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29 Oct
As part of the IVHQ Video Tour, Andrew Ahmed spent 6 days visiting IVHQ's Wildlife Conservation volunteer program in Victoria Falls. Follow his journey here...
24 Oct
Learn what it's like volunteering in Peru...
23 Oct
I'm going to make the task of selecting your next voluntourism destination less daunting, by introducing you to the idea of traveling and becoming a volunteer in Laos, a little gem of South East Asia... 
23 Oct
We’re a pretty excitable bunch here at IVHQ and we’re hugely passionate about what we do.
15 Oct
Healthcare volunteers are high in universal demand, particularly in developing countries, where the need is great and the appreciation for expertise is even greater. With nursing volunteer opportunities available in over 16 countries, discover how you can volunteer abroad as a nurse with IVHQ.
15 Oct
With thousands of IVHQers joining us every year, reading through all of our reviews is no small task, so we're keeping it simple and sharing a series of IVHQ Reviews in less than 140 characters - thanks to Twitter!  
10 Oct
I recently visited our volunteer program in Mexico and wanted to share an honest look at volunteering abroad in Mexico with IVHQ. If you are still torn between which IVHQ Latin America program to choose, be forewarned Mexico may just come out the winner before your reading is through.
06 Oct
The best way to learn a language is to live it, so why not travel to a destination where you can volunteer, learn a new language, gain course credit, and have some pretty epic experiences in your downtime?!
03 Oct
Volunteering and traveling with a friend in a different country can be an amazingly rewarding experience and cement a friendship for life, but it can also be a tricky minefield of diplomacy and compromise...
01 Oct
Argentina was quite the trip. I was only there for about 4 days, but it was jam-packed with things to do.