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Volunteer Diaries


Suresh Sekar's diary:

Getting ready

Irina Gurdis's diary:


Susan Clinthorne's diary:

Tomorrow is the day! Off on a new type of adventure. I will enjoy being involved in the culture rather than observing the culture. I am so happy to be of use. Can't wait to see the kids.... it's all a mystery at this point- ages? how many?
Makes it tricky to plan activities... but flexibility is what makes it work.
Also, wonder where I'll stay. Host family or volunteer dorm.
Will I be the oldest???

My first log - the journey before the journey

Alexandra Goth's diary:

I am now 86 days away before I leave for Antigua, where I will be volunteering with children. To say that I am getting excited would be a gross understatement. As soon as I was accepted into the program (and I checked my email every hour until I heard back), I felt this wild excitement burst through every single pore on my body. A puzzle piece clicked into place. Now the real part begins: the planning, the saving (and saving, and saving), the lists, the travel insurance and the endless questions.

Cambodia Trip

Suresh Sekar's diary:

Quite an amazing experience at Phnom Penh - teaching kids, staying at my host's residence, and traveling with other volunteers over the weekend. If I get a chance, I would definitely do this again and would recommend for others who are looking to volunteer abroad.


Susan Clinthorne's diary:

I will leave Sunday! So far everything is going smoothly.
Only worries:
Stop over in Texas.
John is a bit swamped.
Hope I bring the right materials.
Wish my Spanish were better.
I hope I charm the kids and make my co-volunteers comfortable.


Shiyu Zhou's diary:

I planed this for a semester and do it just one day. Yes, it need to be brave. Register, program fee, airplane ticket.. After all these, I feel closer and closer to touch my holy land. Recently there's a song always around me. "Lord I'm one, lord I'm two, lord I'm three, lord I'm four, lord I'm five hundred miles from my door.." One step, and one step, and one step.. After go to college, a lot of things changed. Some are good, some are not good. And sometimes, I'm at a loss. I don't know where should I go.

The wars of dodgeball - Week 3

Michelle Alexander's diary:

I have been very busy this week, I finished up my stint at the Operating ward and I have moved on to rehabilitation and therapeutics. Today I got to see Short-wave diathermy, which I have only been previously familiar with in a textbook. I spoke to Lam, who runs the therapy room, about how these machines are not used in Sydney and whether they were therapeutically effective. While I admit that I have varying levels of skepticism, I felt that if some people find a benefit and alternative treatments are not viable then why not give it a try.

Week 2 part 2

Michelle Alexander's diary:

Disclaimer: My week has not been very interesting!

90 days until I embark!

Nancy Bushek's diary:

Hello all!!

My first Diary entry!
I am so excited to announce that today marks exactly 3 months until I leave for Tanzania!
So far I have paid my Registration fee, Program fee, purchased my plane tickets and have received 2 out of 5 immunizations!

I am so excited and cannot wait to share this journey with all of you via the world wide web! :]

The one thing I am most nervous about is being out of the country on my own! I know there will be so many new faces to get to know and so many wonderful experiences!


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