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IVHQ Volunteer Groups

In addition to individual volunteer projects, International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) also specializes in group volunteer projects abroad.

Every year, IVHQ places between 200 and 400 volunteers on specifically customised group projects. We can cater for a range of groups sizes (we have hosted groups of up to 40 in size) accross our wide variety of volunteer projects. 

We have worked with a variety of different groups and can arrange corporate volunteer projects, school volunteer projects, college volunteer projects, church volunteer projects, university volunteer projects and even projects for large groups of friends. If you have a group and wish to volunteer abroad - IVHQ is the organization to see.

Read feedback from past IVHQ volunteer groups on our IVHQ Groups Testimonials page.

"The days spent at Kimuka certainly rank among the best experiences we've ever had. We've picked up personal skills and education from this experience that we've never come across through our years of schooling. Kenya's culture and people are, to say the least, vastly different from that in our country. Interacting with the Kenyans and soaking in the Massai culture gave us new outlooks on life (not that our school teachers are too happy with the "hakuna matata - no worries" bit). The visits to orphanages and slums exposed us first hand to the problems faced by those in less privileged lands, enabling us to understand their plight rather than merely know of it. I started on this journey to give, but at the end of it I definitely feel I've gained much more than I've given. This wouldn't have been possible without the hard work put in by you and your organization and I wish to thank you guys for the help. I deeply admire the work of International Volunteer HQ in providing quality, affordable volunteer opportunities that benefits both the local community and the volunteers."

- Singapore University Group (Kenya Maasai)

Click here to see some the different universities and groups we have worked with over the years. 

What to do next...

The next steps to take to get your group registered with IVHQ are to contact an IVHQ representative at katie@volunteerhq.org. Tell us...

  • How big your group is (groups over 10 can have start dates outside the normal start dates)
  • Where your group is from
  • Where your group wants to go
  • What your group wants to do

Once we have your group registered and numbers confirmed, we will assign you an IVHQ Groups Coordinator to work with you and our in-country team to ensure we can tailor a program to fit with your group's requirements as best as possible. At this stage, we will work with our in-country team to arrange some sightseeing options for your group and prepare an itinerary for your group.