reason and I am now sitting at Starbucks with my close and dear friend Laura Lowry. We have had so much caffeine and I fell on the floor.
The man at the register put "Kayloy" on my cup
Until next time...
Kaleigh Jo

Week 4 - Bikes, Stitches and Nina

Michelle Alexander's diary:

The end of last week was met with sadness, My travels bestie Nina had to return home to Switzerland. She is already planning to visit me back home in Australia, I can’t wait! On Friday night we went out to District 1 for dinner at L’usine and met up with other roommates for drinks at Miss Saigon in the backpacker district. We met up with Sang afterwards and he gallantly offered to walk us to McDonalds and warned us to be aware of our belongings.


Suresh Sekar's diary:

Getting ready

Irina Gurdis's diary:


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