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Volunteer Diaries

The ball is rolling....

Deborah Cooke's diary:

My travel and program fees have been taken care of by "yours truly" but I decided to utilize the gofundme tool to assist with my fundraising efforts to provide supplies to whatever facility I'm assigned to. I set up the account last night and donations are already rolling in. I've got great friends and family.

Childcare work in Cusco Peru

Kaline Selden's diary:

Dates organised, fees paid, flights confirmed, fund raising organised, travel insurance obtained, vaccinations this week.....getting excited and a little anxious! Updating travel folder, making lists of things to remember to take.

Taking the plunge.

Samantha Loverin's diary:

Africa. AFRICA! It still hasn’t sunk in.

Flights are booked. No turning back now!

Seriously though, how blessed am I? This venture is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. For years it was a huuuge dream, but I finally took the plunge and chose to make this dream a reality. I am nervous, but at the same time, I know it is something I am meant to do. To be honest, I am not that nervous. It just feels…right.

One week, Orientation

Lelia Pollett's diary:

I have seen so much of India and it is very inspiring. My host Ananta and the driver Kapil have been so accommodating to allow me to come a week early so I can learn some Hindi, see the Taj Mahal, Rajghat, Akshardham, and more. The landscape is lush and wonderful to experience, including cows on the freeway and drivers slowing and going around them so that no one is harmed. I honestly love that! I have learned so much, seen so much, and felt like I know much more about India then before I arrived.


Kristen Offringa's diary:

Flight is officially bought! I'm actually going!

Captain's Log Stardate 1408.16

Randi McLaren's diary:

Erm, I'm in Atlanta. And that's that. Rio at 8 am tomorrow!

Captain's Log - Stardate 1408.16

Randi McLaren's diary:

The city of Atlanta is a deciduous forest with roads, and like 3 tall buildings? And there's a McDonald's in the airport? I haven't seen it before, but that's so darn American. I'm in Atlanta, by the way. Next stop is Rio at 8 am tomorrow! And after 5 months, I really don't know Portuguese. *sigh of resignation*

Two weeks until we leave

Marieke Donné's diary:

Gisteren was het nog 14 dagen tot Emine Justine en ik ons vliegtuig halen Naar Kathmandu! Tomas komt een dagje later normaal, en dan zijn we er allemaal helemaal klaar voor. Ik kijk er enorm naar uit! En voor de eerste keer probeer ik hier eens het dagboek, om te kijken of iedereen kan volgen.

Tot binnenkort!

Its Time for Africa! 15 Days and Counting

Nerrissa Carty's diary:

I officially got my Yellow Fever vaccination today. I am now all set for my trip (except for packing of course). So excited!!

GoFundMe start

Amanda Foster's diary:

Started fundraising today for supplies!
Thought a goal of 2,000.00 in 6 months was a stretch- but im already 40% there within a couple hours!!!
The generosity of people blow me away!!! Any money I raise over what is needed will be going directly to Doctors without borders to help with the current Ebola situation!

Excited to see where this goes.

With a full heart,


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